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US House of Representatives, Democrats retain control of upper

US House of Representatives, Democrats retain control of the upper  Retaining control of the upper house in the US midterm elections was seen as a major victory for the Democrats.

US House of Representatives, Democrats retain control of upper
US House of Representatives, Democrats retain control of upper

Democrats cheered after winning 50 seats in the US Senate, allowing President Joe Biden to keep the agenda for the rest of his presidency.  If the chamber is evenly split 50-50, Vice President Kamilla Harris can throw a tie. Republicans have won 49 seats in the Senate, while Republicans have so far defeated Democrats in the House of Representatives.

That Democrats will retain their majority in the US Senate Last night in Nevada, Senator Catherine Cortez Musto was declared the winner in her race against Republican Adam Laxalt and now has 50 seats in the Senate. Democrats still have a chance

That he will increase his majority in the Georgia runoff election next month to see what that will mean for Congress and Biden's agenda. Heard from President Biden and the Senate. What Majority Leader Chuck Schumer retaining control of the Senate means for the Democratic Party and their agenda for the rest of the day ahead of a potential transition of power.

Because he will remain in power, for now, he believes it will help him in Georgia. Look at where Ray stands at the moment, you can see that Raphael Warnock is winning by about thirty-five, but everyone knows it's going to be a run-off. And Democrats believe that not only helps him gain momentum in the December runoff in Georgia, but also demotivates Republicans.

Now Mitch McConnell cannot join the Republican phase of voters in Georgia. There because it will change the Senate it won't Democrats are also feeling even better now about the race in Georgia and speaking of the Senate GOP we know that the leader of leadership this coming week.

Even a number of Republicans are calling for a delay given his strong performance in the midterms so we'll see the job, but those voting right now are still scheduled for Wednesday, for Mitch McConnell. So far there is no viable alternative. Stay tuned but I think this is classic finger-pointing. There will be a strong family debate here, but I don't see any threat to Mitch McConnell right now.

n is a good way to put it so what is the latest Lisa with the house county democrats as i think she still has a slim path to the majority even though the ballot counting trends favor the pelicans of the republican party 211 Now I have 20 seats. The rest is basic math as to whether they have just been split and who won them

US House of Representatives

If everything stands as it stands now, the Republicans will get about 221 seats, but most of the California race is too slow and has too many implications because it's not there yet. There are votes for speaker right now so it's closed. We're still waiting to see who the Republicans will be.

Catherine Cortez Masters has Donald Trump in control of the Senate after her midterm victory in Nevada means Democrats will continue to hold a majority in the Senate for the remainder of President Biden's term Cortez Masters' victory for Democrats It's a huge win. And the Republicans who had a way of giving them the balance of power in both the Senate and the House of Representatives from Washington, D.C. meant that.

That's the crucial MD that gives Democrats control of the Senate, giving them 50 seats to date. Controlling both vice presidents means they will control the Senate for another term.  Leader in the Senate and he also said that it makes it clear

What does it matter to them now that the American public rejects the mega-brand of Republicanism? most recent results in Racine, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and now Nevada have each of these candidates heartily endorsed by former President Donald Trump, which will greatly affect their standing within the Republican Party and influence outside because of their He has a record of packing candidates who love Pan.

State that the Republicans are confident they can take back the Democrats in what is a crucial runoff election in Georgia, but it's kind of unnecessary because the Democrats already have control of the Senate because of the House. Good counting is going on regarding the elections. While the Republicans still have a slight lead, the decline in that lead over the past 24 hours has led to some surprising results, particularly in California with the sale of home rights. It doesn't seem to end.

When Republicans control there, it's by the slimmest of margins that will have any impact on their ability to push through whatever they want to do at home in terms of gender. I like Mike, thank you. Well in Wisconsin, John, it's good to have you back with us. In Nevada, Mike has a race saying that the wire went to the president and the Democrats will be very happy with the result.

Of course, this is incredibly good news for President B. That means on many levels he won't have the power to continue governing on something that would have seen him lose many sentences if President Biden had been president of the U.S. Senate with Democratic control of the Republican Senate. Take appointments. The high court is our supreme court, as well as other ambassadorial appointments to federal courts and cabinet positions that may not have been approved by a Republican Senate.

This is also a big deal. Whether or not Republicans take the House of Representatives since Democrats control the Senate, will be a negotiating position where they can make the most progress. THE PRESIDENT'S AGENDA So it's a big time for President Biden to pick up the Senate. It's a huge blow to the Republicans who were certainly hoping for it, but it's a red wave of votes that never happened to root for the Democratic. Although I can have an abortion,

I think it was a complicated election. I think the voters were sick of being comfortable with inflation and they're worried about rising prices, and if that was the only issue, the Republicans would have done better. Polls on the issue of abortion show that the boat was on one side.

Polls show that the public is in favor of maintaining our social safety net, with Democrats on the issue of protecting American democracy and making sure we have free and fair elections. has sided with Democrats, polls show that the public sides with Democrats even though inflation was a big issue and a challenging issue for Democrats on many other issues.

Map reaching across the aisle and finding a compromise with Republicans to take action in the House, which will certainly be very difficult, but much easier if it's a narrow Republican majority than if it's a large one. Is. Republican majority and it's certainly showing at this point

As if that were enough, I mean, this streak of wins for the Democrats is a spectacular reversal of fortune for a party that looks like it's going to be in serious trouble reaching the midterms, but, do you think I'm going ahead in 2024? It's certainly possible. It depends in many ways and what the Republican Party does.

If the Republican Party maintains a close alliance with Donald Trump, that gives Democrats some room to operate in the ultimate presidential election, and parties are measured by their actions. And so the next two years are going to be challenging for the Democrats, but the fact that they won so many victories through this midterm suggests that they have some ability to succeed. Politically where people didn't think it was possible so the Democrats are having a great night and you're in thank you very much.

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