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Long Island county, sends crew to help rescue efforts in Bu


Long Island county, sends crew to help rescue efforts in Bu

Long Island county, sends a crew to help rescue efforts in Bu Good Evening I'm continuing in the North Towns I was like many of you I'm stuck at home if you're in the City of Buffalo and it Cheektowaga Tonawanda Snyder is inside your house in your trap.

Because the snow is still piling up. In some cases, the town of Tuna Wanda is waist-high or high on your body. Our photojournalist honey Adam managed to get some video today around 2pm as you can see nobody is really anywhere because of the snow. is going

But it's really fast. The blizzards making it so treacherous for anyone to get out on the streets that it's out for me I have to send it back inside Heather Lee is definitely a trooper holding down the fort for Heather.

Dust this evening for the thank you Pauline and tinnitus The holiday blizzard took out half of the City of Buffalo Erie and now thousands of people in Niagara County are still without power tonight.

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And emergency services are still suspended in some places. Three people have been confirmed dead here and this is the storm that was blamed on Cheektowaga Long Island county

Long Island county

Because they were not able to reach them in time due to impossible travel conditions and the worst is not over yet we continue. Monitor this storm meteorologist Carl and join me now with the latest hikes,

I had a fact that we had conditions back in downtown Buffalo, see that it was an electric tire shop from our hike but visibility in many places was close to zero. The region is now at eleven degrees and still feels like this - these two conditions are back with the 9 retained.

Who was really aware of yesterday but it's going to hold up for the next hour or so is this lake effect really starting to pick up snow again this is the band we've been seeing for so long that it's really moving that much. It has not happened

island rescue


Long Island county TiltonI has a 6-hour loop on it right now but it didn't budge and it transmitted its signature type tilton for a long time. B. Read Island in North Tonawanda is North Tonawanda and is about 20 miles wide depending on the ice restriction.

Very narrow in terms of who is affected when you come down the 190 towards Grand Island North Tonawanda that's where it really picks up. Up but we think you're slowly getting out of this hell Kenmore you're dealing with again if you're near Sheridan

So I can count on Wood Avenue that this area is definitely getting the most in downtown Buffalo since we've moved. Picked up in the morning for Niagara Orleans Genesee and Erie County

And then we went to 70 run-outs just counting the food. It's 1 a.m. on a Monday. This winter storm warning for Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, and Wyoming Counties and then finally Allegheny County has mostly spared you from the snow but we still have this winter advisory in place until tomorrow at 4pm when hey It's finally starting to expire as we just had one brutally cold day in Western New York

rescue team for the flood

11 Current temperatures are in the single digits in the Southern Tier from Jamestown to Faulkner-Friesburg to areas like Wellsville-Bradford and that's about it right now. It feels like you play a key role in winning

So it's been brutal all over Western New York. The windshield was pretty cold overnight but I'm just a little bit - 9 is what feels like minus 20 and Jamestown is - 12 is what it feels like in Dunkirk so sure. You still need to stay warm

long island rescue inc

If you have to go out which many of you don't need but the winds are starting to eat a bit with 24 mph and sustained winds turning and falling off to 31 mph and if They are not as strong as yesterday

But we still have a lot in terms of wind and it's going to go full steam ahead with Christmas Day last year. The cast is coming in a little while Heather is coming back to you This is not the band the car was showing us just a few minutes ago

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