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Geo News, It is not the right of anyone to stand on the highway

Geo News, It is not the right of anyone to stand on the highway  The Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court has said that it is not the right of anyone to say that they will sit on the highway and stand there, while those who want to hold a meeting have the right, but the rights of ordinary citizens should not be affected.

Geo News, It is not the right of anyone to stand on the highway
Geo News, It is not the right of anyone to stand on the highway 

Chief Justice Islamabad High Court Justice Aamir Farooq heard the petition of local traders against the possible closure of roads due to the PTI sit-in, in which the court combined the petition of the traders with the request to obtain the NOC of the PTI

The business leaders said that the holders have been stopped on the roads which are facing challenges while the Promoter General Islamabad maintained that the NOC application for the demonstration and rally is also forthcoming from the PTI. Be heard likewise with him.

The legal counsel for the candidate said that orders should be put in place to ensure the flow of traffic on expressways and motorways, to which the Central Equity commented that assuming the throughways and motorways are closed, even at interchanges. will affect it, it is not his right. That he should have said that he would demonstrate on the expressway and stand there, Equity Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui in the protest case had controlled that all the meetings would be held in the procession ground.

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The central equity expressed that there are outsiders in Islamabad, discretionary development is similarly affected, and those who need to hold conventions have the right, yet the privileges of ordinary citizens should not be affected.

Equity Amir Farooq commented that the command of parkways and motorways is with the organization, obviously, PML-N can give bearings in this way.

Later, the court adjourned the conference till tomorrow at the request of the dealers against erecting roadblocks due to the dharna and rally.

Islamabad Geo News: Chief Justice of Pakistan Umar Atta Bandial has said that the Long March is a political problem that can be solved politically, and the court shows restraint in political matters. In the Supreme Court, a three-member bench headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan heard the petition of Senator Kamran Murtaza against Imran Khan's long march.

The court inquired whether the place of Imran Khan's long march has been determined. The court should be informed by making an inquiry with the administration. The court directed the Additional Attorney General to report to the administration in half an hour. Geo News

Showing restraint in political matters

According to Geo News, when the court resumed the hearing, Advocate General Islamabad Jahangir appeared in Jadun, after which the Chief Justice inquired what the administration did regarding the long march. What is haste and what is negligence on the part of the administration in the case of a long march?

The Chief Justice said that Long March is a political issue that can be solved politically, interference in such matters creates a strange situation for the court. It is mentioned whether the voice is right or wrong but can disturb peace and order. Geo News

Judiciary will intervene. The matter of court violation is complicated for the court, the orders of the court have to be implemented. Meanwhile, Justice Athar Minullah said that the present application is now ineffective. Geo New

Another Attorney General took the stand that he wanted judicial intervention to maintain law and order, to which Justice Athar said, "Are you trying to say that the situation has gone beyond the control of the executive?" The court said that the federation does not know how to fulfill its responsibility. The state is powerful and empowered. Geo News

The Chief Justice said we understand that you are concerned about the current situation, you want peace and order in the country, but you do not want to issue an order that is premature and not implemented. Geo News Geo News, It is not the right of anyone to stand on the highway 

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