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Idaho police are ramping up c me scenes on college campuses

Idaho police are ramping up c me scenes on college campuses

Idaho police are ramping up c me scenes on college campuses
Idaho police are ramping up c me scenes on college campuses

Idaho police are ramping up c me scenes on college campuses Former homicide detective and newsuk1 contributor Ted Williams is live on the ground outside the house in Moscow, Idaho Ted I've been watching your reporting there today and you're really giving us some insight into the lay of the land here.

What other areas have been shut down and what kind of work are they doing now Idaho police? What can you tell us? Ted. or where law enforcement agencies are at the crime scene and are

Closing the crime scene What they're doing here at the crime scene is they're expanding the crime scene There's crime scene tape around the house And what we're looking for now is that parking lot. The portion is widening.

The crime scene part of it. Earlier I talked about this area of ​​the crime scene where the leaves and everything would be random and I talked about the fact that the killer or killers are very well out there. could leave.

We have a back door here. We don't know if they did it, but if they did and wanted to get rid of their wealth, the knife that was used to kill our youth. Idaho police

Throw that knife back here somewhere so I have to believe at some stage or another law enforcement will do a grid search of the area to clear it up I'm not saying the murder weapon here. Came back Idaho police

But basically determining if there was any physical evidence, most of it was a very gruesome murder scene that according to the medical examiner was actually blood on the walls and you Can tell if we are looking at the second and third cord Idaho police

Idaho police 

And as you can see these are the two parts of the house where the bodies were supposed to be found on the second and third floors, it is now believed that there were two survivors who were on the second floor.

I sent all of these people to the first floor of this house 9 hours later to correct or call law enforcement. Individuals may have called others

Those who came to the scene mean others. The problem with civilians is that there's always the risk of contamination of the scene so all these things are still going on but as we talk about law enforcement this year cutting it off from the area Weidman the area yep Ted you know there are so many questions from the police here

And I'm going to talk to one of the police captains nearby in just a moment, but if they still have any knowledge of whether they believe it or not, they won't let on. Is there anyone who knows these victims or not they understand

that this is some kind of outsider serial killer crazy person is there any indication of where this is going right now one of the nuggets they gave us early on is t law enforcement believes that It was a targeted killing of four or four students and the result is one of the things that we have tried to establish?

And we don't know and we tried to get it. Does law enforcement really know who actually targeted him, Martha, secondly, what was the purpose of targeting that one person, and we don't know if it was any of those people? who were killed here?

Survivors I said thank you so much you know it's such a sad case and there are so many questions and you're looking at us so well behind it that you can almost see that you How can you pass from behind?

In some ways, he'll be at ground level because the house drops down a lot near the parking area and goes to the first floor, which was seemingly innocuous, but thank you for the crime and he's happily living in the crime scene area. have been. I just put on a new crime scene tape and so I'm up to date on the latest developments in this case and I'm pretty good at it right away.


Idaho police are ramping up c me scenes on college campuses

"You could see it simply was certainly not a creature that made it happen," he made sense of, adding that "it was clearly finished with a blade." Moscow's last manslaughter was in 2015. The whole local area is nervous seven days since police have no suspects nor a recuperated weapon over seven days after the misfortune.

The FBI, Idaho State Police, and Moscow Police Division are exploring the killings of Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Ethan Chapin, 20, and Xana Kernodle, 20, on Nov. 13, simply impedes from the grounds of the College of Idaho.

The four understudies got back to their home around 1:45 a.m. furthermore, were killed some time somewhere in the range of 3:00 and 4:00 a.m., as per police. sometimes specialists sometimes somebody  sometimes called 911 from one of the two endurings sometime somebody telephones presently before early afternoon to report an oblivious individual. Police then found the people in question and gave a caution to the flatmates'  College of Idaho understudies. sometimesSpecialists extended the crime location on Monday to incorporate a parking garage and forested region behind the home.Idaho police are ramping up c me scenes on college campuses.

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