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South Korea opposition leader Lee Jae-myung stabbed in the neck


South Korea opposition leader Lee Jae-myung stabbed in the neck

South Korean opposition leader Lee Jae-myung was stabbed in the neck South Korean resistance pioneer Lee Jae-myung was wounded in the neck South Korean news organization Yonhap announced that Lee's aggressor was captured at the scene in the port city of Busan.

South Korea's resistance chief Lee Jae-Myung has been hospitalized in the wake of being gone after during a visit to the southern port city of Busan, with wounds that well-being authorities said were not hazardous.

As per South Korean news organization Yonhap, Lee, 59, was cut in the left half of the neck with a weapon by an unidentified man who professed to be an ally. As indicated by onlookers, the weapon was around 20 to 30 cm long.

Photographs taken from the scene show the aggressor wearing a paper crown with Lee's name on it.

As indicated by reports, he moved toward Lee, requesting a signature, then, at that point, abruptly thrust forward and went after him. The aggressor was immediately repressed and captured at the scene.

In photographs delivered by Yonhap, Lee is seen lying on the ground with his eyes shut while individuals around him hold hankies around his neck.

Lee was hurried to Pusan Public College Medical Clinic, showing up around 20 minutes after the assault. His party authorities said he was cognizant during treatment at the emergency clinic. Afterward, he was flown by helicopter to Seoul where he will go through a medical procedure.

An authority at Posen Emergency Clinic said Lee's wounds were not perilous. The assault occurred during an interactive discussion with correspondents after visiting a building site for another air terminal on Gudeok Island, simply off Busan.

Naturally introduced to neediness in the city of Andong, Lee worked in a processing plant as opposed to going to center school, yet later qualified as a legal counselor and turned into a social equality advocate.

As the top of the left-inclining Progressive faction, Lee lost a tight official race in 2022 to moderate Yoon Seok-yul.

President Yun censured the assault, expressing that as per his office, such brutality ought not go on without serious consequences for any reason. Yun additionally communicated profound worry for Li, and trained the important nearby specialists to give him the best clinical consideration and the police to research the occurrence.

Lee is presently being investigated for supposedly accepting hush money from an improvement project when he was city chairman of Seongnam, close to Seoul. Lee has denied any bad behavior, referring to the claims as "fiction" and a "political trick".

Even though there are severe limitations on firearm proprietorship and a low in general pace of brutal wrongdoing, South Korea has a past filled with political savagery including different kinds of weapons.

Then, at that point, moderate resistance pioneer Park Geun-hye, who later filled in as president, was wounded on an occasion in 2006 and experienced facial wounds that required a medical procedure. was There was a need.

An understudy uprising in 1980 in light of the tactical occupation was met with merciless suppression, bringing about many passings by soldiers and other military units and a large number of dissidents in Guangzhou.

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