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The Mujahideen of Hamas launched a major attack on the Israeli soldiers, risking many casualties

The Mujahideen of Hamas launched a major attack on the Israeli soldiers, risking many casualties

The Mujahideen of Hamas launched Mujahideen of Hamas launched a major attack on the Israeli soldiers, risking many casualties It has been 234 days and now the third phase of the war has started. The Mujahideen have moved one step away and now they have entered the occupied state and large scale attacks have been carried out on 20 cities.

 In the previous vlog I told you. I had given a news, I had told you that when the operation was launched here in Jabalia to free the prisoners of the special forces of the occupying state, on the contrary, the soldiers of the special forces were captured. who had come to rescue the prisoners, now they got some leads from them and while getting the leads, a great attack was launched by the Mujahideen.

 Yesterday, great news started and the whole day, after the last seven months, this is so much. It is being said that this is the second major attack since the first one which was the biggest ever since October 7, since it was carried out by the Mujahideen at that time and it was not only an attack. 

On the contrary, reports are regularly coming out that 30 to 40 new tunnels have been built by the Mujahideen inside the Gaza Strip and have been dug there, and then the Mujahideen have taken back control of Gaza. Estimate that when there are 30 to 40 23, they will be formed from different areas from where they attack and then disappear there. If they could not, now they have started to make new weapons and then how was this attack carried out, how did the Mujahideen become red-faced and how did they enter and also the one day ago, the Mujahideen occupied the state of Sahoni. 

The Mujahideen of Hamas launched a major attack on the Israeli soldiers, risking many casualties
The Mujahideen of Hamas launched a major attack on the Israeli soldiers, risking many casualties

After capturing the special forcesspecial forces, how the whole net was laid, this is a very important story, and now the competent state is claiming that the hands of the Mujahideen A dangerous technology like MP has been installed, electromagnetic pulse, which means controlling your devices, controlling the electricity, controlling the ships. And the question is that they had this technology, so who put all these details in front of the important buy one-up? On behalf of Al-Umar,

 it was said that there is no possibility for the Sahouli army to defeat Hamas or to win over Hamas, and to say that Hamas is a force that must be appeased and that it is impossible to eliminate Hamas, while He said let's be realistic and if we want to bring back the hostages safely then we have to stop the fighting full four now and we have to stop the fighting who is saying this their former prime minister is saying this and this Now within the occupying state, 

the protests that are currently going on and within various cities and protest rallies against Netanyahu, the police and the people are in front of the public. It appears that it is impossible to defeat Hamas, but on the other hand, what was said on behalf of their Major General Isaac Barak, he said that if Netanyahu and Hali remain in power, the political system will be destroyed. reach the brink and it was reported by the occupying Sahoni newspaper, 

which is Maarif, and he said that what the Al-Aqsa storm operation did, it did what many countries and forces could not do, but here I gave you the news yesterday, I told you that the video of one of their young men is going viral very fast, announcing the rebellion and he is wearing a niqab. And he who is formally his Chief of Army Staff and then inciting his people to revolt against the Army Chief, 

now this same video is posted by Muslim Yahoo's son of a soldier announcing his revolt. He shared the post on his wall. Josh Prin, who is a representative of Hearty's, told him that the son of Banshman Netanyahu, the poet, but Yahoo had posted a clip of a cowardly m***a-clad soldier. In which threats were made to the Chief of Staff and the Minister of Defense during the war and to launch a rebellion,

The Mujahideen of Hamas launched a major attack on the Israeli soldiers, risking many casualties
The Mujahideen of Hamas launched a major attack on the Israeli soldiers, risking many casualties

 while the law said that anyone who published anyone who published a declaration of rebellion would be sentenced to five years in prison. Yahoo is not an exception to the law and he should be sentenced to five years. And he posted the same video, which was the video of the rebellion and which he announced the rebellion, on behalf of his army, he put the same video on his wall and there is a demand that he should be imprisoned for five years. It does not mean that he is the son of the prime minister.

Mujahideen attacks in Gaza:

He is the son of a prime minister,prime minister, so it does not mean that he is above the law or that he has an exception from the law. The remarks given above by Abu Obaidah's speech was touching because late last night the Mujahideen took a huge lead and they captured their men of the Special Forces around 16 yesterday. 

He received this report from them and on his behalf they invaded and attacked about 20 cities and the Mujahideen have penetrated inside and this whole operation was formally done with Rakhi. And let's say at once that the rockets were asked over the Saudi state while Hamas spokesman Abu Obaidah addressed the emergency of the night. Abu Obeidah, who came forward to address, said that the eyes of the whole world were on the book of Abu Obeidah, the spokesperson of Hamas, 

while according to the local time of Qatar at 12:30 p.m., Hamas on Al-Jazeera TV channel. Abu Obaidah, who is the spokesperson, broadcast his audio address, the translation of which I am putting before you. The enemy's army is being vigorously resisted and the enemy's goal in continuing this war is to kill and massacre Muslims without invasion, 

while the enemy's forces have been furiously searching furiously searching for the bodies of their prisoners for the past two weeks.but their own prisoners were first killed by the enemy and now they have come to find their dead bodies, as a result of which more enemy soldiers have been parceled to the next world by our Mujahideen and our Mujahideen have spent the last two weeks. During this period, dozens of soldiers and military tanks and military vehicles have been destroyed, while dozens of enemy vehicles have also been destroyed. 

The Mujahideen of Hamas launched a major attack on the Israeli soldiers, risking many casualties
The Mujahideen of Hamas launched a major attack on the Israeli soldiers, risking many casualties

He trapped the enemy army insideenemy army inside the net and revealed one of his tunnels to the Mujahideen enemy force. The Mujahideen fought with the troops and during that time all the Jewish soldiers who entered the ring were killed, wounded and taken prisoner. Tribute to all our martyrs and prayers for our great Mujahideen who are sacrificing for the freedom of their blessed land and holy land. \

I said, let me put this before you, but the attacks carried out by the Mujahideen and the manner in which they targeted 20 cities of the occupied state yesterday, and they penetrated some of them directly, the attacks started there. The number two that the Mujahideen showered profits and got the summons last year, but Jalil bylai Jalil and in addition to that there are more than 62 cities, settlements, the country there, sirens are ringing, people are running, this video is also very fast at this time.

 If you look at it, the war has been going on for seven months and despite the passage of seven months, the state which is still viable has not been able to achieve any of its goals and the dozens of massacres by Hamas inside Gaza. In fact, new hostages are also being taken, which I told you in the previous vlog about how their special forces youths have been arrested and hundreds of soldiers have fallen ill and thousands have been injured, 

while Hezbollah On a daily basis, we begin to move inside Sehuni territory, and then it has created a no-man's land for Sehunis in the north, and Hamas's military leadership remains intact. Sarwar Mohammad HaifMohammad Haif and Abu Ubaydah are still alive and leading the charge when Iran launches its biggest missile attack on competent politics and the ICC issues arrest warrants for crimes against humanity. While released 

The ICC is about to decide that the Palestinian Authority is committing genocide, while many countries have newly recognized the State of Palestine, and Retin Yahoo is losing popularity all the time, and the Palestinian Authority is a war cabinet. The members are threatening each other to resign while now Hamas feels that it has got a great power and it has fired 15 to 20 mosques in the night from Rifa and regularly reports this report. 

The Mujahideen of Hamas launched a major attack on the Israeli soldiers, risking many casualties
The Mujahideen of Hamas launched a major attack on the Israeli soldiers, risking many casualties

What is being done is that the missile which is the marker for the distance of 100 to 110 km has been killed. After a gap of four months, Taleb has been directly targeted and these attacks have been carried out on different cities while Iran. The Don failed completely to intercept the rockets and managed to cause more than eight direct impacts, causing material damage and igniting them, which is probably the first warning for potential damage if he had children.

 If you want to target and continue to kill them, then it will be retaliated like this. It was a very strong attack. The state is claiming that what the Mujahideen have now is an EMP technology that has arrived. He joined it to control the missiles, rockets, and then the electricity. How will they fight them and the question is who gave this technology to Mujahideen because Iran is supporting them fully and China is on their back and Russia is with Iran. 

With Iran, it means that China has that technology and Iran has that technology, which means that the situation is going to change drastically, but before I go, let me tell you. I want that at this time, those Jews who consider recruitment in the Saudi army as haram, who are strongly opposed to the occupation, and the administration of the Saudi state, are in front of the government.

 People also openly express their opinions about the secular and religious Sahoni Basti, but at that time, what the able Sahib has done is the differences between all the secular and liberal factions in the state, between the Kurdim and the Sephardim, between the Flash and the Ashkenazi. The division and division have come to the fore, while at this time, especially after the Al-Aqsa operation, the occupying Saunet is suffering from disintegration from within, it is suffering from differences, 

it is suffering from decline, and not only this, but those who are fighting in food. It is better for the soldiers to die, this is what their jawans who belong to the Harim sect are saying and they share a video of a jawan that is going viral along with it. Yes, do you prefer Hamas over Occupy politics? Yes, it was said by him, and then he said, "I have 19 sons and 200 grandchildren. 

God willing, if they join the worthy army, may God kill them before that." He even protested and then tried to disperse a demonstration of Jews rejecting compulsory and forced conscription in occupied Jerusalem, while the police tried to disperse them with water cannons and horsemen. The current situation is that they are creating a police station environment and they are losing badly.

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