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Trump says 'biggest problem' not Biden's age, 'decline,' but his policies in first appearance since debate

Trump says 'biggest problem' not Biden's age, 'decline,' but his policies in first appearance since debate

Trump says 'biggest problem' not Biden's age, 'decline,' but his policies in first appearance since debate
Trump says 'biggest problem' not Biden's age, 'decline,' but his policies in first appearance since debate

former President Donald Trump redirected the focus of political discourse from President Joe Biden's age and mental acuity to his policies. Speaking to a crowd of supporters, Trump emphasized that the “biggest problem” facing the United States is not the age or perceived decline of President Biden, but rather the impact of his administration’s policies on the country.

Shifting the Narrative

Trump’s remarks represent a strategic shift in the narrative often used by Republicans. For months, the GOP has spotlighted Biden’s age—he is the oldest president in U.S. history—as a liability. However, Trump’s latest statements suggest a more substantive critique focused on policy outcomes rather than personal attributes. “We can talk about age, we can talk about a lot of different things,” Trump said. “But the biggest problem we have is his policies. They are driving this country into the ground.”

Central to Trump’s critique are Biden’s economic policies. The former president lambasted the Biden administration’s handling of inflation, energy production, and taxation. He argued that high inflation rates are eroding the purchasing power of American families, blaming Biden’s fiscal policies for exacerbating the issue. “Under Biden, prices are skyrocketing, wages are stagnant, and families are struggling to make ends meet,” Trump asserted. He contrasted this with his administration’s record, claiming that his tenure saw robust economic growth and low inflation.

Trump also targeted Biden’s energy policies, particularly the shift towards renewable energy and away from fossil fuels. He contended that these policies have resulted in higher energy costs and less energy independence for the United States. “We were energy independent; now we are begging other countries for oil,” Trump stated, referring to the Biden administration’s efforts to negotiate oil production increases with OPEC.

Foreign Policy and National Security

Foreign policy and national security were also significant points of contention in Trump’s speech. He criticized Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, describing it as chaotic and a “disaster” that undermined America’s standing in the world. “Our allies don’t trust us, our enemies don’t respect us,” Trump declared. He further criticized Biden’s approach to China, arguing that it lacks the toughness required to address the economic and strategic challenges posed by Beijing.

Immigration and Border Control
Immigration remains a cornerstone of Trump’s political platform, and he used his appearance to decry what he called the “open borders” policies of the Biden administration. Trump argued that the surge in illegal immigration under Biden’s watch has compromised national security and strained public resources. “We need strong borders, not open borders,” he said, reiterating his call for the completion of the border wall and stricter immigration enforcement.

In discussing the COVID-19 pandemic, Trump cr.iticized Biden’s handling of the vaccine rollout and public health measures. He accused Biden of failing to effectively manage the pandemic’s economic fallout and of politicizing public health decisions. Trump claimed that his administration had laid the groundwork for a successful vaccine distribution, which he believes Biden has not adequately capitalized on.


By focusing on policy rather than personal attacks, Trump aims to reframe the debate around the Biden administration’s performance and its impact on the daily lives of Americans. This approach could resonate with voters more concerned with tangible outcomes than with the president’s age or health. As the 2024 election cycle heats up, this policy-centered critique may become a central theme of Trump’s campaign strategy, highlighting a clear choice between his vision and that of the current administration.

In a political landscape often dominated by personal attacks and sound bites, Trump’s pivot to policy issues represents a notable development. Whether this strategy will prove effective remains to be seen, but it undeniably sets the stage for a more substantive debate on the future direction of the United States.

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