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Biden gives Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed a hearty handshake a year after an

Biden gives Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed a hearty handshake a year after an awkward fist-bump moment

The Saudi crown sovereign once criticized by President Joe Biden has been raised from a clenched hand knock to a good handshake. Biden energetically welcomed Saudi Arabia's true chief, Mohammed Canister Salman, after they showed up together alongside a few different pioneers at the Gathering of 20 Highest Point Saturday in New Delhi. The pioneers had accumulated to report an aggressive arrangement to construct a rail and delivery passageway connecting India with the Center East and Europe.

Biden grinned and warmly greeted the crown sovereign, who is frequently alluded to by his initials MBS, as the declaration wrapped up. In the current year's G20, Indian Head of the State Narendra Mod I, immediately hung his own hand over their hands.

The warm hello was a sharp differentiation from the last time Biden and the crown sovereign met, a little more than a year prior, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. During that experience, Biden clumsily welcomed the crown sovereign with a clenched hand knock, a second entirely scrutinized by common freedoms activists, who were at that point agitated with Biden's choice to meet with the Saudi chief.

Canister Salman has been cruelly scrutinized for his common liberties infringement. U.S. knowledge authorities established that the sovereign supported the 2018 homicide of the U.S.-based essayist Jamal Khashoggi, who was an intense pundit of the realm's decision family,

Fred Ryan, who was distributer of The Washington Post at the hour of last year's Biden-Sovereign Mohammed meeting, said the clenched hand knock "extended a degree of closeness and solace that conveys to MBS the ridiculous recovery he has been frantically looking for." Khashoggi was a donor for the paper.

Biden wouldn't address Ruler Mohammed toward the beginning of his organization. As an official competitor in 2020, Biden said he needed to make the Saudis "follow through on the cost and make them as a matter of fact the untouchable that they are."

In any case, worries about basic liberties ultimately were overshadowed by different variables, including Iran's atomic aspirations, the unpredictable oil market after Russia's attack on Ukraine, and acknowledgment by the Biden organization that the crown ruler will probably be a significant voice of one of the Center East's most significant nations into the indefinite future

A Brief Recap

The Fist-Bump Heard 'Round the World

Let's rewind to the moment that initially raised eyebrows and piqued interest in the dynamics of this crucial diplomatic relationship. It was a seemingly simple greeting that spoke volumes. In 2022, during a diplomatic summit in Riyadh, President Biden and Crown Prince Mohammed exchanged an awkward fist bump. This moment was caught on camera, and the internet had a field day, dissecting the significance of that seemingly casual gesture.

The Significance of Diplomatic Gestures

Diplomacy often relies on non-verbal communication, and every interaction between world leaders is scrutinized for hidden meanings. The previous fist bump left many speculating about the state of U.S.-Saudi relations and whether there were underlying tensions. It was a moment that highlighted the complexities of international diplomacy, where even a handshake or a gesture can send powerful messages.

The Recent Handshake

A Symbol of Reconciliation

Fast forward to the present—a year after the awkward fist bump—and we witnessed a different scene altogether. President Biden and Crown Prince Mohammed met again on the international stage, but this time, their greeting was markedly warmer. The two leaders exchanged a hearty handshake, and the body language spoke volumes. This was not a simple formality; it was a symbol of reconciliation and a commitment to strengthening diplomatic ties.

The Power of Diplomacy

Diplomacy is the art of navigating complex relationships between nations, and gestures like handshakes can play a pivotal role in shaping those relationships. The friendly and warm handshake between President Biden and Crown Prince Mohammed was a clear signal to the world that despite differences and challenges, diplomatic channels remain open, and both nations are committed to finding common ground.

The Broader Implications

Strengthening Alliances

The warm handshake between President Biden and Crown Prince Mohammed holds broader implications for U.S.-Saudi relations and the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East. It signifies a willingness to work together on shared interests, such as regional stability, energy security, and counterterrorism efforts. In a world where alliances and partnerships are constantly shifting, this gesture reaffirms the enduring ties between the two nations.

Addressing Challenges

It is no secret that the United States and Saudi Arabia have faced challenges in their relationship over the years. From human rights concerns to disagreements on oil production, there have been points of contention. However, the recent handshake suggests a commitment to addressing these challenges through dialogue and cooperation rather than confrontation.

The Significance of the Handshake

The handshake heard around the world! Understanding the importance of this simple yet profound gesture.

When Words Fail: The Power of Non-Verbal Communication

In the realm of international diplomacy, non-verbal communication often speaks louder than words. The awkward fist-bump exchanged between President Biden and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed last year left many puzzled. It signaled a tense moment in U.S.-Saudi relations. However, their recent hearty handshake conveys a different message. It signifies a possible thaw in the icy relationship, a sign of reconciliation and cooperation.

The Evolution of U.S.-Saudi Relations

A historical perspective on the complex dynamics between two nations.

  1. A Rocky Past: The United States and Saudi Arabia have had their fair share of ups and downs throughout history. From oil politics to human rights concerns, their relationship has been far from smooth.

  2. A New Chapter: With President Biden taking office, there was hope for a recalibration in the relationship. His administration aimed to address issues such as human rights while maintaining crucial strategic ties.

  3. Diplomacy in Action: The hearty handshake between Biden and the Saudi Crown Prince is a testament to the power of diplomacy. It shows that both nations are willing to work through their differences for the greater good.

The Global Impact

How this diplomatic encounter reverberates beyond the borders of the United States and Saudi Arabia.

The Middle East Puzzle: A Delicate Balance

Saudi Arabia plays a pivotal role in maintaining stability in the Middle East. The relationship between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia directly impacts regional dynamics. The hearty handshake is a positive development for the region, potentially reducing tensions and promoting cooperation in addressing common challenges like terrorism and regional conflicts.


Is the handshake a sign of improved relations?

Absolutely. The shift from an awkward fist-bump to a hearty handshake indicates a willingness to mend ties and work together.

Why is the U.S.-Saudi relationship important?

The United States relies on Saudi Arabia for its energy resources and plays a crucial role in regional stability in the Middle East.

What are the key issues between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia?

Human rights concerns, oil politics, and regional conflicts have been significant points of contention.

How can this handshake benefit the Middle East?

Improved relations between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia can contribute to regional stability and cooperation in addressing common challenges.

What diplomatic efforts led to this moment?

Behind-the-scenes negotiations and diplomacy played a role in bringing about this handshake.

What's next for U.S.-Saudi relations?

While the handshake is a positive step, challenges remain. Continued dialogue and cooperation will be essential to further improve relations.

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