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Trump's former US ambassador to Israel blasts meeting with

Trump's former US ambassador to Israel blasts meeting with President Biden Celebrates his 80th birthday on Sunday and got a small gift in the form of a new poll that shows a slight bump in support among Democrats for the president. will see this as evidence that his party wants him to contest the elections again.

Trump's former US ambassador to Israel blasts meeting with
Trump's former US ambassador to Israel blasts meeting with

The 2024 election that brings our panel votes from Kelly Conway, former senior adviser to President Trump, and Mark Penn, Trump's former adviser to President Clinton, are contributors to Fox News. Voters increased from August

Trump's 44 percent to 50 percent by November while President Trump's approval rating fell from 59 to 54 percent Kelly Conway Strongest Candidate in 2024 Oh I Hope I Don't Run Again I Got It Fresh A month's supply has been sent

And vitamins regularly because like a lot of democrats I'm scared to death that Harris it's actually the president and an heir to the college bowl that was just released a few minutes ago.

John shows that Battle G is leading Democrats from 55% to 17% followed by Bernie Trump's Sanders at 12% so he's still pretty strong within his own party for the issue and the police just showed that Some democrats are really fasting when they lose Nancy at home.

Trump's Pelosi and send were no longer in leadership I mean Joe Biden is the last elder running the Democratic Party but I think it's going to be very difficult to remove him from the nomination unless there's a third-party candidate or an insider.

The party the way Ted Kennedy challenged Jimmy Carter in 1980 with 112 major states like California New York Captain and challenging George Bush 41 I think Bill Clinton for Ross Perot. Enough to lead the way for the presidency


But I think right now Trump and Biden are at the forefront of their parties and I have to tell you Republicans that I'm very concerned about making sure that we get rid of Joe Biden and get him one term. Do your part to make the president that I am Trump's

And if anything is hotter in the Republican Party than the Wall Street Journal pet peeve in which you quoted Joe Biden and Donald Trump, please do. The country is a service and doesn't run for president in 2024 America is in trouble for you both

And now is the time to let the country grow and fight with a united force that can carry it through the next decade, of course we know why you don't. Want Donald Trump to run, don't you want to buy me a run, I think it's time Trump's

That these two men should be recognized because they have done really strong service to the country in certain areas and basically in other areas Anthony Fauci is retiring today and let the next generation take over here. See that this country is locked in good fortune

If it's at least two people, Trump's 60 percent of voters in my polls don't say they should be considered moderates if they're against Trump. Centrist Independence Father wants to find someone who can actually get it to 60% instead of 51.5% but doesn't want another election with either of them.

Joe Biden has been a productive president who has passed important legislation like an 80-year-old. You have to resort to giving up the car keys Sometimes it's time to give up the car keys and the next generation comes along. Time is now 18. If Donald Trump wins a second term, he will be 78 years old, older than Ronald Reagan.

Trump's It would have been 82/70 when he left office after two terms. are not created equally that certainly, I mean the staff of people is a third of Donald Trump's age and had a hard time keeping up their volume in speed.

Joe Biden is 80 years old every second every minute but with all due respect, Joe Biden was 78 years old who really is? Almost twenty-two years ago when your party ran it for the present, I am not sure 1778 except that we all know what we say.

And John and Mark are clearly the biggest obstacles to Joe Biden's policies, not his age. I like spending dollars on things we didn't need or asked for.

But a lot of Americans don't like the way he pulled out of a one-status against the advice of his generals. They don't like four and a half million either.

The lack of dependence on physical financial security energy that you say is really Biden's policies and clearly if he's the great Mark Penn and Andrew saying it would be great if you just hand the presidency over to him. give Vice President

Don't trust him they've all left I want the rest of us to stick with it so I think you're really stuck with Joe Biden what happened to Donald Trump at the end of the day, aren't you? Knew

That we are standing up on January 6th, as our president should have, now is the time to not run again, and Biden's half-century of service to this country should be respected.

But let's go ahead and let's do the primary in the Democratic Party with some. Fresh canvas VT Harris may start a little further but let's open up to new leadership

And there was no red wave in the way the Republican Party has to do the same. This country is stuck. Let's open it up and this is the next generation ticket.Noticeable Jewish pioneers are pummeling previous President Donald Trump after he facilitated a supper at his Florida home that included rap craftsman Kanye West, otherwise called Ye, and white patriot Scratch Fuentes. Both have been blamed for discrimination against Jews after remarks they made about Jewish individuals. 

"To my companion Donald Trump, you are superior to this," David Friedman, who filled in as Trump's U.S. Diplomat to Israel from 2017-2021, posted on Twitter Friday. "This is the same. Antisemites merit no quarter among American pioneers, right or left."

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