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Five Democrats who may retire ahead of 2024 Senate elections

Five Democrats who may retire ahead of 2024 Senate elections as GOP seeks control

Five Democrats who may retire ahead of 2024 Senate elections as GOP seeks control  Today's political party chairman and former chair of the National Association Pack in the Spring Gentlemen welcome me from the pole Good afternoon 37% say keep fighting and these are Democratic primary voters 53% see someone else but The Scott question is whether a big name Democrat is.

Five Democrats who may retire ahead of 2024 Senate elections

Incumbent presidents will jump the channel no matter the percentage because they will stick with Joe Biden if no one else steps up to challenge and that will be a rare thing if you do Joe Biden if he wants to run. The Democratic nominee was running for re-election on his legislative record

And it was arguing that he should be allowed to finish the job no matter how old former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is, a guy who just resigned from office. The approval numbers announced today I was struggling because my heart was telling me

How to get my head around I know it doesn't make sense for so many reasons and my stomach was torn. Back and forth, it really came down to if I wasn't 100 percent sure I shouldn't because he doesn't see a lane for governor of a blue state.read more

Five Democrats who may retire ahead of 2024 Senate elections 

Five Democrats who may retire ahead of 2024 Senate elections

Who doesn't have a deep bench and I will. But I think it's a different challenge for Republicans who want to challenge President Trump in this primary. I don't think they're ever going to be Trump as governor. Hogan remains

I don't think he can get to the primary and reconcile with his base but he also has to appeal to a whole host of new issues and talk to voters in the general election and I don't see that. Yet any candidate who has enough nails and I think that's what they have to find out about my note that President Biden heads the International Association of Fire Fighters.

election and I don't see any candidates yet who have quite nailed that and I think that that's the way that they have to figure out

I note that President Biden yesterday headlined the Legislative Conference of the International Association of Fire Fighters, the first union to endorse Scott years ago. There may be no chance of an announcement tomorrow. I'm not a crystal ball reader.

But listen, if you believe what Joe Biden and Joe Biden is going to do, it's not too soon or it's not too late. Saath will also cap his legislative victory if he declares it will be hostile. In the sense of climate because from a democratic point of view read more

Five Senate Democrats who could retire ahead of 2024 | The Hill

Five Democrats who may retire ahead of 2024 Senate elections

Five Democrats who may retire ahead of 2024 Senate elections Another train accident in Ohio thankfully seems less severe, but what policymakers here in Washington should be doing about these train problems shows that nearly 1,700 train derailments have occurred in the U.S. each year over the past 30 years. Descends from

Which is quite important, but I think that what happened in East Palestine has really brought the American public to attention. Emphasis is placed on maintenance

But their response to what happened in East Palestine was very little, so I think that's an advantage because a lot of people feel that this administration has been forgotten, but also our supply chains. And they're critical infrastructure that we've spent billions of dollars on.

Snuff and so I think it is very alarming and we need to discuss on a bilateral basis that the situation may be worse than we thought. We have certainly passed the legislative records and construction of destruction in the country's history, but let me say this

That B and federal officials are on the ground within 2 hours, well they must have suffered from a lack of communication strategy but they put the entire federal government. Behind his strategy was to clear that it was probably speaking in this regard

Because I agree with you about the ladder priest, what's going on in Ohio, what's going on with our railroad tracks, and what's going on with Norfolk. Southern you are right 1700 cases is too many so is it the railway track or is it Norfolk Southern and trained. read nore

Possible retirements before 2024 have Senate Democrats on

Five Democrats who may retire ahead of 2024 Senate elections

And the people who are working I think both of them need to be investigated at the federal level in the state because this is unusual. It really doesn't make sense to eat so many of these animal species in Ohio, so we need to fix that.

And to really look at legislation about why we're transporting dangerous products dangerous dangerous criminals I'm sorry chemicals through these poor communities you know railroad tracks go through poor communities wherever they are.

But carrying these dangerous chemicals doesn't really do any good. Take a last look here. Do you think these train incident hearings will definitely happen? I think so

That there's a strong case for hearing and you know in terms of taking care of these communities that are both affected but also making sure that this kind of thing doesn't happen again because once again it shows.

What is really wrong with our infrastructure supply chain among the people of East Palestine Ohio or are they worried if they are breathing where the water is fine, the air is clean and my concerns are through the plaintiff's attorney East Palestine. But have Scott put clothes together and done Robinson's Town Five Democrats who may retire ahead of 2024 Senate elections read more

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