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Will Biden's classified documents debacle hamper a 2024


Will Biden's classified documents debacle hamper a 2024

Will Biden's classified documents debacle hamper 2024 There is another angle to all of this, and that is China's relationship with the Penn Biden Center, now under fire after the project was announced back in 2017 with donations of more than $30 million from Baton University's China Gardens. Most of the money came.

From anonymous sources to the public and in Congress, my Gallagher is the chairman of the House China Committee, what are your comments about the China connection here we're going to the committee that you're sharing in just a moment but China. Relationships or even the fact that you have government employees

Who is subject to prosecution for his handling of classified documents because you need to sign a form because you're going to comply with the law probably the commander in chief has well wow before I congressman. I was a counter-intelligence officer

Will Biden's classified documents debacle hamper 2024

And I can tell you it's reckless it's dangerous to stop cutting yourself he's responsible and assured the press ident told that his Corvette was locked in the garage just shows that he classified the document. Knowing how little the handling of Corvette does, I guess it was theoretically parked in a sensitive compartmentalized information facility.

But that is very unlikely, so we have called for an internal committee in Congress. Director of National Intelligence Estimates of War Losses To understand what was in these documents we need to know if security was compromised.

So I also think, as the chairman of the China Committee, that this should be a warning shot to Congress that we should understand. That we are a target for a handful of so-called foreign intelligence and security services. For intelligence and security services, we can't get basic counterintelligence training even though every member of Congress has a secret clearance.

1.'Not a place I'd want to be in': Will Biden's classified:


So we need to be more careful and we need leaders. Clearly, with Biden leading by example, the top vice presidents weren't fine with all of these universes. Reaching out to a politician and trying to get your child into college from abroad, I mean, can both be possible and both can be true.

I look forward to hearing what you've discovered about the new China Committee you just mentioned, however, you've had it. 146 democrats vote with you the other day who set up the committee it's about as Washington gets some these days but not on the left or happy I think Presley it's the hour of racism it's really It is clear

That it's just a committee that has fueled anti-Asian rhetoric and hate and put the log and the wrist, do you think the 146 Democrats who voted yes on it or wrong in their boats see you differently? Will come and I know you see it differently

2. Joe Biden's missteps on secret papers create a self-inflicted crisis:


And I know you were stabbed? One reason is what you'll get from the committee. Kevin McCarthy said he hoped the committee would live well in DC for a long time. The name has been modified

So we specifically called out the Chinese Communist Party because we want people to understand the difference between the Party and the Chinese people. Need to draw on and here.

In the U.S. we have Chinese Americans who are the victims of a very intense international repression and intimidation campaign. What is it

So I welcome the participation of the Democrats. I think we started on a strong bipartisan basis and I think we can investigate these things in a bipartisan way. We don't want our universities. Which was once the crown of western civilization

3. Biden documents bungle seen as political black eye:


Corrupted by foreign influence. We want transparency. We want to buy the ministry. To comply with the law there are 4 laws governing disclosure that do not appear to be being enforced. So I think my Democratic colleagues will be interested in this debate

I'm glad we got a strong vote to get started and I want the best members on both sides of the aisle to work together to defend America's sovereignty in our interests. Chinese Communist Party of Gresham


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