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Israel-Palestine conflict, 'the cruel chain of bloodshed and | newsuk1

Israel-Palestine conflict, 'the cruel chain of bloodshed and hatred must be ended'


Israel-Palestine conflict, 'the cruel chain of bloodshed and hatred must be ended'

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, 'the cruel cycle of bloodshed and hatred must be ended' United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for an end to the 'cruel cycle of bloodshed, hatred and division' in view of the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel. What is demanded?

According to Arab News, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres once again condemned the "heinous attacks" carried out by Hamas and other groups from Gaza on Israeli towns and villages. As a result of the ongoing tension between Hamas and Israel, more than 800 Israelis have been killed and more than 2,500 have been injured.

António Guterres reiterated the demand for an immediate stop to the attacks and the release of all hostages, saying "I recognize the legitimate complaints of the Palestinian people, but there is no justification for these acts of terrorism and the killing and kidnapping of civilians."

He acknowledged that the violence was caused by the 56-year-long occupation dispute and the lack of a political solution to it. He added that he was "gravely concerned" by the Israeli authorities' decision to impose a total blockade on Gaza in response to the attacks.
Israeli Defense Minister Yves Galant has announced that his country will impose a complete siege on the Gaza Strip, leaving the 2.3 million people living there with "no electricity, no food, no water, no gas." Everything will be closed.

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Speaking after a meeting with UN leaders to discuss the situation in Gaza, António Guterres said that "before these hostilities, the human rights situation in Gaza was extremely worrying." Now it will deteriorate faster.

In addition to the siege, the Israeli authorities have launched a series of airstrikes on Gaza in response to these attacks, in which more than 500 Palestinians, including women and children, have reportedly been killed and more than 3,000 injured. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed deep concern about these figures, saying that they are increasing as Israeli operations continue.

"Despite the fact that I perceive Israel's genuine security concerns, I likewise remind Israel that tactical activities must be conducted in accordance with international humanitarian law." He stressed the importance of protecting and respecting citizens and said that urban areas and basic infrastructure should not be targeted.
"We already have reports of an Israeli missile attack on health facilities, high-rise residential towers, and a mosque in Gaza."

How did Hamas dodge Israel's plans for a devastating attack?

How Hamas Dodged Israel from Planning a Devastating Attack The latest attack by the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas is being described as the worst breach of Israeli defenses since the 1973 war, in which the organization launched land, sea, and airstrikes. attacked

According to the Reuters news agency, a careful campaign of deception ensured that the Hamas attack would not only surprise the Israeli military but would come at a time when they least expected it. A Hamas source said that while Israel was convinced that it had won over a war-weary Hamas by providing economic incentives to Gazan workers, the organization's fighters were being trained. And Hamas was not doing this in any covert manner.

"This is our 9/11," said Major Nir Dinar, a spokesman for the Israeli Defense Forces. They surprised us and came very quickly from different places. From the air, land and sea.
Osama Hamdan, Hamas' representative in Lebanon, told Reuters that the attack showed that despite Israel's military might and capabilities, the Palestinians are determined to achieve their goals.

Establishing a false Israeli population in Gaza and training Hamas
Another source close to Hamas said that a key part of the preparation for the attack was that the organization set up a fake Israeli settlement in Gaza, where it practiced attacks and landings and made videos of it.

"Israel presumably witnessed him making it, yet he was convinced that Hamas required no kind of a conflict."At a similar time, Hamas has likewise persuaded Israel that it is more concerned about workers living in Gaza getting access to jobs across the border and has no interest in starting a new war.

That's what the sources said "Hamas figured out how to make the feeling that it isn't prepared for a tactical mission against Israel."Since the war with Hamas in 2021, Israel has tried to provide a basic level of economic stability to Gazans, and thousands have been given work permits to work in Israel or the West Bank.

"We thought they were coming to work and bring cash into Gaza, which would bring some congruity," said another Israeli furnished force agent.. But we were wrong.
Israeli security sources admitted that Israel's security services were fooled by Hamas."They made us think they wanted money. All this time they were practicing until they rioted. In the last two years, Hamas also adopted another tactic whereby it avoided any military operations against Israel, while at the same time Another Islamic group, Islamic Jihad, launched several attacks and rockets from Gaza.

"The understanding structure and the military are a beast disappointment."A commando unit went after the Israeli armed force's base camp in southern Gaza and stuck its correspondence framework, keeping officials from calling their commanders or each other, sources said.

A source close to Hamas said the last part of the attack involved moving the hostages to Gaza, which was done at the beginning. Israeli security sources said Israeli troops in the near-southern part of Gaza were thin because they had been sent to protect Israeli settlers in the West Bank following an increase in violence with Palestinian militants. According to sources, Hamas has used this situation to its advantage.

Former National Security Adviser to Prime Minister Netanyahu, retired General Yaakov Amidor, speaking to reporters, said that the attack was a huge failure for the intelligence system and the military in the south.

The announcement of the European Commission to immediately stop the payment of development aid to Palestine

The European Commission has said it is immediately suspending development aid payments to Palestine following the Hamas attack. According to the British news agency Reuters, the commission says it is reviewing its $72.9 million in development aid for Palestine.

Earlier, Germany and Austria also said that they were also stopping their aid to Palestine. However, Italy says that no decision to stop aid is currently under consideration. Europe is the main source of aid to the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel, where according to the United Nations, 2.1 million people are in need of humanitarian aid. Among these 21 lakh people, 1 million are children.
It is not clear whether the suspension of development aid will also apply to this humanitarian aid.

The European Commission did not respond to a Reuters request for clarification.
The European Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement, Oliver Verheli, said in a social media post that "the scale of terrorism and brutality against Israel is a turning point. Things can't go on like this anymore." Oliver Verhaly said that "all new budget proposals for aid to Palestine have been suspended for the time being."
He said that the foundations of peace, tolerance, and peaceful co-existence must be considered now.

He said that 'incitement to hatred, sanctification of violence and terrorism has poisoned the minds of many people. We want action to happen and to be quick."
EU foreign ministers will discuss the current situation between Israel and Palestine during an emergency meeting on Tuesday, which will also discuss the suspension of aid.

According to the European Union's 2022 budget proposals, the total amount of aid for the Palestinian people is 296 million euros. No one in the European Commission, Germany, or Austria has asked for the suspension of aid to Gaza under the control of Hamas and the West under the authority of Mahmoud Abbas. No differentiation has been made in the edge.

Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg has said that Austria is stopping aid to Palestine, which is 19 million euros. Conservatives in the neutral Austrian ruling coalition have been among the most supportive of Israel in the EU in recent years.

The Israeli flag was flown over the Austrian Chancellor's office and the Foreign Ministry after the shocking attacks by Hamas. Germany's Development Minister Sonja Schulz says that no bilateral aid payments are currently being made to Palestine and that Berlin is reviewing its engagement with the Palestinian territories.

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