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DeSantis unveils 2024 school board target list to block 'wok

DeSantis unveils 2024 school board target list to block 'woke' ideology from Florida classrooms

DeSantis unveils 2024 school board target list to block 'woke' ideology from Florida classrooms Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has spent dollars on teacher salaries for the coming school year despite the union's policy of barring schools from collecting dues from members who pay Santa.

DeSantis unveils 2024 school board target list to block 'woke' ideology from Florida classrooms

Known as check protection, says union politics shouldn't get in the way of teacher pay raises. Is the school the focus of school union politics on this and holding teachers and their pay hostage to other issues?

I just think it's wrong that we're back with our education panel wanting to further define this salary. Well, what Governor DeSaints is trying to do is tell a story that I'm in a group teacher, there are new teachers in Florida, and in other words what to do.

Known as Czech protection money if they don't want to support union political activities and more. One of those liabilities goes to political activism and says if I'm going to be a lawyer and teacher in Florida and there's a future deficit.

And in many other states I want to make sure that most of that pay goes to their bottom line. It's a huge problem for the union, not the other state, and I think we've lost sleep over Governor Santa because we're trying to make sure that

DeSantis unveils 2024 school board target list to block 'woke

that they are being paid to teach not to subsidize union activities that would go to new teachers recruiting new teachers at the union's complaint. Is that going to be unfair because it means the gap between them won't be as wide

So it hurts people who have been there for a long time. Yeah I mean that's an interesting point that these races are personally going to hire new teachers they want to make sure they're pretty minimal on teacher pay.

Because their main objective is over or say to recruit more teachers. Fill the gaps in the classroom but they clearly want to make sure that some of the more experienced members are stepping up.

And that's the case, they're still going to get a percentage of the new $200 million that Governor DeSantis is committing, but when I think about the grievances of these unions in advance, I think they've given Governor Rick Scott was opposed when he tried to introduce merit pay in the state a decade ago

And so they want to make sure their members get paid. For his seniority though he was skeptical about the idea that he would be paid for his performance, so I think it shows the cynicism of the opposition union.

And another controversy and education in Florida on Saturday. The governor's Department of Education says it is going to oppose an Advanced Placement course on African-American studies that would be based on the College Board's upcoming pilot program. It is very close to critical race theory

DeSantis unveils 2024 school board target list

And what does If you think about the controversy who knows the governor there, then why didn't the Florida Department of Education pass a really strong point, a law that said history should be taught objectively and if you View the course content.

It's got all kinds of things that are crazy critical race theory and my other fields are a black history section of black feminist literary theory, you know, it's about African American history studies. There are nothing.

Especially in Florida the way Florida also requires their high school students to be willing to learn black history so it's not like they're trying to get out of it because they don't teach it. They have some issues with the course content and of late you find it interesting that this is a pilot program

There is some suggestion that there may be some negotiation or modification of this course that I think will be useful to other people. The states that are debating are probably adding that it's an AP optional. African Americans don't want to teach history, that's fine with him.

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