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What to watch this weekend: The Beach Boys Salute airs on CB

What to watch this weekend: The Beach Boys Salute airs on CBS

What to watch this weekend: The Beach Boys Salute airs on CBS:

What to watch this weekend: The Beach Boys Salute airs on CBS


The television program "Say Yes to the Dress" on TLC, airing at 8 o'clock, features Randy and various Kleinfeld Bridal consultants, discussing their preferred surprises, remarkable weddings, heartwarming moments, and encounters with celebrities. On NBC at 11:29, the show "Saturday Night Live" has actress Molly Shannon as the host and includes a musical performance by the Jonas Brothers.


On CW at 9, the show "Totally Weird and Funny" has hosts Mikalah Gordon, Brian Cooper, and Noah Matthews, who search the internet to discover the most amusing or peculiar video clip of the week.


The television program "The Professional Bridesmaid" on Hallmark, airing at 8 o'clock, follows the story of a professional bridesmaid who assists the daughter of the mayor in ensuring her wedding goes smoothly. However, things take a turn when an enterprising local journalist starts to pry for an exclusive story.


The second season of "Houses With History" is now showing on HGTV at 8 o'clock.


The show "Lucky Hank" on AMC, airing at 9 o'clock, depicts the professors' attempt to address the rumors of being fired by seeking the help of the union. Meanwhile, Hank takes a different approach. Additionally, Lily has an interview scheduled with a preparatory school in New York.

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On Showtime at 9 o'clock, "Yellowjackets" showcases the girls as they struggle with an unusual hangover. Shauna experiences the excitement of renting a car, Misty ventures out onto the water, and the Yellowjackets hold a baby shower.

"The Blacklist" airs on NBC at 10 o'clock, and in the episode, the Freelancer's reappearance exposes a plot that involves a nearby photographer. Meanwhile, Ressler reaches a significant milestone.


On ABC at the same time, "The Company You Keep" shows Charlie as he becomes the new CIA asset for Emma. He is tasked with spying on Daphne while they attend an event together, making Emma feel envious. Additionally, Leo discloses the actual reason behind Simon's abandonment of Birdie and Ollie.

CBS is currently airing a special program at 8 o'clock titled "A Grammy Salute to the Beach Boys," which pays tribute to the Beach Boys, recipients of the Recording Academy Lifetime Achievement Award. The show features performances from renowned musicians such as Andy Grammer, Beck, Brandi Carlile, Charlie Puth, Fall Out Boy, Foster the People, Hanson, Jim James, and John Legend.


"Catching Lightning" is a four-part docudrama currently airing on Showtime at 8 o'clock. The series follows the story of "Lightning" Lee Murray and his journey into the UFC. It also recounts his attempt to carry out one of the biggest bank robberies in history.


On Food Network at 8 o'clock, "Tournament of Champions" concludes with an exciting finale where the remaining chefs compete against each other for the championship belt, a $100,000 cash prize, and the coveted title of champion.


"48 Hours" is currently on its 19th season and can be viewed on ID at 10 o'clock.

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