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Nevada Senate race: Catherine Cortez Masto inches closer

Nevada Senate race: Catherine Cortez Masto inches closer to Let me know how things are shaping up there. I'd like to read from roundshot from Fox's decision table. Also being counted where estimates are being made.

Nevada Senate race: Catherine Cortez Masto inches closer
Nevada Senate race: Catherine Cortez Masto inches closer

That the Nevada Senate race is about 297,000 votes short. In the gubernatorial race, Lombardo is 28 to 50,000 in Clark County, which is Las Vegas, so you're a contender. It's that mail-in votes would be decidedly more democratic, or I didn't, so she'd wipe out most of the lead if all those mail-in ballots were counted.

Nevada Senate race But there are donuts in Reno-Washoo County. And they're split 50/50 so far it's not clear why I think he has a small advantage in miles and wrestling and then there are votes in the balance of the state where Laxalt has been dominant so it will be interesting to see if at miles In the majority of votes because he was in the boat on election day, well then you got Arizona Arizona we think about 517,518,000 votes.

Those for Secretary of State and 80 Masters are chasing 150,000 votes in the Nevada Senate race. Lake is down about 27,000 in the gubernatorial race here, unlike in Nevada, where the mail-in vote in Arizona is going Democratic. Leave the belt. With Register on Election Day in places we think are more likely to be Republican than Democratic, but will they be Republican enough to close those deficits?

It's in the analyzer of these two different generations by trade so I see all last night I looked at Arizona I like all the counties and extrapolated me play some trap elation game and still you know are that Maricopa helps Hobbs by the government but then all these other small r or counties with 20% still dome 13% still number least work started

Which Nevada senate race i did again it's unofficial but it's my little hobby it seems it's like putting the lake ahead what the lake is betting with the lake campus. That's right, I mean, I think our estimates are that in the Senate race in Masters, the rest of the vote is going to get about 61% of the vote, you know, even if it's pretty red, like 50 to 53%. A hard lake is required on order.

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And if the fact that you know the late vote is very red, it looks like he has a pretty good chance of putting Hobbs in the Nevada Senate race and winning that race if you keep Black Salt's lead. I'm not out to help so this is a good question. The claim is that it's just me or catch the washer on the balance of the state even Ken Cortez Masto can get 50,000 votes can he basically think 30,000 to 20,000 people?

That Nevada Senate race they got some hidden votes there so it's not all that special. mail in vote and so they think they can wait he's an expert their excel sheets have been fired I'd like to tell you that we need your judgment on the shape of the symbols of the bellner bots I had a better guess what you all do I'm totally not that before I let you go right away we're all weird even play the same thing so for the polls 140 million which is the amount

Nevada Senate race

Did you all do I'm not entirely sure Nevada Senate race that's true so we're all kind of weird even there's only 39 million to go you'll be a little closer I mean a couple of things I I don't think we're happy enough to be honest that Kim doesn't need to run because of the camp or the other side of that ticket.

Thi I think Republican turnout will be at a significantly higher cost so it's a big problem that the money seems to be kind of a flood if it's set. By the time we get to Georgia it has been decided that I think the Warnock & Abrams machine will probably be quite a memory.

While I'm not sure what kind of Democratic votes the Republicans can get away with there, it's a big part and it shows. I'm going to be back tomorrow with full coverage of these cliffhangers for the Senate at 10 a.m. Caboodle Live Georgia's Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger actually joins Neal's show.

Starting with Gary Grimbach, he's in Las Vegas and I'll bring up some of our numbers from Nevada so you can see as we go and the Nevada Senate race, Van Hilliard is on the ground in Arizona, will get to that in a moment, but Gary. We can be. Done with the Clark County count by the end of yesterday

You can confirm here how the mail ballots are to be counted in Clark County 15,900 of those 50,000 are still being tabulated so we will have those numbers later this evening. 6pm pacific time is the Nevada Senate race and that's thirty-four thousand or so out of 50,000 so we should be done with a majority tomorrow night.

Moments before the 20,000 mail ballots were told that they were still going to be counted, wash out the error on some of them. have broken down towards , so it is about 60% of each batch

As we move on to friends at other news networks, Nevada Senate race, it's important to see what's trending before they call a race. On the Democrat side he's down about 8,000 votes with me in Nevada.

That there might be 100,000 more boats to count to listen to the spreads that he was telling you, I think that's important here. What we're predicting in the Nevada Senate race, I also want to point out that you know how important these mail ballots were in the fact that the count came in late and it was the advantage Democrats were at yesterday, Gary Washer still. There were riders because there was a shortage

So he was winning. And clearly the balance that's come out is tipped in his favor because he's got the lead, as I told you yesterday, if he does better if the Democrats, I don't know if they do statewide. How to win the Nevada Senate race so you get there like that and the cost of the governor's race also got him because he's sick like just barely had to buy 390 but you can see I still don't know Lombardo There is no way for Sisulk to overtake or not but you can see the call.

The democrats were in the car wash so I don't know how they're going to win statewide so that's how you get there and the governor's race for that is sick he's barely sick so we had to buy 390 but you see can

That I still don't know if there's a way for Sisolak to get ahead of Lombardo but you can see why a lot of Democrats believe there's a chance he's right Gary what do you want we're somewhere else tomorrow Will see. That we are not thinking about you that you have heard from millions campaign

And they said hey you don't just assume X and Y here I guess why not ask him but it was interesting. Some of the provisional ballots that are still there and some of the unreserved ballots were talking about about 20,000 when it comes down to counting because if you're one of the nine thousand people in Clark County. Who needs to fix your belt now?

And you don't talk to get it done before Monday and it won't count and I think it's very important to emphasize that if you live in Clark County and you're looking at it and you has found Notice that you need to contact the county and make it a member every vote counts especially in the battleground states on the ground force in Las Vegas. Thank you for watching

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