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US general warns British Army no longer among world’s top

 US general warns British Army no longer among world’s top tier fighting forces: report Brain has recorded more than 60,000 alleged war crimes since the start of the Russian invasion Ukraine's Prosecutor General's Office is pushing for an international tribunal to try Vladimir Putin

US general warns British Army no longer among world’s top

And to learn more about that, I welcome here in the studio the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Andreka Austin-Andrey. Welcome to Washington Show Thank you for inviting me, how difficult do you think it is to prosecute over 64,000 war criminals for war crimes?

While this is still an active shooter battle, this is a unique situation and our investigators and prosecutors are working every day. However, we work actively despite power outages

The growing number of blackouts and it's U2 inspiration is the U2 preoccupation of all Ukrainians. We are here to fight for justice. Two presidents scan president island president biden and historic decisions

US general warns British Army no longer among world’s top 

And intensify military support for Ukraine, so we are here not only to fight for justice for our territorial integrity and for our state because justice is justice for Ukrainians and justice for all people. . The world is important to everyone

How the EU is helping to investigate war crimes in your country We will have a great deal of support not only from the EU but also from the United States. We have different groups of experts. Support is available. A must for our persecutors

That we are also waiting for the help of special materials to further secure the work of our persecutors because some of them were documenting the commission of war crimes in this case only, so all these The case you just showed the group of investigators

US general warns British Army no longer top-level fighting

And prosecutors will come in and do ballistics of evidence to support crimes, so that's what we do. Many days and the European Union and our support is not only for the work of our persecutors, but also for achieving comprehensive accountability of the aggressor, not only helping us gather evidence.

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But also to support the International Criminal Court. This system must also be established alongside our move to establish an international tribunal to punish Russia for the crime of aggression.

That a system of reparations be established for the old damage caused by Russian aggression and for which the victims of Ukraine are awaiting reparations. About this damage and it will be one of the visa will be discussed with many state officials during my visit to Vista peixe.

US general warns British Army 'is no longer regarded' as a top

And Mary Garland Malik, along with Attorney General, has committed billions of dollars to help the citizens of Ukraine, and I know your administration is trying to make sure that

What can you tell the American audience that there is no corruption and that the money is spent properly? Regarding efforts to ensure that corruption does not occur, we react first in every case. We have corruption cases among our priorities.

So we don't just deal with war crimes against Culebra and I mean against Culebra and some traitors. Also work against corruption and what is really important is that we are completely transparent and open to any monitoring system

Which can be recommended to our partners to track and ensure that every penny is used only for the purpose so we have all systems in place. An anti-corruption agency is in place

US general warns British army is no longer among world's 

As I mentioned the law enforcement agencies are working hard every day and we are expecting them to finish much better than the new director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau.

If you are great and yet in times of war we are working very proactively and wholeheartedly to once again ensure that any support from our partners is used for the cause and any There is no immunity to corruption either, no country is pro-Christian. Prosecutor General Ukraine.

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