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AMD Radeon admits it doesn't have an RTX 4090 competitor

AMD Radeon admits it doesn't have an RTX 4090 competitor What just happened? As AMD wrapped up after yesterday's Las Vegas presentation, PCWorld interviewed Frank Azor, Chief Gaming Architect, about the Radeon 7000 series and FSR3. PCWorld also took questions from its live audience on YouTube, and one topic that seemed to get thrown around a lot was why AMD didn't compare its new cards.

AMD Radeon admits it doesn't have an RTX 4090 competitor
AMD Radeon admits it doesn't have an RTX 4090 competitor

What's left of a broken MDG we learned the last chopper out of town but of course yesterday we got news about Radeon we got news about all kinds of stuff with Frank Azar you saw them at the show Is

Before I like this talk Frankie is very nervous about the PR people around here so you tell me what it is but we're going to start it and it's going to be a little short normal show because we have to Letting people take this cool demo.

And we have a new radio here that includes your thigh like it has a built in holder well they didn't make any old teacher let me know when you're ready yeah someone is saying audio problem And allow me a second to address the alderwood issue you've taken from one night's backs

I'm looking forward to it so it's ok it was a thing I was just a bit crazy some are great others are great I'm doing a lot of flying now so love the whole idea of ​​changing it and it's beautiful . OK for me but I really want Samsung's resolution screen bending thing to be interesting but it's in a banning monitor.

And you really have to put a lot of lights that will break then it's kind of scary I think I d ​​maybe bend it into shape and leave it under something cool do you get a bed monitor And then you say, oh yeah, I'll do curved monitors

That you can cover the e-flat still doesn't do so well on audio that's good we're a lot of things but I'm going to wrap it up and this is what we're going to run yeah we're good Frank Azar of AMD In this episode of , they are here to talk about Radeon and Andy's advantage.

AMD Radeon 

Don't get me started 3D printing it last week it took a lot of time Contrary to popular belief we didn't change the power pin adapter either it's important so we have more than the original card and There are There are 28 pin connectors in 28 pin holders.

Don't start me 3D printing last week it took a long time Contrary to popular belief we didn't change the power pin adapter either it's necessary so the AMD Radeon we have more than the original card and it has 28 pin connectors are 28 pin holders.

A stray cat has been discovered. This is great because you have to insert your chip into the built-in feature that we integrated into the design of the card and then when you pick up your chip AMD Radeon it shows pin 28. People who are or are going to be Team Green. It is too early for me to say that this is not a serious problem.

But a lot of people thought you basically change directions like 2 weeks ago oh my god every card you thought you were right was either like if only things. It's easy to do with AMD Radeon and it's easy to manufacture and you can change the whole PCB design and everything and within two weeks the rules of reality don't allow that to happen and that's why they're on that decision. are established forced

From which they will take nothing. Credit for that but it was a decision we made because we really wanted these cards to fit into your existing chassis and be a really easy upgrade for you so we didn't get too big. AMD Radeon You Standard pin connectors are designed for You don't need to use enough adapters to replace the power supply or so that's really the mindset.

Where we were exploring this product and we made tough decisions about how to build this card and we made decisions accordingly to make it easy for people to upgrade. Anything bigger than the previous version takes a while to write I think is too much and from a power consumption point of view it's about 6950.

So is it a five minute walk hard AMD Radeon maybe I mean there are definitely ways to do that but then we want to fit it into a small form factor like we want to fit into the existing chassis our The goal was to pull out your 6900 or 6950 and plug this guy in and you've got yourself a design performance improvement of over 50%.

How lucky you are years ago that AMD Radeon basically made the right choice where you really have some kind of advantage and you have some kind of power over dear competitors like a hottie I mean how did that come about I mean well I mean it's really cool judgments

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I can't take enough credit for the really smart GPA architects on our product management team who all start with our packaging design as we leverage it. Chipmunks and The Chipettes technology that we first introduced with our AMD Radeon Ryzen CPUs and now we've brought it to the rdna 3gp used here.

And what that allows us to do is let them deliver what is legitimately the most advanced GPU AMD Radeon and we keep saying that, but they're really because we're delivering this incredible performance but We're doing it with this incredible efficiency and officially in fishing, she's translating everything that translates into how much power and how many thermals there were.

Cast out translates to how big or small the card should be and it also translates to whether the card is expensive or not because power equals the amount of heat to dissipate all that heat. And it really does cost money to power an entire AMD Radeon card. This means that I would say it is the most sophisticated or the most sophisticated GPU design out there right now.

 RTX 4090 competitor AMD Radeon 

Because of the way chip packaging technology AMD Radeon and our car just experiment with it and its a proven success story is the goal and to see what it looks like growing in the market position it's in, It means a lot to us. Big gain and now it's carrying over to the graphics ok so tomorrow's videos basically fix the 21.72 cards.

And AMD Radeon it depends. Of course what game independent resolution I need depends on a lot of different things but that's a huge boost you're right because one thing that a lot of people are liking and I have a question from Twitter. That I get a lot of questions. Hear from a lot of people like us Why haven't we seen the Radeon $7,000.50 Nvidia Why are you afraid to say it and what does that mean for your competition? Why not make a video?

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