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fox news Will Trump have to run against a crowded field of Repu

fox news Will Trump have to run against a crowded field of Repu

fox news Will Trump have to run against a crowded field of Repu  Summon conservative media, but certainly not all of Logan is with Donald Trump during his third presidential campaign, headlined by a natural-view editorial titled Republicans without hesitation or If doubted, their candidature should be rejected

Joining us now from Nashville, is Morgan Ortagus, a former Treasury official in the Trump administration, and in the studio, listen to the natural views of Jim Gerty, senior political correspondent. The man declares

And then it's related to a very nasty one that we fight on the page. 26 Does it bother you that several high-profile conservative outlets and commentators, from the Wall Street Journal to Nashua mutt Ben Shapiro, are saying that Republicans should just move on from Donald Trump so this is what 2015 is all about? It was said in 2016 and you know it

That's up to the voters to decide, I think Trump comes into this race as the returning champion and I know fox news if you look at 2016 and 2020, that's the best position for him when he did better in 2016 when he had all these candidates to go through I think

That he gets a little better every time he has his back. The bottom line against Wall is that this is going to be an incredibly competitive general election and the 24 doesn't matter because of Biden and Kamala Harris, they're incredibly weak. But you have to go against the media. I don't care who the Republican candidate is who is often in the tank for the Democratic candidate.

So I think it's important that we only have one candidate right now, which is Donald J. Trump, but if we have more people in the race, a healthy primary is one. Good point and the primary voters will decide who is best for them and you are right if the Republicans nominate Trump for at least two more years what do you think about the latest crazy thing Trump has said? Looks like Fox News

Oh my god, it's your thing. Will be great for ratings great for clicks CBS CEO said Republican primaries are good for America during 2016 but sure as hell good for CBS fox news It's great that Perhaps we can raise the interest of the country a little higher. It's a very different time than in 2015 or 2016 when you have to lose every state.

Even more, deep reds had an unfavorable opinion of Donald Trump, one of the most conservative presidents in modern times, and begged him not to run, saying he would lose. will destroy its remains

fox news

That seems to be the conventional wisdom among many Republicans who want to run again. former president Rome I think fox news when you say a lot of republicans what do we mean by that I think a lot of people in the beltway are all of us who go to dinner are and talk to each other saying this to each other

But it is not so. It's important that what I'm hearing and people in places like Tennessee where I live now can you make the case to people that I should vote for DeSantis or for someone else you know in the primary. Who can participate, I don't think so. You're going to convince Republican primary voters that Trump is bad

And piling on that they won't vote for him piling on the media fox news may cause more primary voters to vote for him. Make the case to Republican primary voters that while they love Donald Trump and they like his policies, they think he's a great president.

If you are Canadian you decide to run I bet you can win and that you can govern it better. This is the path to marriage. It's something like what the governor of Georgia did.

And when you go after trump it just upsets the core voters and that fox news was more defensive for him that's not a winning strategy media if your aunt drops you know your 2016 Nashville beer I got an MSNBC show, Jim

And there's a cover story against Trump's contributions from other publications and Fox News has rolled the victory. Now Trump says why anyone read the National Review. They're so negative about conservatives and me. It's failing. Two your response you know these people have been saying this is the end of Donald Trump's National Review people have been saying since the 1950s.

The early 80's Fox News people saying it's the end of Donald Trump's National Review have been back all over the place since the 1950's people saying he has the stomach at the end of the National Review. But the house we were in on Tuesday night is oddly enough on Wednesday morning

Like mid-afternoon on a Friday, she put that post on Truth Social or washed up who cares about you like an hour and a half after the independent consultant announced that she thought you had something else in mind but that does not have. That's what happened in 2016 I think you're going to lose the first Morgan and I've had less than a minute to prove it.

Trump can win over the conservative Fox News media or at least the part of the conservative media that is saying what have we done to this man? Know we'll have Ron DeSantis well he did it once in question is he going to be able to do it again I wonder what Americans think.

And I've heard Maria Bartiromo talk about it before on Fox and Friends that she p. rice I guess all they care about is the price of eggs they care about the price of milk and things are going to get worse in the economy next year so whoever is going to run again Donald Trump is the only declared candidate for the republican party right now

But whoever runs, the American people haven't even gotten to Republican primary voters to improve their lives enough to make sure fox news kids go back to school so they can get an education that Is free from these waking things. Parents are really worried right now

So I think that in 2022 in places where people will be following these conservative policies, where we want Donald Trump's speech on Tuesday night was focused on whether he can stick to the message. They have a chance to talk. Republican primary voters care about how much they care about staying in the primary, which is good for Donald Trump because he splits the vote just as hard to imagine on one race as soon as possible.fox news Will Trump have to run against a crowded field of Repu

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