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geo news live urdu today: We wanted 5 to 10 thousand fighter

geo news live urdu today: We wanted 5 to 10 thousand fighter

geo news lives Urdu today: We wanted 5 to 10 thousand fighters who went to Afghanistan to settle in Pakistan Imran Khan was negotiating with Pakistani passports by bringing 40,000 people including Taliban fighters from Afghanistan.

That after the end of their government, they did not pay attention to the issue of new geo news live urdu today settlement, it was not towards the foreign policy of Pakistan. Imran Khan also admitted that the cost of the Ukraine crisis around the world was particularly high in developing countries.

Executive PTI said that China and Turkey have consistently upheld us, and no nation except China and Turkey remained with us on the Kashmir issue, for what reason would it be a good idea for us we become a piece of the Ukraine war when the western nations are not with us in our undertakings. Be that as it may, I have not seen long-haul arrangements like China in some other country.

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Imran Khan said that the issue of Kashmir is a different issue from the conflict in Ukraine, we will keep on working for Kashmiris, keep up with conciliatory tension, I'm not for military answers for the issues, to expand the number of inhabitants in Hindus in involved Indian Kashmir. Attempting, I have full confidence that Kashmiris will get their rights one day.

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While discussing atomic weapons, Imran Khan expressed that since Pakistan has atomic weapons, there has been no conflict with India, an atomic conflict is identical to a self-destruction assault on the world.

He expressed that on issues like Uyghur, China converses with us away from public scrutiny. For my purposes, mainly, Muslim nations ought to live with honor and respect. Compelled to pay attention to other people, in a country that consistently gets isn't free, I embraced a strategy of fortifying exchange relations with Turkey during my rule.

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geo news urdu today Concerning, Imran Khan said that it began after the upset of Iran, dread spread in the West, and from that point forward the endeavor to partition Muslims began, Islamic psychological oppression or Islamic fanaticism isn't a thing. After 11, these words were added to target Muslims, the Association of Islamic Participation (OIC) ought to assume a part against Islamophobia.

On the relations with Bangladesh, Imran Khan said that the distance between the two nations expanded because of the circumstance after the fall of Dhaka. I attempted to lay out great relations with Bangladesh in my administration. Is.

Imran Khan said that the greatest indication of the absence of law and order is institutional and rich debasement. At the point when the strong circles are exempt from the rules that everyone else follows, the nation turns into a republic. At the point when I returned to influence, the most First, I will guarantee law and order, where there is law and order destitution closes, except Nigeria for instance, it is wealthy in oil yet there is no law and order, which makes Nigeria quite possibly of the most unfortunate country on the planet. I count.

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geo news live headlines today Executive PTI said that the discussions on the arrival of Aafia Siddiqui had advanced during the Trump period, the discussions on the arrival of Aafia Siddiqui couldn't advance when the Trump organization left, we fail to remember that sometime before ladies got freedoms in the West, Islam Ladies were given privileges, there is an absence of worldwide ijtihad on the issue of the cover, the motivation behind the cloak in Islam was to save the family framework, not to stifle ladies, men don't have prevalence over ladies in Islam.

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