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President Joe Biden declares democracy 'unbowed and unbroken' in state of the union address

President Joe Biden declares democracy 'unbowed and unbroken' in state of the union address

President Joe Biden declares democracy 'unbowed and unbroken' in state of the union address U.S. President Joe Biden approached conservatives in his condition of the association address Tuesday night to approach conservatives to work with him to "complete the task" of remaking the economy and joining the country as he tries to beat negativity in the nation and explore political divisions in Washington.

President Joe Biden declares democracy 'unbowed and unbroken' in state of the union address

The setting of the yearly location was uniquely not quite the same as the past two years, President Joe Biden declares democracy 'unbowed and unbroken' in the state of the union address with a conservative speaker sitting behind Biden and conservative legislators in the crowd getting ready to examine the two his organization and his strategies.

However, Biden tried to depict a country emphatically disparate in certain ways from the one he assumed responsibility for quite a while back: from a reeling economy to one prosperous with new positions; from a disabled, pandemic-exhausted country to one that has now opened up and a majority rules system that has endured its greatest test since the Nationwide conflict.

"The tale of America is an account of progress and strength. Of continuously pushing ahead. Of won't ever surrender. A story that is remarkable among all countries," Biden said. "We are the main country that has risen up out of each and every emergency more grounded than when we entered it. We are doing again that.

"We're not gotten done at this point in any way shape or form."

Biden aims to 'unite the country

Biden looked to promise the country that his stewardship of the nation has conveyed results both at home and abroad, as he likewise set off to demonstrate his qualification for a logical re-appointment bid.

Be that as it may, the difficulties for Biden are quite a large number: financial vulnerability, a wearying conflict in Ukraine, and developing pressures with China. What's more, indications of the past injury at the U.S. Statehouse, most outstandingly the Jan. 6, 2021 uprising, were undeniable, with an enormous wall surrounding the mind-boggling as legislators and those in participation confronted more tight-than-common safety efforts.

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All along, the sectarian divisions were clear. Liberals — including VP Kamala Harris — leaped to adulation as Biden started his discourse. New Conservative House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, however, welcomed the president energetically when he entered the chamber and remained in his seat. President Joe Biden declares democracy 'unbowed and unbroken' in state of the union address.

Biden booed during State of the Union for claiming GOP wants to 'sunset' Social Security and Medicare

Biden booed during State of the Union for claiming GOP wants to 'sunset' Social Security and Medicare or terra box has a chef I don't know how you are Sarah Coursera 30 years when I learned she told me she was a proud member of ironworkers local 44 known as cowboys in the sky, Of course, you don't know do Cincinnati skyline said, Sherry

That she can't wait for the Ohio River building to be 10 stories above the new bridge God bless her You're also due back Friday Ross is replacing toxic LED pipes Quinta has 10 million homes in America 400,000 schools Childcare centers so every child in America works whenever

And instead of permanently damaging his brain if he drinks water, he ensures that every community has access to affordable high-speed Internet. No parent has to drive to McDonald's.

Help them do their homework online with the parking lot and their kids that thousands of people across the country were doing and when we do this project and then I get criticized for it. No excuses, we're going to buy Amy. rican We are going to buy America

And is fully consistent with Merrick's international trade laws. This law has had 442 long-term ministries, Democrat and Republican, since 1933 and fought to get around it, and by announcing the new standards tonight. I have been


During the economic downturn of the past four decades, you've been simply forgotten, so many people have been left behind and treated as if they were invisible. Did you remember that, aren't you the people of the house?

Remember them he wondered if the past is still there for your children to move forward unscathed so I think that's why we're building an e. economy where no one is left behind Jennifer is coming back Pride is coming back because of the choices we've made over the years.

You know this is my view of the blue-collar blueprint for rebuilding America for example will make a real difference in your life at home for many people. For those of you who lie in bed at night

Like my dad turned the ceiling and thought when in God's name is it if your spouse gets cancer, is your child going to be terminally ill or something is going to happen to you? Money will be needed to pay medical bills. The house will have to be sold

And will try to get a second mortgage on it I got this I got this deflationary act because I signed it into law we're having a great interest in reducing health care costs so you can sleep better at night more security you know

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That we pay more for prescription drugs than any  nation in the world, we repeat that we pay more for prescription drugs than any major nation on earth,

For example, between 1 and 10 Americans, many of you in this room have diabetes. Audience every day millions of people need someone to manage their diabetes so they can literally live. It has been over a hundred years since this man invented the call.


Biden finally mentions the China spy flight an hour into the speech

Biden finally mentions the China spy flight an hour into their speech United States. This weekend, divers were sent to retrieve reconnaissance equipment from a Chinese balloon shot down off the coast of South Carolina, the story of William Brangham Jeff Chinese authorities still maintain

that it was a civilian weather balloon that went off course and then criticized the US for shooting it down. But the Pentagon rejected the claim, saying it was clearly for surveillance and under the control of the Chinese government. The balloon entered our airspace over Alaska last month.

But it came to light last week when it traveled over Montana and some US military installations. On the East Coast, Blue was shot down over the Atlantic Ocean on President Biden's order and is a minor hazard after thousands of pounds of debris fell.

The Pentagon said another Chinese balloon had been detected in Latin America and that at least three other Chinese balloons briefly crossed parts of the United States during the Trump administration, saying they were unaware of their presence. . e time and have only been discovered by reviewing archived satellite imagery

So to learn more about China's potential strategy, we're joined by Susan Shirk, a longtime China analyst who heads the 21st Century China Center at UC San Diego. Access to the book has expired.

China has derailed its peaceful rise to Susan. Thank you very much for being here. The Chinese claim it's a weather balloon that has blown up perfectly. The Pentagon says it's not true. It was clearly a surveillance device. Where do you land on that argument? , I believe the weather instrument is just a cover story.

Convinced some in China in May but certainly didn't help me understand anything internationally last week, Secretary of State Anthony vacated and canceled a long-planned diplomatic mission to China because of the balloon Because of course the Chinese knew this balloon was going to be on the United States. States on the occasion of this diplomatic mission, how do you explain it well?

It is certainly because Lincoln goes to China and tries to prevent the deterioration of relations with the United States that China has many domestic problems at the moment. The sufferer needed to regain confidence in their leadership so they really wanted them to come

So that's very self-defeating and I conclude from that that it is again. Due to poor internal coordination and the decision of Xi Jinping himself, it seems that he may have approved the surveillance balloon of this program, but I really doubt that he did it just a few days before black and white across the continent. This particularly brazen attempt to cross America was sanctioned. The president was coming.

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