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fusion energy US scientists make major breakthrough in limi

fusion energy US scientists make major breakthrough in ‘limi

fusion energy US scientists make major breakthrough in limi  At the United Nations climate summit, Cheddar is discussing the details of a proposal for rich countries to pay poorer nations for severe weather damage. 

Some scientists are saying it has to do with climate change and global warming, and I am joined now by former senior State Department adviser Christian White. Christian I'm not one to filibuster what do you think happens when you get mad

So the civil religion that you replaced with the real religion is taken over by even more crazy people and now you have people who are the police 27. It has been running for 27 years where people go and say

That all these problems are due to the 4% of the carbon cycle that can be traced back to human activities. When I had to do something, we had to do something and look, pork

fusion energy 

fusion energy Countries finally said oh well if you're causing all this trouble then maybe you should pay us a lot of money because you're the one producing all this bad carbon don't you think?

That it goes on even though I was reading the items here. The idea in question helps to quantify this loss and even how you begin to assess what loss and damage is specifically directly linked to climate change.

But there's an idea taxes and fossil fuel companies that Joe Biden's company says are nothing but true. And of course there is a lot of talk about the carbon tax

And it's interesting here in all of this that Europe is in a real energy crisis when we're paying four bucks a gallon for gas. Some places like New England may have an energy crisis because there's no pipeline going and there's no fracking.

Or the people of New York State who are thought to be at least thinking about these methods. uld be thinking of ways to make energy cheaper you are thinking of making it more expensive what they are asking for here is a blank check that is impossible to clock.

fusion power

fusion breakthrough The fact is, you know, they used to say that climate change is not responsible for local weather events, and then they make those changes based on politics, not science, and recently, this year, look at Pakistan. You will see that there was a terrible flood in Pakistan

That is not so. A country that runs horribly in any circle is the chair of a bloc of 134 developing countries. This is a Wall Street Journal article on 134 developing countries. I think China is fine.

They are pushing together for a new entertainment to work under the United Nations so that contrary to what every World Bank says, the nation says God forbid the people who actually pay.

This should sound like more fun than a slush fund that sounds like edible oil that was set up to support speculation. Victims of sanctions under Saddam Hussein only find food in flooded bank account deals.

fusion research

Flooded coffers in dancing Geneva that didn't help people going to the UN are just a sign of irresponsible government The ministry is right that we're not so sure about that idea.

But they just did a fun setup. 10 billion from the private sector and 10 billion from the government that will never actually be able to use less calls for Indonesia.

So it was a bad idea some criticism but then this is sun god worship it is civil religion for these people and they are unable to say anything more. More than once it was a few weeks ago I think fatal work progress obsession

And it's in every corner you're talking about this civil religion and Andy wrote, who can be against raising the standard of living and reducing poverty as a central planner that doesn't make any progress?

He is the one. They say that they will change things that they have the power to do. The Soviet Union had a ministry of agriculture and food to make inaccessible five-year plans, and really we're talking about that here because again, technology. At the UN, neophytes and people like John Kerry as blockheads are the people they go to

fusion research

fusion research The last word on your economy and your society Christian I wish it was as good as Gasparino in that you know we're surrounded by energy we should try to free it up let's go back to the 1950s should

When people also talked about energy. Being M is cheaper because it's not just heating and lighting everything we do building materials education health care obviously transportation everything has to do with farming fertilizer production mining energy is the biggest cost and If you increase the cost of it, you're going to make a living. Worse for many, especially the poor.

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