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Biden predicts Democrats will take Senate have chance to keep

Biden predicts Democrats will take Senate, have chance to keep President Biden struck an upbeat tone after visiting California on Friday, predicting that Democrats couldwin a real majority in the Senate and retain control of the House in Tuesday's election." I didn't participate in all the House races

Biden predicts Democrats will take Senate have chance to keep
Biden predicts Democrats will take Senate have chance to keep

but I think we will keep the Senate and pick up a seat," he said after visiting Karlovy Vary and en route to Chicago. There are currently 50 Republicans, 48 ​​Democrats, and two independents in the Senate. There are 220 Democrats, 212 Republicans, and three vacancies in the House.

Sports saw Francesca We'll never know exactly how this boat broke the early voting, but those early voters in Pennsylvania didn't get a chance to weigh in or measure Mr. Fetterman's performance, which was controversial in every way. We do not know what the outcome will be here

That's how they voted, but we know that the Democrats are the first to vote, the second to request more mail-in ballots, and the Republicans in the state of Pennsylvania and you have the state of Pennsylvania. Because of how many mail-in ballots are being cast early in the morning, it may not be Election Day when we know what the outcome of this race will be.


Biden predicts 


That it will take time to process all of them because in the state of Pennsylvania they can't even start doing the process until Election Day so that Republicans and Democrats will be long. Just election night, but he did add a little bit of an anomaly that President Trump said he has a big lead right now and I couldn't understand.

What happened to this superiority I am not here to review the history but thus. Election night can be complicated. You think it feels a little bit like we're hovering around Armageddon. Hopefully things will go a little more smoothly than last presidential election. What really illustrates the frustrations is a pool. The debate WPXI held shortly after wasn't the most scientific

And it certainly wasn't tough enough to add up to a real clear politics average, but it does illustrate the disillusioned Oz that poll beat Betterman by 82 to 18%. It's a snapshot of their performance but also a disappointment because in all likelihood it means that many of those who cast their mail in the ballot did so when the lieutenant governor's Health was still an open question now less of an open question

And he's got Frost writing campaign odds for early voting and only if the sentiment to vote on both sides is, as you point out, unusual in the midterms. Election year you had a presidential election year but this will probably put it in the record books as far as voter participation we just don't know who has the most jazz voters.

But the number one issue and concerns, judging by the economy, about rising gas prices and everything else that you would initially assume goes to the Republicans, but what you hear and we're drawn to. I'm all excited to see where Josh is and the Democrats are losing hope even though abortion has been a topic.

The polls are down compared to the issues and the economy, even with immigration crimes. You've also seen the current buying turn for a message about the economy in the last few days of this campaign.

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And saying how the legislation you're dead referring to can be responsible. A slight recession, he said, could be the arrival of a top Obama administration official criticizing the president and his messaging, a prominent Democrat, and he may be making public statements these days. Presenting separate disconnects when people were thirsty for more information.

You're going to do something about inflation. We can do some of these other things and eliminate what's getting in the way of what he said. should do which is strong and some of these other things that legislate. May pass.
That he has strong opinions, but what do you say about the growing concern among prominent Democrats that the president is looking at it well? Inc. Francesca is absolutely right. This administration has focused on inflation and the economy. But they've also tried to do a two-step here and last week in the needle thread we also saw the president talking about the importance of Co Define r o I believe it was a Tuesday and then on Wednesday 

are though is it if you sort of overemphasize the social issues at the expense of the fiscal ones that you could come across as a bit Fringe and I think that the administration and Democrats have corrected that because if you look at pulling up for example

the New York Times Siena poll that came out I just a few weeks ago it shows that the number one issue among Not Just Women Voters but also Democrats themselves Remains the economy Democrats were able to get an early advantage over the summer with the generic ballot because of the Dobbs decision but I think that we've seen that fading and if Republicans optimism pans out there expecting Independents and moderates to break their way come November they're very much



Michael Moore is here tonight as our special guest. Economic populists on all of this. A callback for me. Bernie Sanders and Biden in the last election. I'll get to you in a moment. Heard the beating. You last night from the right and conservative activist Grover

Norquist also reported no benefit to Taco, reducing the changes he told us. Increasing to 70 groups. It's a subset of the modern Republican Party.

When we want to get all the feedback from all the people with the experience so the conversation is promised. We're joined by Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore, who made some groundbreaking projects dealing with American capitalist globalization that apologized for the Iraq War, and thank you for starting a little comedy with these clips that people They say no, we are not. If they are going to do anything, they will say it for these people

Those who won't recognize the legitimacy of the 2020 election I mean they're back in the day when you just say well. Others are not telling the truth or they are pulling your leg maybe the word lie but they have been alive these past two years, maybe a big lie about our democracy about the 2022 election Joe Biden is really the president. Automatically they say anything like, oh no, we're not going to touch Social Security

Anyway, obviously if you have half a brain you're not going to trust anything they're saying so that's my first reaction to it but I'm going to be because they're not going to be in charge next Tuesday. are not going to win and I know I feel like I have a minority ticket position on this because the media is doing a great job and I'm in we're going to lose this race and you know I'm clamped To be


Biden predicts Democrats will take Senate


And to believe that we're going to lose there on Tuesday and they're going to take over there, you have to accept certain assumptions, for example, you have to believe what pollsters and people tell us. Ever since the Roe decision, when the decision came in June, you pull yourself together and you're not so worried because they're thinking more about the price of a gallon of gas for a can of Campbell's soup.

$0.27 And you know you know what kind of woman you are. Find out here Wednesday with soup gas going up $0.27 a can what gas is this week now it's about 20 to $0.20 from last year now per gallon ladies want to know right away I don't need them I don't need these reproductive rights you know I want less at the gas pump I mean it's very reprehensible and so I think

When I watch the news and listen to the pundits and posters do they know a woman who is someone at home? The woman talks to anyone since June are people seeing her as a person now I mean I'm talking about the man

If you're watching this now, do you really think that women as a whole are above it? Michael your theory of the case I mentioned some of your work because the gun epidemic is something you were primarily leading before it became such a big concern, at least on the center-left. Your work on how capitalism is used and abused was abandoned. the people.

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