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The real story of Ibrahim Raisi helicopter crash,

 The real story of Ibrahim Raisi helicopter crash, 

The real story of Ibrahim Raisi helicopter crash,
 The real story of Ibrahim Raisi helicopter crash, 

 The real story of Ibrahim Raisi helicopter crash, Neither Tehran has accused anyone of being involved in the fatal air crash of the President of Iran, Dr. Ibrahim Rahim, nor have the anti-Iranian forces reacted to this suspicious incident, but it is a fact that After the 1979 Iranian Revolution, Iran has been suffering from persistent losses

  The reasons for this apparently incomprehensible visit of the Iranian president and the foreign minister and even a helicopter cannot be revealed yet. Iran's military chief of staff, Mohammad Bagheri, has also made a high-level shortfall and asked President Ibrahim to do so. Over the past four years, several senior military commanders and nuclear scientists have been targeted in mysterious and surprising ways in Iran.

  It continues as a covert presence to curb Iran's nuclear ambitions and its influence in the region Since 2020, Tehran has witnessed the assassination of five of its nuclear scientists Masoud Ali Mohammadi Majid Shahryari Darish Rezai Najat Mustafa Ahmadi Roshan and Mohsin Fakhrizada, the fifth scientist, played an important role in advancing Iran's nuclear program.

  Rezai Nejat was shot dead by others while riding a motorcycle while Majid Shahryari and Mustafa Ahmadi were killed in a car bomb attack. Iranian nuclear scientist Fereydoun Abbasi was also killed in a similar car bombing January 2020. Iran's most powerful military commander, General Qassem Soleimani, was targeted. Qassem Soleimani was a key figure in shaping Iran's military strategy.

  His death showed how far anti-Iranian forces can go to confront Tehran in an initial strike in Syria last month that killed five top military officers, including Revolutionary Guard leader General Mohammad Reza Zahedi and his deputy. General Mohammad Reza Zahidin once led some resistance forces in Lebanon and Syria

  And he was considered to be the brain of Iran's foreign intelligence and unseen military operations. After the death of General Zahedi last month, Iran directly attacked Israel by crossing the borders of several countries from its territory for the first time in history. Political and military affairs and implementation of the nuclear program will be targeted

The real story of Ibrahim Raisi helicopter crash,
 The real story of Ibrahim Raisi helicopter crash, 

  And yesterday, once again under mysterious and complicated circumstances, the death of President Dr. Ibrahim Raisi and Foreign Minister Amir Hussain Ali Abdul Ayan in a suspicious air accident adds to the concern of the ongoing political conflicts in the region.

President Dr. Syed Ibrahim Raisi Sahib's Pakistan, his Begum, who is the first lady, was also Khan Jameela, she is also a professor, so at that time, she was a very special hand of the leader, Seyyed Ali Khamenei of Iran, and this is exactly what you said. He said that it was being thought

  That because he has a position, in the past he was the Chief Justice, now he is a President of the Supreme Court and he was being groomed that the future leader, who is now 8 years old and has become a bit weak, Masha'Allah, should be his successor. Those who can and are called favorites were being considered, so I understand that they were the leader's own plans and who is the top leadership.

  It is an irreparable loss for them because they were revolutionary revolutionaries, they took part in the revolution as a student, Mashhad was born, then his family, his father was also from the spiritual family, and from this spiritual family, his brave la He was also the imam of his mosque who was the biggest imam of the Friday prayer, so he fit in every way, who is the leadership of the Iranian revolution and one of every one who qualified for leadership.

  So this is really a big shock for him and when you mentioned his visit to Pakistan, there were very unusual circumstances that the security that was in Pakistan, that is, when he came to Karachi, the entire city was put on holiday that day. So there were major security concerns

  And its arrangements were also great. Regarding this incident, Iran has not blamed anyone and the anti-Iranian forces have not expressed any reaction. The fact is that after revolutionary Iran, the Middle East It is very clear that the revolution of Iran in 1979, which took place under the leadership of Imam Khomeini, and this is a very big event.

  In the Muslim world, it shook the entire Muslim world and shook the entire global politics, because the Shah of Iran, which was America's biggest power in the region, was abolished, and since then, an undeclared attack against Iran has been launched. There is a secret war that uses terrorism

  And you yourself have just listed that especially the generals who belong to the Guards of the Revolution, their scientists and finally Mohsin Fakhri, who was martyred, and then it was the rate of every level and still recently. He was martyred in two other places

In addition to General Raza Raidi in Beirut, in addition to Damascus, the attack on them in this regard, that's why the attack on them is very powerful. In Syria, the attack happened on a regular diplomatic mission of theirs, on the embassy and in which the consul There was a problem in which they probably knew

The real story of Ibrahim Raisi helicopter crash,
 The real story of Ibrahim Raisi helicopter crash, 

The commander of the Revolutionary Guards, Shah and Reza Waidi Sahib of Lebanon, were visiting, so when he came to Karachi or Lahore, the security was four. He had just come to Islamabad

  And before that, General Zia-ul-Haq had invited President Syed Ali Khamenei. I was the editor of Journalist Muslim. It was 1986. At that time, there was a lot of security, but he also received a great welcome, so Iran expected this security. So, is it enough that how did it happen that there was such a big crash in a plane in which the president was also and his foreign minister was also MashaAllah Hussain Amir Abdul Alian then there was also his local governor and his There were also local commanders

  All the important persons were martyred together. I hope that a very important person was also violated because they were all on the same plane. It is not normal that such big personalities go on two or three different planes, but it was probably a local tour. They understood that it would happen, but it is obvious that the Iranian nations and the Iranian intelligence is quite sharp, like our intelligence, they will track it down.

  And they will find out what are the motives behind it, so far there has been a little bit of speculation on the part of Iran in their media. There was no indication that it was an accident All the revolutionary forces are ideologically very clear. They are also followers of Imam Khomeini. They also follow his line.

  His forerunners were the reformists, so you will remember that in 2017 he also contested the election against Rouhani, in 2017 he lost the election to Ibrahim Raisi and in 2021 he won again in his second attempt. I was seeing that, for example, who is a very good leader, Jani Sahib of Iran's Ali Institute, who has also been a speaker, is called reformism.

  And he was also in charge of the nuclear program, he is also our good friend, so I was watching him. If there is a leadership of this type, then one of them will probably not be the leader, but there are many other leaders who are senior, and there will be an election among them, then the Iranian people will decide who to vote for.

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