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Eagles 2022 NFL season Week 9 What We Learned from win

 Eagles 2022 NFL season Week 9 What We Learned from win Since Rob Gronkowski retired from football (for the second time), the near-universal tight end power rankings have looked something like this: 1. Travis Kelce. 2. Mark Andrews. 3. Everyone else. But there's a reason to consider Goedert just below the Kelce-Andrews line, but above most (if not all) others at the position.The Eagles eight-catch,

Eagles 2022 NFL season Week 9 What We Learned from win
Eagles 2022 NFL season Week 9 What We Learned from win

 100-yard, one-touchdown effort on Thursday wasn't his best statistical game in the NFL, but it was a closer-than-expected victory for the Eagles. Goedert has been a screen machine this season, and that was certainly the case in Week 9, as it looked like the Eagles were calling for this guy in many high-leverage situations in this game. And he continued to deliver. Brown and DeVonty Smith, it was a run by Miles Sanders and a screen play to Goedert that sparked the Eagles' offense.

Dameon Pierce is the favorite for Offensive Rookie of the Year. With no quarterbacks lighting it up in their first NFL season, and with OROY favorite Breece Hall out for the Eagles season, Pierce should definitely be at or near the top of your list. Pierce had a rough game against the Titans on Sunday, but he was back in style, posting career bests in rushing yards (139) and carries (27). Without wide receivers Brandin Cooks and Nico Collins, the Eagles tried to connect with Pierce, but he still found ways to outrun and bounce off would-be Eagles tacklers for extra yards after contact. He may not be the most dynamic in the league and is still growing as a receiver. But there is definitely a cow in Pierce who has a bright future with the team. The Texans were a steal in the 4th round, but maybe Pierce would have gone higher if he had gotten 100+ carries in 13 games last season at Florida. (It might also have kept Dan Mullen in his job.)

C.J. Gardner-Johnson was a sleeper addition in the offseason. Gardner-Johnson didn't report to the Eagles until Aug. 31 after his shock trade from the Saints, and it was a fair question to ask how long it might take him to adjust to the scheme and his new teammates. Answer: about six weeks. He was fine early for the Eagles, starting and playing nearly every defensive snap in the first month of the season. But recently, his value to this defense has exploded. Gardner-Johnson now leads the NFL in interceptions with five after his selection of Davis Mills on Thursday. He had five INTs in his first 47 NFL games; he added five more over the past four games. He threw a sack against the Steelers last week, and it wouldn't be a stretch to suggest he's been one of the Eagles' best defenders over the last four games.



the Eagles Javon Hargrave has been on a sack bender lately. On his first sack, Hargrave had to run a long way to chase down Mills — though it was Mills, not the most elusive — for a big third down stop. No. 2 also made it to third when he sacked Texans rookie Kenyon Green to sack Mills for a loss after the Texans drove up the middle of the field. The third was a 9-yard loss that pushed the Texans out of the red zone and halted their momentum with the game technically still in doubt. Hargrave was flagged for the call, but it felt borderline at best. The bottom line is he's been on a tear lately, botching his comeback game against the Steelers (who didn't re-sign him) last week and crushing Kenny Pickett. He's making a strong midseason push for the Pro Bowl as one of the best interior penetrators in the game.

The Eagles were missing Jordan Davis. If there was any major problem with the Eagles' performance Thursday night, it was that the interior run defense was pretty leaky. There was a pretty good reason the team used a first-round pick on Davis, a mass of humanity whose impact can't be measured by stats like tackles (14), tackles for loss (one) or sacks (zero), but by his size and takes two spaces by force. They got a pretty good idea Thursday of just how much Davis means — especially to a guy who averaged 22 snaps a game. The Texans were extremely short at receiver, so the Eagles knew they had to run the ball a lot, and yet Houston managed to run inside time and time again. Davis' ankle injury put him on injured reserve, and the earliest he could return is in Week 13 against the Titans. Meanwhile, the Eagles face some pretty good running backs, so they should come up with some alternate solutions during the mini-bye.


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Eagles 2022 NFL season Week 9 What We Learned from win Sideline and upside my push it co Connor james bradbury going on the opening drive this season thanks to enzo using the soap to kaila wall the way the ball moves the ecuadoriano whatsapp signal goes down you see It doesn't come with 18 play drives. If you're going Eagles short yardage that's a safe place to go with God my big left guard landing is so hard landing at halftime because there's no one go to Oklahoma just because. AJ Brown takes it to mid on and gets caught. Middle Troopers Japan and Texas' Steven Nelson come in and mix up the turnovers with a four-man rush but not fast enough that Knox goes to second man and picks up 13 wide Owens. Having bees is hard.

On I-10 and stole I mean they get heavy and you bring the right guard down to the right knee like you can post a third-and-six pressure on the Mills lookout throw and it's the 42-yard line. It will draw attention to it. Texas territory 2nd & 10 first-time proscar text Dan Brown Now you can only put it down so long and take the Eagles Fly Eagles Fly to release.

What they've done here in Philly and in Rosemund will be a big difference. What's interesting the last few years is that the screen is stuck there and it's Chris Moore who almost stops before I start and turns it into a long game on 2 and seven years of Texas' Hairston Blackwaite. The latest plays in the back nine yard increments. A kid piercing Peru Mills looks to be on the court for the corner of the end zone

And there's been a lot of work done there which is again playing at 3 pressure at second, he's coming from all angles and all sides but holding his own. First down as you mentioned earlier c andidate now executive of the year second for and it's part of the 40 yard line got five chances tonight let's show you the way. It is full put it is good. Once again, he gets away with it. On Saturday, the big night begins with Ghost Motion Scrolling Pumpkins by Watkins Sanders.

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Who else but running back Boston Scott gets him in the slot and in the end zone for a two-point conversion? First up is Texas trying to get into it for the first time and doing their best to talk personal foul mules with Mills under pressure and the Eagles getting to Hargrave once again. Billy has other ideas and is buying a lot. At least the minimum room for the victim goes in or out, they have to make plays on the lines. Got a hold up. Old slices are left open and catch up.

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