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Preparations for the 2024 election: in the United States,

Preparations for the 2024 election in the United States,

Preparations for the 2024 election in the United States,
Preparations for the 2024 election in the United States,

Obama joins the Biden Campaign for 2024 Election

Joe Biden Barack Obama jumping into the 2024 election hoping he can help his former Vice President Joe Biden win a second term at the White House the former

president making clear to Associates in recent months that he believes the Biden Donald Trump rematch in November will be Incredibly Close and that he sees the

election as an all handson deck moment sources tell CNN as you know Joe is an extraordinary friend in part part he was by my side for eight years last Friday

Obama spending several hours in the White House residence recording videos for the Biden campaign including about the Affordable Care Act there's nothing

I'm more proud of than the ACA off camera Obama telling Biden that the president's State of the Union remarks this month appear to have broken 

through and that he believes Healthcare will once again be a potent issue in the upcoming election message of that Landmark Healthcare law one of the Hallmark

achievements of the Obama presidency that 14 years later President Biden is continuing to tout I thought it was a big deal at the time well it's even a bigger deal today sources telling CNN that the two

2024 election,presidents who have made much of their friendship and so-called Bromance still speak regularly this also gives the internet one last chance to talk about our Broman and that Obama is also in direct contact with some senior White House officials including

2024 election,Chief of Staff Jeff on Thursday three US presidents Biden Obama and Bill Clinton set to appear together for a star studded fundraiser in New York City moderated by comedian

Steven colar tickets to the sold out evening at Radio City Music call ranging from $225 to a whopping half a million dollars and numerous celebrities

expected to be in attendance some audience members also getting the chance to have their photo taken with the three presidents by famed photographer Annie Lebovitz

Presidential Election 2024: Trump, Biden campaign in New York

A star studded night at New York's iconic radio city music hall raising more than $25 million for President Joe Biden's re-election campaign.

How would you describe what's at stake in this election?

2024 election,Some 5000 supporters paying between $250 and half a million dollars tosee President Biden share the stage with his two democratic predecessors,Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

In conversation with late night host, Stephen Colbert,musical acts,Queen Latifah and Lizzo got the party started as seen in this video shared on X by the DNC chair.

That's select portions of the event were released to the media and reporters in attendance say the three presidents were interrupted at least six times including

by this anti Ukraine activist outside hundreds of pro Palestinian demonstrators clashing with police urging President Biden to back an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

This one event raising more money than rival Donald Trump raised all last month,a lot of things differently,but this is not working. This is happening.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee was also in New York yesterday.Calling for law and order.As he attended the wake of a New York City a police officer gunned down in the line of duty.

2024 election,As for President Biden,he's attending one more campaign event in New York City today before he and First lady Jill Biden head to camp David for the Easter holiday.

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