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Alzheimer's disease | Nose-picking | Can Nose Picking Raise

Alzheimer's disease Nose-picking  Can Nose Picking Raise Don't Dig for Gold in Your Golden Years New research suggests that picking your nose may increase your risk of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias by allowing bacteria to pass through the nasal cavities and into the brain via a PICC. can reach

Alzheimer's disease | Nose-picking | Can Nose Picking Raise
Alzheimer's disease | Nose-picking | Can Nose Picking Raise 

And can make such markers. According to scientists from Australia's Griffith University, an important symptom of Alzheimer's disease, especially in their research published in Scientific Reports, is that the bacteria Chlamydia pneumonia syndrome is linked to respiratory infections, in which Monia is an old factory nerve and attacks. attack the central nervous system using the

The brain then responds to the attack by accumulating amyloid-beta proteins, the hallmark of Alzheimer's disease. that look like Alzheimer's disease, Professor James St. John, co-author of the study and head of neurobiology and stem cell research at the Clem Jones Center, said in a press release.

Although the study was conducted on mice, St. John said the evidence is potentially alarming for humans, and that the olfactory neuron serves as an express route for bacteria to reach the brain. Bypasses the blood-brain. According to the researchers, the next step in their research is to prove that the same pathway exists in humans.

Or not, this research has been proposed by many but has not yet been completed. "What we do know is that these same bacteria exist in humans, but we haven't worked out how they get their St. John's wort," John said, and his team noted that loss of smell could be an early sign of Alzheimer's. A sniff test is recommended for these people. 60 and over As an early detector Once you're over 65, your risk increases.

But we're also looking at other causes because it's not just age, but also environmental exposure, and we think that bacteria and viruses are important to the professor. Save Nose picking and nose hair are not a good idea. We don't want to damage the inside of our noses. And picking and blowing can mean that if you damage the lining of your nose, you can increase how much bacteria can get into your brain.


Alzheimer's disease 


A new study by scientists at Griffith University has revealed that a bacterium can travel through the olfactory nerve into the nose and brain, where it can make markers that are a hallmark of Alzheimer's disease.

This research has revealed that Chlamydia pneumonia is a type of bacteria. A respiratory tract infection such as pneumonia exploits the nerves that run between the nasal cavity and the brain as a way to attack the central nervous system, causing cells in the brain to begin accumulating amyloid beta protein in response. which is a specific symptom of Alzheimer's disease.


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A scientific report published earlier this year in the journal Professor James St. John Clem Jones of the Center for Neurobiology and Stem Cell Research co-authored the world's first study, which was the first to show that Chlamydia pneumonia can be transmitted directly to the nose. can go. "And in the brain where it can initiate pathology that looks like Alzheimer's disease," Professor St. John said. I'm all factory nerve direct 


Can deep sleep delay Alzheimer’s disease?


  • Holly Hill Australian researchers are testing whether deep sleep can prevent Alzheimer's disease by monitoring the brains of snoozing seniors to see how slumber helps reverse dementia caused by toxins. becomes,
  • I probably slept about 8 hours or more and now I'm sleeping quite happily. Many hours as scientists help get the elderly to bed and the snooze lab is controlled to test how deep my sleep preserves the cognitive functions so I hope I sleep. is the deepest stage of what will seduce my wife like using sound stimulation
  • And we'll look at the neural activity of the volunteers. I do we monitor brain waves during sleep and we can live with very quiet tire endurance it's just like Ari's slow wave sleep the sound of shoes preserves our memories.
  • And critically removes the accumulation of toxins or the brain suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Can we make a real difference in saving on something like Alzheimer's disease by promoting the cleansing of these toxins? Long came to lay that no more e-mail voices are sleeping well in Monash.


Nose-picking | Push Your Nose Upward 


The whole world spends a lot of money on cosmetic surgery to give the nose a perfect shape. These surgeries are thought-provoking and can have unexpected complications. Length can change with some really simple exercises

But before you know all about wonder her nose workout hit the subscribe button and turn on notifications to join us on the bright side of life 8 Don't cut short life is life and human The body can't help replacing bone muscle and cartilage with aging.

Aging takes its toll on your face and as a result, your facial features may change and your nose may start to look longer, this exercise may help to make your nose smaller. It can and can prevent cartilage tissue from deteriorating.

You can gently press it on the tip of your nose with your index fingers, then use your nose to press down on your finger. Repeat this motion for about a minute. ute and as many times a day as you can Facercise creator Maggio claims that this exercise will not only make your nose smaller.

Rather than lifting the tip of your nose to look straight, another variation of this exercise is to pinch your nose with your thumb and index finger using the index finger of your other hand. Push Up The main part of this exercise involves your upper lip, you need to apply some force to pull it down after a few seconds.

You can leave it in such a way that the tip of your nose will be repeatedly pressed by your index finger. Best for those who can't do this set of exercises.


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By complaining about the shape of their nose, your exercise will help you sculpt that part of their body and help them dress the shape of your nose with their index finger more gracefully and Another way to shape your nose is to try to force it out

Press it from the sides with your index fingers and start flaring your nostrils. The next exercise mostly builds the muscles around your nose when these muscles are important. If you want to maintain the shape of your nose, you should start moving your nose while keeping your face completely intact, this may prove to be more difficult.

It may seem difficult, but over time it will become easier to do each of these exercises for 30 seconds to 1 minute. If you do these nose exercises regularly, the chances are high that your nose will become bigger, moreover, such exercises are very useful if you want to prevent your nose from running down your nose.

If you want to make your nose thinner then this simple exercise will help you it is a kind of previous work, first, shave your mouth by pressing your nostrils with your index fingers but are complete Do not block the passage of, In particular, you need to be able to breathe through your nose. Start taking deep breaths

Flare your nostrils while you are doing this exercise to repeat it several times a day if you want to see fast results. Place your thumb and forefinger on one side of your nose and start lifting your nose with them. If you want this exercise to work properly, try repeating this movement while smiling.

20 to 30 times a day for best results but by smiling and pulling your nose up you will train and build the muscles around the sides of your nose which will prevent your nose from collapsing. and therefore your nose shape will become sharper for breathing exercises. Your nose looks like you've never done serious exercise

Even if you haven't done yoga, you know that the way you breathe is extremely important. Deep breaths can help you exercise most efficiently, but deep breaths and exhales can also help. Is. So that your nose sits comfortably and comfortably close one nostril and breathe through the other

And inhale to the count of three and hold the air in for the count of one Now change the size of the nostril to black and inhale deeply through it. Before you can try to make this exercise more complicated, it's stopped so that you do this breath twice as long as you inhale, which means you exhale for a count of eight. need of

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