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fox news: Trump ignores GOP rivals and stolen election claims

fox news trump ignores GOP rivals and stolen election claims There's nothing like the original. He went back to the topics that got him into the White House, from fair trade to deregulation to borders and the nonsensical foreign wars that we the people in Washington, D.C. ignore.
fox news: Trump ignores GOP rivals and stolen election claims
fox news: Trump ignores GOP rivals and stolen election claims

the debacle of the past two years. seen sticking to issues that are important to his constituents. How many voters in the Republican case that he is the guy to stay the standard is like the original who rebuilt the party?
fox news and there will be many people they take advantage of so they are with trump where they are and will try to be like trump. There's only one original that got to the White House, and I think if he stays on message like he did tonight, he's got a great case to make you a Republican Electric Governor Huckabee. Will pick it up. Restore the fabric of this great nation, we declare that America's comeback must not begin now.
I kept my promises according to fox news and now we are a nation in decline and Americans are suffering from pain, anxiety, and despair and you know what America has become. Mocked and brought to his knees could you imagine all of this happening in two short years can I clearly not put the constructions of this speech is pitch perfect if he keeps going like this tonight he will 2024 I am invincible no one can touch it.
A Republican, not a Democrat, has made key points on the state message that he said, "This is not my campaign, this is our campaign. It's made about the American people. It reminds them that they voted for him once and Most of me twice because he was fighting for us and he made this comment on Fox News that it's not about the critics and the complainers.
What he's looking for I'm telling you, it was an absolutely brilliant speech, the best I've ever heard, and given enough time and he stuck to it. I agree with this fox news message that he lives between the pits and puts it between the trenches and he's invincible in that focus you know I think you might be able to make the case for the pit headset.

You know all his policies and then he goes through the list of them all. He talked about money and sports shouldn't exist and he talked about fox news securing borders he talked about the defeat of the caliphate he talked about energy freedom he talked about what Like how peace works through strength and how he kept his promises as I said you know then he compared. It records higher inflation due to higher gas prices.

fox news

Let's say an attack on our southern borders with panthenol and opioids and the failure in Afghanistan and the failure in Ukraine are all things I know that people probably haven't found many people in these years. Say you know that the policy is a complete know if he has to fight so much and end and send these tweets and they all believe you have the same questions.
And I'm wondering well, were you right about the three years about Russia? You can have a little bit of a defensive end in a little bit of coordination, so what's wrong is that he had to fight to get tough on the Republican side of the debate stage so there was always a fight for the nomination and then from there his was lied about
So it had to be. A fight he's the first fighter of our generation for America's freedom there's no doubt then once he got to your points about the America First supporter who said he would do it and then he From the Supreme Court to the caliphate of Daesh. He was committed to this for energy dominance on taxes across the board he tossed and took three arrows outlets are coming out for me tonight.
Right now the headlights are already on who Donald Trump is, he's taking that arrow from everyone. Otherwise and deliver if he reminds voters that he stays disciplined on top of those that make it about us that we people are coming about their teeth after you understand. Coming up, the lines he made famous people will be remembered nonetheless.
With Donald Trump's policies pulling the levers about how good his life was, it won't be easy to beat a man who is at the top of his game with cake-and-you-can-ride results. are Or there's another argument, actually, it's a taste in itself and you see that tonight from Donald Trump to bring me a congressman Jim Jordan and Monica Crowley Jimmy was a champion of Donald Trump. He was a big supporter. look at this title trump tonight very serious yes very powerful speech this is Donald trump and it's game time for him yes you are absolutely right I think Pete and the governor are absolutely right and this is our campaign
Which is Chi-Lites I know that coach puts the interest of his players first which is exactly what President Trump has done to you for the American people. Pyaar hai, you said that the left comes after. Because of me, I'm fighting for you his audience knows that his supporters know that there's a relationship that's built and so that first line that's America's comeback starting today and that's about it. I am and this is why.
Many people are attracted to this man and how he fights for this country because they know that he puts his interests first, his family's, and the interests of America above all else. Especially now with what we've seen from Joe Biden. On the left, what's appropriate Congratulations Jim Jordan Now you're officially going to investigate a lot of things.
Let's get your thoughts on Monica Crowley, who has gone under the radar for years before we get back to the president, Sean, and Jim. Isn't it remarkable that President Trump filed the dossier on the same night And for the President announced that the Republicans have won the majority in the House of Representatives which President Trump has taken?
In the last seven years, I've never seen anything like it's a miracle the guy's still standing and he's definitely had a shot after the midterms in the last week or so, but this guy has always been one of his forgettable. The man is cast. And the woman first when she said the lines tonight this is not my campaign this is our campaign all together reminded me of 2016
When Mrs. Clinton's slogan was 'I'm with her Trump flipped back and said 'I'm with you and this kind of fighting spirit for the American people and he said it's not just your campaign promise anymore. , they have a long track record of being. The president is actually delivering for the forgotten man and woman that's the kind of thing he's reviving, please turn the page on 2020. To deliver salvation. READ MORE

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