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Biden's energy secretary took a meeting with Bill Gates immedia

Biden's energy secretary took a meeting with Bill Gates immedia

Biden's energy secretary took a meeting with Bill Gates media  The White House says the newly signed Inflation Act is helping working families, including lower health care and energy costs, but will some of those tax credits There will be people who can make the most of them with us

Now, welcome back to Fox News Sunday, US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. I am referring here to the scenes of Biden's Officials' fear that prices may rise again. They continue to look for ways to get more oil into the market given the problems with refinery capacity and the war in Ukraine, can you give us more assurances Secretary that prices will continue to fall, yes because you know gasoline oil Oil is traded globally.

The market and so we're hoping that if you know very well what happens globally, however, this president has moved dramatically to increase supply by releasing a million barrels a day from our strike. Bene along with its domestic producers in the Atejek Petroleum Reserve

Even from international producers that we'll be at record production levels next year, Biden's our Energy Information Administration estimates that gas prices will be around 387 by the fourth quarter. On average today they are about 392 to 378 today they are at 39 T they have dropped every single day this summer we hope that continues.

But if China opens up significantly post-Covid, there will be more pressure on demand. More pressure on demand means upward pressure on prices so we're seeing what happens globally but we're doing everything we can to stabilize supply and demand to bring those prices down.

Yes, let's say gas prices are falling below $4. I think it's worth noting that gas is still close to $6 a gallon in many places around the country, like California, so I want to continue this article in different places in different situations. Hence it is said to refer here that there is no indication of this Biden's

That Biden's other efforts, such as publicly shaming oil and gas companies over their record profits and calling emergency meetings with CEOs, and threatening to pull unused drilling permits, had any effect on prices or production, according to the industry. Is.

Experts say national gas prices, as we said, Biden's averaged below $4 nationally for the first time since March, but the Treasury Department said last month that gas coming out of strategic oil reserves was only $0.17 to $0.42. What do you do with a dollar per gallon down? Well, first of all, prices have fallen

As you say that's over a dollar now they're at 390 they're over 5 dollars so obviously, the current production increase has been impacted by two things which is the release of a million barrels a day. The greatest tool at our disposal is supply and demand

When Russia attacked Ukraine, which took millions of barrels off the world market, we had to make up for the lost amount of fuel we traded globally, Biden's and that's why the president called for an increase in output and production. And as I say there will be record production of 12.7 million barrels per day by next year, yes I want to move.

The Depreciation Act was signed this week and it includes tax credits for people who buy electric vehicles, but as you know one of the criticisms with these credits is that prices are high and supply is limited. What is the practicality of it because it seems so

What does this type of benefit actually mean for everyday Americans? Yes, that's a great question. Here are 22 implications. If you want to buy new. Biden's There is a $7,500 credit for electric vehicles that are assembled in the U.S. So 21 models are assembled in the U.S. today, but additional restrictions will apply at launch. January requires domestic materials, which means that supplies for these vehicles will also have to be made in the US.

Biden's Why is this important the president has said that we need to develop things in America so that we can't depend on countries that don't share our values ​​for batteries, for example for electric vehicles that have The important minerals included are the main ingredients he wants


Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm met with a very rich person Microsoft prime supporter Bill Entryways very quickly after she was affirmed by the Senate, inward office schedules showed. Granholm's gathering with Doors, who is additionally the prime supporter of the billion-dollar Greenback and Melinda Entryways Establishment, which finances overall environment drives,

occurred around early afternoon on Feb. 26, 2021, around 24 hours after she was affirmed to the position, as per interior archives got by government guard dog Safeguard the Public's Trust (PPT) and imparted to Fox News Computerized. The gathering with Doors denoted Granholm's most memorable confidential gathering with a non-government official, as per her schedule.

"This is simply one more model appearance D.C. as an insiders' down for the affluent and strong, and ordinary individuals need not matter," PPT Chief Michael Chamberlain told Fox News Advanced.

"With every one of the media meets and getting to know the representatives she'll work with, on her most memorable day she tried to set aside a few minutes for Bill Doors, perhaps of the most extravagant individual on the planet," he proceeded. "What's more, that wasn't even the main time they met. It's not difficult to see who has the genuine impact in Washington."

The gathering came solely after Granholm met once with the White House Office of Regulative Issues, once with the Division of Energy's (DOE) pool of political nominees, once with previous acting Energy Secretary Dave Huizenga and took part in six media interviews.

Notwithstanding the gathering, Granholm met again with Entryways about a month after the fact on Walk 30, 2021. The DOE has just furnished PPT with inside schedule records through July 2021.

"After getting to work, Secretary Granholm set it all up gathering with energy pioneers — from public utilities, atomic power organizations, and vehicle producers — as well as Bill Entryways, the organizer behind the perfect energy development organization Advancement Energy and TerraPower, which got $80 million from DOE in 2020 to construct little particular atomic reactors," the DOE said in an explanation to Fox News Computerized.

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