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PM Shehbaz reaches Pakistan after two-day China visit

PM Shehbaz reaches Pakistan after two-day China visit High-ranking Chinese officials and representatives of the Pakistani embassy met him at the Beijing Capital International Airport and saw him and his delegation off.

PM Shehbaz reaches Pakistan after two-day China visit

Earlier, Prime Minister Shehbaz congratulated President Xi Jinping on his re-election as General Secretary of the 20th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. He also thanked him for China's invaluable assistance in assisting Pakistan, with its rehabilitation, and reconstruction due to the devastation caused by super floods in the country.

The two leaders reviewed progress in bilateral relations and exchanged views on regional and global issues of common concern. They reaffirmed their commitment to the all-weather strategic partnership of cooperation between the two countries that have stood the test of time.

The two nations stood firmly beside each other in realizing their shared vision of peace, stability, development, and prosperity. Reaffirming Pakistan's unique historical ties with China, Shehbaz emphatically affirmed that the Pakistan-China friendship enjoyed full consensus in Pakistan across the political spectrum and was a model of inter-state relations.

Paying tribute to President Xi Jinping's leadership for China's prosperity and his vision to strengthen bilateral relations, the Prime Minister said Pakistan was inspired by China's socioeconomic development and national determination for the country's progress and prosperity.

The two leaders discussed cooperation on a wide range of issues, including defense, trade and investment, agriculture, health, education, green energy, science and technology, and disaster preparedness.

They reaffirmed their mutual commitment to CPEC while stressing that the high-quality development of CPEC would further strengthen bilateral relations between Pakistan and China. In this regard, the two leaders agreed that as a project of strategic importance, both sides will make joint efforts to launch ML-1 as an early harvest project under CPEC.

They also recognized the need for a mass transport project in Karachi and agreed to complete all formalities for the early launch of the Karachi Circular Railway.

During the visit, they also appreciated the signing of a number of agreements covering a wide range of bilateral cooperation.


PM Shehbaz



PM Shehbaz reaches Pakistan after a two-day China visitPresident Xi Jinping has assured that China will continue to expand its support to Pakistan for sustainable economic development and exploit its potential as a geo-economic hub.

He also announced an additional RMB 500 million aid package for Pakistan's post-flood relief and reconstruction. The two leaders exchanged views on the rapid transformation of the international environment, which has exacerbated economic challenges for developing countries.

They reaffirmed their shared belief in dialogue and cooperation based on equality and mutual benefit as essential to global peace and prosperity. They agreed that current challenges such as climate change, health pandemics and growing inequalities require unqualified cooperation between states in accordance with the goals and principles of the UN Charter.


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PM Shehbaz and President Xi Jinping also discussed important regional issues including the IIOJK and the situation in Afghanistan.

Recognizing that a peaceful and stable Afghanistan would promote regional security and economic development, the two leaders agreed that the extension of CPEC to Afghanistan would strengthen regional connectivity initiatives.

PM Shehbaz also extended a warm invitation to President Xi Jinping to visit Pakistan soon, which he later graciously accepted.

Shahbaz Sharif began his two-day visit to China, first needing a child that I sent to Chinese President Xi Jinping, winning his unprecedented third meeting with Xi Jinping and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, a full The delegation lost while negotiations are also important.

This will be Corbett's first high-level special Fallout 4 visit and along with Shehbaz Sharif, Pakistan's Foreign Minister, Finance Minister and Railway Minister are also part of the delegation before departure, Sharif reiterated the friendship between China and Pakistan. The season will debate toilet Pakistani drama corridor CPEC is part of China's ambitious Belt and Road initiative

And PM Shehbaz in the weather report in Pakistan said that $12 billion will be added to the sea peg. Attached is a report on two railway projects and a hydroelectric plant and the expected Chinese participation in these products. Pakistan has also confirmed the activation of an escrow account for automatic payments to be used for Chinese electricity supply.

Reports state that the country has increased security measures for Chinese nationals and there have been no 13 deaths in the country since July 2021. Also, you need to speak well I was hoping to get something from Shahbaz Sharif this morning. The two-day season was punished at the China Wing joint in Bar Pakistan.


Under this Jani became angry with Islamabad. A question is whether PM Shehbaz will get a complete nod from the most respected tennis player Xi Jinping but yes this is a very important wizard's choice as it is against the backdrop of economic uncertainty in the country and a new pot tie-up. I come Also comes with a Bureau background. When it comes to government affairs in China, that is mainly run by a shadow government.

So now this is the first time a bilateral exclusive but since Kuwait and Iraq started keeping in mind that the last visit was also by a Pakistani Urdu poetess and that was by Pakistani President Asif Ali in March 2020 when Daddy Secret In Deborah had a number of trees at the Winter Olympics. But this was a multilateral forum and he was not. Special Bilateral Visit We saw that Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is also attending meetings with President XI on this visit which is currently being held at Muttahida Sadar.

PM Shehbaz and President Xi Jinping met a pressure washer with a machine that injured the Denver Bear in Summerton earlier this year. And then the formal invitation was given. Now Pakistan's priority will be two things. One fact is that when it comes to flood relief and recovery A&B, you want to know how to get more support. Lie or maybe push the bright side. To decorate one we think depends on the agenda and will be talked about.

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