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Switch Health | Compare private health insurance | Award

Switch Health | Compare private health insurance | Award What kind of tests you need to do according to the time requirements all those things now that video and that information is still valid but things have changed a little bit now it's some different changes in December 2021 and we're about them. Can talk about what you need.

Switch Health | Compare private health insurance | Award
Switch Health | Compare private health insurance | Award

Switch Health and also when they show you how to do one of these at home antigen tests so you don't have to leave your house but what's new and different is the first thing you do. Still need a negative covid test. United States and it can be either an antigen or a molecular test now applies to all travelers regardless

Whether you are a US citizen flying home or your Canadian citizen is also flying and you also need to eat a double dachshund. This too. Switch Health The difference is that previously you had to get tested 3 days before your departure, now they have ramped it up to a day before departure. So it has to be a day old so here's an example today is Sunday and I'm flying tomorrow which is Monday

so i will do my bbc test today i can do it on saturday or friday for monday flight but not now i have to do it the day before which is no big deal now there are many different options where to test To be done with Switch Health you can do a drive-thru like we did in the last video you can go to some pharmacies there is this.

Switch Health has a few different testing centers or I'd like to try something different in the home kit from Switch Health and they partner with Air Canada if they get a better deal if your airplane member gets molecular and PC. R test and now realize PCR.

Switch health test you have to actually test and send it to give you a real carrier and all that is suitable for traveling in the US you can do it at home you will get the results I'm sure They say in about 15 minutes you will see results

And it's all official and we're going to show you how the kit is done here, it's just from a Canadian address though, so it's going to cost $79 and you'll get a 200W box one. You'll have to test as good as you can or maybe Switch Health has a couple.

And you want to know what to do with the same time you can do that so yeah it's really reasonable that I don't have to leave the house to do that but I've never done that before I Ordered it last weekend.

Switch Health came out a few days ago so give it a shot before you start your test number one read the instructions first you'll want to register on asthma and it's an online portal where you're going to get your results too. You need some hand sanitizer, some clean tissues, and some government-issued ID.

And of course you need a tablet or a phone that's connected to the internet with a camera if it doesn't look super smooth. This is the first time I've ever actually done Switch Health so I have. E My test number one we have 2 QR codes for this label underneath it says it's backup labeled Q

And in the left corner it is not telling how to apply the QR code on the test and what to do. What not to do that will make it wrong so you definitely want to the left side of the indicator there and there's our guide so open it up here

Here our test is all right Switch Health is a test single test right so let's put it to put here we have a test going on on our little platform like I'm testing if I'm pregnant so it's all right Silica gel is I don't think it's necessary anything that's just for moisture okay we have liquid here so let's leave this great maybe in the air.

Switch Health

Switch Health Compare private health insurance  where the peel is everything is fine so i'll wait until we register there and then here we'll want to prepare it there we've finished the activation on the upload we'll put our device here and i'm sure That we will actually put here. Taking a picture and uploading it so we can put our name on it now

When it's time to take it and when we read the test Switch Health what's the weather like next week is the rqr label and it just says on the left it's OK. You go to letters so let's take it you're labeling here how to take it off this QR code 2 parts ok you see it here just the QR code is in two parts that's not good hey I'm going

Switch Health back up here well it says just use it if it's not ok maybe I'll try to put this code together oh my god ok be aware I've got this QR code here Now I thought you would appeal to have it removed. Of paper however I think

That it has a piece of rubber on the back that actually has a boyd to back it up when you peel it off the actual paper means it's not tamper proof Switch Health so my Maybe let you go for the backup QR code now because I don't think it's going to work anymore so I'm going to use the backup one when we have everything together.

So we scan the QR code that activates the Switch Health stuff. Let's get started to log in Your QR code must be labeled on the device before you can open the other contents of the kit to them Do not touch to remove The Simpsons during your telehealth Your Labor was activated so I'm going to ask them about it

Because I Switch Health just tried to remove it and it split in half like a lunch camera ok start test someone will be with you soon I really like the microphone yes hurry up ok I'm there There's less than 10 people ahead of me at the moment so I'm not sure how long I'll have to wait here I'll just keep a recording but I'm moving fast so you don't have to watch it all

I'm a little concerned about the one QR code that fell apart though. So it will do the first QR code to put on the task that is not in the QR code are you going to remove it from the backing

Yeah because when I took it out from the back and it kind of came apart oh well but it was actually cut on it so I'm going to take it out half of it came out o I put it on that I have The backup is Switch Health but I actually think it actually came with a partition in it ok which one did you register ok

So it's okay to give a slip and try though the backup. Being too curvy is like surgery yes sir I'm fine perfect great we're doing the switch health antigen test today it's fine can I see your photo ID to start or can I get my phone Go to work on you can't move test once you start processing it ok or you know.

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