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Kari Lake, lawyers up ahead of potential legal fight in Arizona

Kari Lake, lawyers up ahead of the potential legal fight in Arizona It's not like you run an election well. Almost anyone has some great timing. Practice doesn't make for a perfect race for governor in Arizona. This can happen in about 10 minutes. We don't know what we think

Kari Lake, lawyers up ahead of potential legal fight in Arizona
Kari Lake, lawyers up ahead of potential legal fight in Arizona

that Kari Lake we should be in good shape there are after  100 I mean look at my notes $150,000 and counting dolphins and still counting and 94,000 of them are in Maricopa County where they took our sacred boat and they and they just scoffed at what had happened to him and came up to me at breakfast yesterday and said I showed up to vote.

That on the way 3 hours line machines were not working and 15 minutes drive to other center and printing printers. Not working Kari Lake had no toner in them and 20 minutes finally voted I had half a day of Odyssey to vote and we were reaching thousands of people because it was so hard to vote.

And when they got to Kari Lake to vote. Out in front of the line just to find out the tablet wasn't going to come out of there but it was being brought downtown put it in a box and bring it into town and I'm going to fight for the people of Arizona that every Counting one's vote is sacrosanct. And the people who were there knew who was showing up on election day and I don't know if there was any malicious intent, it was just total incompetence.

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But either way, if Arizona is to be stopped, elections around the world will no longer be a laughing stock. I had at the end of this thing how do you go about legally challenging this Kari Lake I can't imagine our version of Joe Biden winning Katie Holmes because she didn't even campaign that She hadn't done it or twice in the basement for him and she would win

But if that happened and that's what it was in more than a third of the polling centers, I don't know how we're going to fix it, but the Arizona Kari Lake people are angry that I didn't get it either. The opportunity to vote was a lot of hoops to jump through. I wanted to go but my daughter has a track mate job so I wasn't getting four hours off to fix it.

It would be outrageous Kari Lake we have ink and toner charges for the Secretary of State election and no ink and toner and that's causing these kinds of problems you're going to see someone with that kind of incompetence. Can't be held responsible as I bring myself down so keep in touch with us all and we'll keep everyone updated on the issues as they come in thanks close Jessie

Kari Lake

As tonight's development unfolds for the first time as dozens of polling places that had printer problems on Election Day work to map it out for you, one thing is clear at Kari Lake: The specific area is not one that had problems on voting day

They were polling places throughout Kari Lake. The Valley and Beyond the Valley abc15 Nicole Gregg is in the studio with us now with more information about Nicole so the data shows are currently based on voter registration data in the gubernatorial vote totals. For the first time, abc15 has obtained a list of all 70 voting centers that had problems on Election Day

We took those addresses but worked with money maps and abc15 data analyst Garrett Archer to show how to party registration breaks down by location of vote centers. Kari Lake Photo Registration data Based on the count and lake, 56 percent of the affected vote centers are winning in Republican or Democratic-leaning areas, not changing the effect on the overall vote count n Thursday I'm still in this fight with you.

As voter disenfranchisement rages, Kari Lake has set up a website asking people who can't vote to fill out her form and share videos of people who can't vote. They the Claims Arizona has comfort issues.

Rest assured that I have assembled the best and brightest legal team and we are exploring every avenue to right the many wrongs that were committed last week, disenfranchising thousands of voters. Yes, he did not provide Kari Lake any evidence that the Democratic lawyer widely represented Biden.

Campaigned in 2020 and sued by people claiming the election was stolen and that Kari Lake all went nowhere because at the end of the day the weather had a theory but they didn't actually have one you know. What is that ideology planning for election day issues? In this drawer of box number three, we are told that 17,000 ballots were kept there but not all of them were due to him. READ MORE

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