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California judge issues preliminary injunction blocking COVID

California judge issues preliminary injunction blocking COVI California Governor Gavin Newsom is signing a bill into law that would penalize doctors for spreading COVID-19 misinformation Join Matt Hamada, a California physician, and Ph.D. research scientist. And you just have to think about it

California judge issues preliminary injunction blocking COVID

What effect will it have? It is truly a tragedy for doctors and patients in California that Governor Newsom signed 82098 Antelope Trail and then it will be unconstitutional and inappropriate in every way, but now that it has happened, we already know. I have heard many stories with that effect. California judge

An example of a physician who refuses to discuss covid with his patients is a surgeon I know who was about to perform a very critical surgery on a patient who was possibly infected with inflammation in the patient. Maybe, asked the doctor if I should get the vaccine?

California judge issues preliminary injunction blocking COVId

I shouldn't give a booster and the surgeon said I can't tell you what I feel and feel the link to the bill text to the patient. Just read it and you will understand why do your research which is one of many.

The examples of this are going to get worse over time because of the misinformation that contradicts the contemporary scientific consensus on the standard of care. What is misinformation that we all remember that wasn't once considered misinformation and many things turned out to be true?

This is absolutely true and the problem is that something like covid is still relatively new in the scientific realm. Prevents Ever Getting Covid Prevents you from ever spreading Covid

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We know that's not the case anymore, but if you were to say that just a year ago that would have a huge Beyond store. Californians who are spreading misinformation about covid-19 or any other disease and if not why would the governor think something like this is necessary. It's actually funny

When you think about covid-19 as far as we know it is now largely a thing of the past obviously there are still people getting infected and dying from it but if you read the text, we are in the pandemic. are not between the bill which actually cites its source to believe the positions

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They are the main source of misinformation and you know what their source is. The media should cite doctors in the mainstream media as the biggest culprits of this so-called misinformation when judged for this misinformation.

By a medical board that is run by a litigator, not by doctors alone, and there isn't, and that's why it's a topic that we'll continue to pursue. California judge issues preliminary injunction blocking COVID.

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