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Dr. Marc Siegel: 'Our enemies prey on weakness'

Dr. Marc Siegel: Our enemies prey on weakness Dr. Mark Siegel is joining us now to share his insights on precisely what we see here. Thank you very much, Dr. Before I get started, let me call out to Siegal Sue who pointed out a year ago on World Kindness Day that you did something wonderful kindness comes from honor and love and we all belong to God. There are children

Dr. Marc Siegel: 'Our enemies prey on weakness'
Dr. Marc Siegel: 'Our enemies prey on weakness'

And I echo that sentiment today. And in a column and it's really important that we remember that we're coming out of a severe pandemic and a divisive mid-term situation, but the problem here is that as a decorated member of the military, you're probably going to ask me. Agree that we have to show the rest of the world straight. Imagine Vladimir Putin sitting there next to his big Rush and Hound dog watching this

Where the president of the United States is meeting Colombia and Cambodia or at the Asian Conference in the Asian Corps or at the G20 he's meeting with a German and then he can't figure out the Reuters reporter's name from your teleprompter and your rims. This indicates that there are alarm bells for me as a doctor as to what cognitive issues are going on here, what is memory, and what I want to point out. A year ago there was nothing out of place as his annual physical

And it wasn't transparent that we didn't get him a cognitive test, then we didn't get an MRI, we just heard that he had a stiff gait that could be causing it. Because of these problems and thinking and memory we know his heart rate is irregular which could be causing these problems now I want to ask the doctor. Kevin O'Connor and other doctors who have examined him remember where he is now for his annual physical, presenting this face to the rest of the world as our enemies.

Dr. Marc Siegel

He's been meeting with Chairman XI for 3 hours discussing how much confusion the enemy has on the weakness as you know Tulsi so I feel it's kind to the President tonight, of course, I would. I am and I respect him a lot but I want an answer and I want a physical I am not the doctor I have never examined him but we need some transparency. Here with kindness. yes, doctor Siegel This is a very powerful message for us as individuals but I'm really looking forward to seeing what the consequences are. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and expertise.

Rep Chip Roy on McCarthy's leadership challenges

Rep Chip Roy on McCarthy's leadership challenges caucus sorry you all know congressman thank you all for coming we really appreciate it i want to get your check because now your ideas are one seat away from controlling the house The American people have expressed it well.

I think we're going to have a majority and it's good that if you have Gail, you can do what you have to do to make sure that you have oversight. Because we hold this administration accountable to Republicans, we want to hold Democrats accountable

The question is how are you going to do it, and if you keep doing the same old thing you've always done, you're going to get what you've always got. was It doesn't matter who is in the majority

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There's a reason we're thirty-one trillion dollars in debt, there's a reason our borders are still open despite Republican control just five years ago. Continuing the status quo is not acceptable and you know that in the private sector when you don't perform that way.

Just as you should usually make some kind of change and see true Republicans all over the country, Governor DeSantis wrote very well. Florida Gov. Abbott did great in Texas Annual Zelden and ran a spirited campaign in New York and Tennessee to accept Staywell We won the Republican governorship in Nevada

We actually did pretty well in South Texas, we just didn't get what we wanted all season. who won some local elections but you know why we wanted in those places because led by Ron de saints governor abbot they sent immigrants to Martha's Vineyard in dc they surrounded my republicans It has started helping to change the election, frankly speaking

That we need to change. The respect of the people needs to be earned and that starts tomorrow with a thorough discussion about the leadership of the separation from the leadership of this country and we have to actually make sure that they represent and report to the people of tomorrow. Not given.

And Andy Biggs from Arizona said he's going to challenge Kevin McCarthy do you see there's a big battle going on that you'll find out tomorrow if there's no one in Washington? But right now there are 218 votes for the speakership. Now look, Kevin's friend Andy Biggs is a friend. We're going to have a strong debate tomorrow.

And I think that maybe the late leader McCarthy will get the nomination in a majority vote among the Republicans, but here's what we're going to make absolutely clear: Norton doesn't have the 218 boats and we sit as a Republican conference. There is a need to be engaged and to know how we are going to change the rules and more importantly

Dr. Marc Siegel: Our enemies prey on weakness Dr. Mark Siegel is joining us now to share his insights on precisely what we see here.


that an agenda will be presented that will inspire Americans to inspire Generation Z to inspire young women who are inspiring everyone in this country you can't blame it on redistribution you can't go around and my Friends may say with all due respect to Karthik and it's always about power but what's going to happen here.

Come here to go to the Republicans and they say oh well we don't have 60 in the Senate we need to hold on to power in the House while we work hard to make sure that we Republicans will fight for what you need. Tomorrow is about change. We need to change the way we do things in Washington, and I'm glad that my friend Andy Biggs is running tomorrow.

It's also about President Trump or former President Trump making some kind of announcement, will he go as far as you guessed it? And if he does well, we'll find out tomorrow or sometime soon, there's been a lot of speculation about him for a long time depending on how I'm focusing on my work right now. I have been

In the House, I think we need to step up to represent the people in the House of Representatives. This is the house of the people. Check that the executive branch using the power of 2020 is plenty of time for ford and look I can tell you this ron de saint when making a younger candidate I gave us your answer to former president trump

If your leader McCarthy becomes Speaker McCarthy, he says he will have priorities. proxy voting ends magnetometer goes away bill works through committees if he actually becomes speaker what is your top priority for him yes ok

All those things are great but things like breathing had to work there. And take the car and go home. Proxy voting is ridiculous, but we have to make sure that we use the power of the purse to mandate that this gift will actually secure the borders of the United States in our schools The constant reporting of fentanyl pouring into our communities has killed 72,000 Americans.

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