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Can China succeed in bringing about peace between Russia and Ukraine?

Can China succeed in bringing about peace between Russia and Ukraine?

Can China succeed in bringing about peace between Russia and Ukraine After China proposed a plan to end the war in Ukraine, the question is being raised whether President Xi Jinping can succeed in bringing about peace between Russia and Ukraine.

Can China succeed in bringing about peace between Russia and Ukraine?

According to the Reuters news agency, President Xi Jinping is expected to visit Russia soon, and he will also meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

China's foreign ministry has confirmed that it is in contact with Russia and Ukraine but has not yet said anything about President Xi Jinping's meeting with Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky. will try to bring to the negotiation table.

At the end of February, China presented a twelve-point plan to end the ongoing war and establish peace between the two countries.
While China has traditionally adhered to the principle of non-interference in other countries conflicts.

But after the deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran in Beijing last week, it is clear that President Xi Jinping wants to portray China as a responsible power under his leadership.

Wang Jiangyu, a professor at the City University of Hong Kong, says that Xi Jinping wants to present himself on the global stage as a leader whose influence is at least equal to that of the American leader.

China also does not want to be criticized for siding with the aggressor Russia in the Ukraine war. According to experts, however, no positive development between Russia and Ukraine is expected soon. China may benefit a lot from reconciliation efforts.

In the 12-point peace plan, China proposed a political solution to the Ukraine conflict, urging both sides to gradually reduce tensions leading to a comprehensive ceasefire.

What is China's peace proposal for Ukraine War? 

While the plan calls for ensuring the safety of citizens and respecting the sovereignty of all countries, China has refrained from condemning Russia's actions.

The Chinese peace plan has not seen much enthusiasm from Russia and Ukraine, but the US and NATO have expressed concern.
According to experts, it will be more difficult for China to bring Russia and Ukraine to the negotiating table than Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Yin Sun, director of the China Program at the Stimson Center, an American think tank, said that Russia and Ukraine neither want to improve relations nor talk.

Turkey, a member of NATO, also tried to host talks a few weeks after the start of the war, but it was unsuccessful.
However, according to experts, due to better relations with Russia, China is in a better position to initiate negotiations than Turkey. China is Russia's most important ally and, in addition to buying Russian oil, also provides a market for Russian goods rejected by the West.

On the other hand, China also has good relations with Ukraine, and Ukraine would not want to lose its possible help in reconstruction by angering China. After Russia invaded Crimea in 2014, China did not recognize the annexed Crimean region as part of Russia, in addition to increasing trade with Ukraine.
According to experts, Ukrainian President Zelensky would not want to provoke China to the extent that it would start supplying arms to Russia. read more

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