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Republican mega-donor Ken Griffin says it's time to move on

Republican mega-donor Ken Griffin says it's time to 'move on' from Trump, backs DeSantis for 2024 Hey, I have the most phone numbers I've ever had, probably in part because the Democrats are running our country so badly.

Republican mega-donor Ken Griffin says it's time to move on
Republican mega-donor Ken Griffin says it's time to move on

And people want our great success without inflation and the military victory of freedom. Remember I defeated ISIS 100%, including Al-Baghdadi and many other crimes. But where are you putting it?

I think now put them up now we're putting them up we're winning we're winning we're winning big for the Republican Party nomination like nobody's seen before.

Come on Rhonda at 71 Trump at 10% Mike Pence at 7 Mike Pence told his story better than I thought Liz Cheney is not like she's at 4%, no way But where is 781-210-2724 Ted Cruz doing a good job the way he didn't like it some time but we got to be right friends

Former President Trump Refers to Government Santa Says Rhonda's Holiness Former President Trump Mocks Government Ron DeSantis, Pennsylvania, rallied in support of Dr. Oz canonized Ronda on Saturday, saying the time has come

As the Republican Party moves on from former President Donald Trump and looks to a new party leader, Griffin said in an interview with Politico that he supports the Trump administration's fiscal policies but believes The party should look to other GOP stars he did a lot of things really well

And Griffin said some key areas missed the mark and for reasons I think it's time to move on to the next generation. Chase, including a campaign rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday where he was stumping for Senate candidate Dr.

Mehmet Oz gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano is not an option for Obama and Democrats to falter as midterm election chief GLP megadonor Ken Griffin sets out to say it's time for the GOP to move on from former President Donald Trump. And look to a new leader of the party. GOP And Set It's Time For The GOP To Move On From Former President Donald Trump

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And a new party leader Reuters/Lucy Nicholson is for everyone to look up to I promise you in no time. "You'll be glad when the time comes," Trump said. "But first we have to get a historic victory for Republicans on Nov. 8." has emerged as one. The businessman, a potential 2024 presidential candidate, admitted that he opposed some of DeSantis' actions as governor.

I don't mind this public fight, which includes the revocation of Disney World's special tax status over flying immigrants to Martha's Vineyard and the company's opposition to Florida's parents' rights in education law. But the repeal of the Disney Special Tax District felt like retaliation, Griffin said

Donald Trump has repeatedly indicated he will pursue another run for the White House in 2024 Donald Trump has repeatedly indicated he will pursue another run for the White House in 2024 Associate Press Cathy Hochul says she wants the GOP to stay in New York while telling Republicans to get out of the city, but Griffin believes the governor has a great record.

That we would be well-served by a diss on his presidency Griffin was the leading donor to his 2022 re-election campaign, donating $5,000,000 I support him The bigger question is: "Is he going to run the bridge," he said, adding that the comments about DeSantis came out at the time

When Trump took a shot at the Florida governor just days before the midterm elections, referring to her as Rhonda Saint Griffin, last year he said that if former President Ken Griffin decided to run for re-election, he would Trump. will not support

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has been named as a possible 2024 presidential candidate Ken Griffin Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has been named as a possible 2024 presidential candidate Arriving Joe Regional/Getty Images

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Republican mega-donor Ken Griffin says it's time These things are the difference in enthusiasm between Republicans compared to Democrats to vote in the midterms around this time, which means that in a country where voting is not compulsory, unlike Australia, Republicans also have an advantage. Especially in Florida, where Gov. Ron DeSantis has put himself in a box seat for a 2024 or 2018 presidential run precisely because of this.

Republican mega-donor Ken That they listen to voters and not elites on everything from Covid-19 to the economy Earlier this week I spoke with Florida State University professor Alana Atkinson about what that means for Florida. Thanks so much for joining us on race who is the actress on us report tell me you were in florida during the election expert florida what are we doing next tuesday but we're staying here in florida early voting And substantial activity for voting by mail for the first time in fact.

Republican mega Every day there are stories that grab our attention, they may not be the most important story of the day but they are definitely worth mentioning as a first look to hear some of the items that are trending tonight. The upcoming Trump Fox News pundits spent the last time. Weeks clutching their pearls and spreading lies about the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago

But not everyone at the network is convinced Trump is capable of defending these days. But today she took the unusual step of asking if it's time for Trump to hang up the mega hat for once and all the dolls have been my friends for 25 years and I'll watch.

If this is what the country wants, maybe now is the time. Turn the page If we can find someone who has all of Trump's policies that isn't Trump, maybe it's time to turn the page. Sarah Palin Palin has a tough job.

ore Maga campaigned for a US residency loan in his home state of Alaska and won the all-important endorsement of ex-boys and even voters who campaigned with him in Anchorage last month will now decide tomorrow whether Enough to send him to Washington but no matter who Sarah Palin is.

I agree with what she says from here and tomorrow that she can never top those same values ​​and convictions in the final positions and policies. I'm just a big compliment. You know it's so beautiful it's so brutal actually finally we want to mention one thing that you can say tomorrow President Biden will sign the deflation bill.

The landmark bill would lower prescription drug prices historic investment in clean energy and Ali smiled. "Our tax code has been a long time coming with fairer legislation and some promises that are Biden's name, but he's president." And was running for his Democrats. The next few weeks will be quick to remind us that not a single Republican voted for this bill before the midterms.

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