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South Korea scrambles jets as North Korea launches 180 flights

South Korea scrambles jets as North Korea launches 180 flights on border  Cheddar Pentagon leadership will meet with South Korea's defense minister this afternoon as its northern neighbor moves closer to possible war North Korea fired a record 23 missiles into the Sea of ​​Japan yesterday, and US defense officials say Kim Jong-un members may soon test a nuclear warhead.

South Korea scrambles jets as North Korea launches 180 flights

They're National Security Representative Jennifer Griffin's meeting at the Pentagon directly between Jennifer's Secretary Austin and the South Korean counterpart just finished what do we know what they talked about, they just held a press briefing at the Pentagon and defended in a joint statement. Secretary Lloyd Austin warned that any nuclear attack by North Korea against the United States or its allies and partners, including the use of non-strategic nuclear weapons

Our tactical nukes are unacceptable and will result in the collapse of the Kim regime. The intercontinental ballistic missile North Korea fired this morning failed during normal flight during the separation phase of the second stage, the launch said, according to Kim Jong-un, his South Korean officials said.

Panic alerts were issued across Japan this morning, people were warned to take shelter and train services were suspended, but in the end the missile failed to fly over Japan. The ICBM was fired at a high angle at an altitude of about 1,200 miles, with North Korea firing a total of 23 missiles toward South Korea.

That includes three more ICBMs today as the US and South Korean militaries move closer to each other for the first time since 2017. The round-the-clock military exercise known as Vigilant Storm, which began on Monday, involves thousands of troops on the ground and 240 fighter jets, including the stealthy F-35 5th generation jets now stationed in South Korea, according to Kim Jong-un. They believe that this exercise is an exercise to practice.

South Korea

And North Korea's attack on Defense Minister Austin and now see North Korea's intention to expand exercises last Friday. The intercontinental ballistic missile test they conducted here at the Pentagon hosted by the South Korean Defense Minister we talked about DPRK continuing acts of provocation and destabilization.

And our alliance is ironclad at this time of great stress. Our officials have also disclosed new intelligence indicating that weapons are being shipped to North Korea. Russia to use in Ukraine National Security Council coordinator John Kirby told reporters that North Korea is secretly supplying Russia with a large number of artillery shells.

To make it look like the shipment is being sent to North Africa or the Middle East is a sign of desperate defense. Secretary Austin told reporters only that he believed the Ukrainian military could retrieve his son in the coming days John Force.


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North Korea fired about two dozen missiles today in response to military exercises between South Korea and the United States. Historical tensions between the rivals have further escalated.

And in a dangerous escalation in the region overnight, North Korea fired at least 23 missiles that ranged east and west, landing near South Korea's territorial waters for the first time since the country's split, prompting an airstrike on an island. Instead of sirens, people had to be taken to where they were.

The cover and countermeasures also began. South Korea sent fighter jets and fired three surface-to-surface missiles and said that those missiles also landed near the sea border, which has become a record year for today. About a hundred rounds have been fired. The timing of all this is no coincidence

That the US and South Korea are currently conducting military exercises with Joyce. Thousands of personnel and more than 200 planes were at North Korea's disposal to call the bosses of both countries and threaten to pay the worst price in history if they don't. Kim Jeong-hoon has not had a single test since 2017

Satellite images and intelligence agencies show that Kim has made all preparations and says there is a strong possibility that a nuclear test could happen any day. Thanks for watching our YouTube channel Download and follow today's important news and breaking news.

Adult Story Tensions on the Korean Peninsula's Peking Peninsula wear South Korea's spirit clothes About 180 North Korean warplanes were detected with North Korean jets spying north of Willow Tree Products over 4 hours Friday. For a long time flying north of the so-called

The strategic measurement line designed its office on Thursday, kilometers north of the military demarcation line, in response to an idiotic response to possible field intercontinental ballistic missiles to enter them all into the spirit of the F-35 stealth fighter. This situation has come up at such a time

While the U.S. and South Korea have been conducting these drills, the two allies have so far conducted about 240 digital storm drills. flight of 

ever make issues use nuclear weapons they will end the kim regime do you want something yourself that if he ever attacks us or his allies with nuclear weapons it will end the kim regime this warning north It has come after the launch of a missile by Korea.

escalating to an unprecedented level of about thirty in less than forty-eight hours, including overnight and an intercontinental ballistic missile launched toward Japan with the intention of sounding emergency sirens in northern Japan. There is an urgent warning for citizens to take seat cover

that the missiles did not reach Japanese airspace. The fall into the water is west of the islands as Kim Jong-un holds a joint flare-up as South Korea's military drills to respond to its missile strike come as the storm comes to light.

When U.S. officials say the North is preparing to conduct a nuclear test it hasn't conducted in five years, Martha Raditz is doing the same thing in Martha Alive Tonight with no warning to North Korea. That if he did so, he would be punished. It is a test that is valid however our authorities believe at the moment

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