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fox news twitter Twitter Files reveal 'junior employee' stoo

fox news Twitter Files reveal 'junior employee' stoo Just work with Twitter executives to censor conservatives and quote Matt Ta Ta's Sweet #17 thread about the time executives chose federal law enforcement to moderate content.

fox news twitter Twitter Files reveal 'junior employee' stoo
fox news twitter Twitter Files reveal 'junior employee' stoo 

And so clearly there was coordination with the intelligence agency and Matt reported the coordination. This post about the hunter by quote in the 100-pronged laptop story thread shows the laptop situation.

That Roth not only met weekly with the FBI and DHS, but with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence at ridiculous timing is coming right after Twitter. The safety treatment chief left after the lines that it was wrong to go to Audiology to censor any recognized laptop.

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Rogue Hair Faulkner. You're the veteran who loves us. We love you. Yesterday you had Kevin McCarthy on your Show Me Focus and he explained what he thought was next with his Twitter story. Tha let's listen and take you to the other side now know

That they were directly related. The ability to talk to each other about what they're going to say and where they're identifying conservatives who should no longer have the freedom to go after that doctor after a Stanford doctorate because they wanted to voice their opinion is on us. Wanted control

And then we see that this government wants control that it uses companies for that and these companies are bringing themselves under Section 230. The name can't come fast enough on January 3. There's a lot that we don't. And one of those things that the leader was McCarthy. are saying

And now that he's the speaker, it's not addressed because we're looking forward to January. We'll see how it works. It was not and we talked about blacklisting

And about all those who had access to this information to other social forms they share barter whether we as people in general and conservatives in particular are being silenced. Again on other platforms fox news twitter

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And don't even know now that Dan Bongino and some others picked it up very early because they would tweet and some things would get too hot and then turn right and then some other things that would touch. Touching covid or something like that

Like the Hunter Biden laptop coverage that was broken by the New York Post, all reporting that you tweeted about was either stickered or slowed down in the process of filtering out the visibility of tweets that The means is what we call suppression of free speech. So I think

That you are free to speak on a platform and that you are being acted against without your knowledge or consent. That's not right and that's where Kevin McCarthy and the Republicans want to meet you they want to go after you and see who else was doing it Gino being the shadowbin he has today on Fox and Friends. Something to say on the weekend

Let's hear someone tell me how the FBI, the DNI and DHS meet with a private company and wink and shake their heads and suggest that they restrict people's free speech. Can you please explain to me at the next shoe-dropping opportunity outside of the first violations where these tech companies are colluding?

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the dan bongino he also had his name in the twitter files it turned out that twitter but his account is blacklisted to censor it he will dive into it tonight at 9pm on the unscented filter with dan bongino . Eastern on this channel as your largest social media following is one of any conservative millions on Instagram Twitter.

But just around and you've been shadow banned before you're on Facebook and Instagram it's still happening with the question you asked Harris is it? Happening on other platforms yes and on steroids because it's still happening

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At least twitter got rid of their covid flag for the most part instagram facebook they still have it so when we talked about a master blacklist yes i think there is one And I think so

That all the big tech companies including the search engines I think they all work on I hope the Republicans are serious about diving into this and I'll tell you I've had that frustration for years because yes Now we have put our files that we have.

fox newsTwitter  The validation that we were looking for, but the Republican conservatives, we know this has been happening for years, the Republicans have been talking about it, they talked about Section 230.

But now it takes time. I feel sorry for Elon Musk for doing something for you guys conservatives especially those of us on the platform have been begging for this for years so I'm glad something is being done but Elon Musk should not be involved in doing so. Don't sit in Jack Dorsey.

Twitter Files 4.0 reveals how executives changed policies

swing people twitter shadow banning prominent republicans is bad isn't it now you were the chairman of the oversight and you've seen these kinds of things you've seen people lie before you it's going to have consequences for Jack Dorsey because Clearly many look and do like me.

You agree to regulate Twitter and social media companies so I think what he's saying is a lie this monster is a lie and I think it can be proven that I hate you inside the Twitter files. Which was revealed to be the only stopping Democrat

Who actually stepped up and said I don't think you can defend what you're doing here on Twitter I understand that the CIA NSA Homeland Security and a host of other agencies the Federal Bureau of The investigation will say, look, we're looking at Russian intelligence

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What we are seeing. The Chinese activities are where they do it in multiple industries that is crossing over here which is just fundamentally wrong and then turned into a political operation to target only one party.

s that were on both sides of the aisle but only conservation and only Republican and it was used as a political budgeting tool where they crossed the line where I think they were all about electoral engineering. Will be on trial.

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Election manipulation and that's what scares all of us every sick and by the way among social media companies these twitter companies have section 2230 that protects them from liability the day that changes, we can pay the price. 

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