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breaking news Malaysia landslide At least 19 camper

breaking news  Malaysia landslide At least 19 campers dead and more missing  The mammal you can see in front of you has never heard of a North Atlantic right whale before, but there it is anyway, as a parent Joe Biden cares a lot about these magnificent beasts.

breaking news Malaysia landslide At least 19 camper

And now they're poised to destroy the maritime industry from Florida to Massachusetts. Now he has a new regulation from the White House designed to prevent birds from colliding with North Atlantic right whales.

which would limit the speed of all boats to 35 feet at ten knots or 11 miles per hour to 100 miles per hour. Shores remember that there have only been five fatal well strikes by boats in the past 15 years

That a good strike in a federal channel has not been confirmed if you will know if this new regulation goes into effect or experts are warning that the poor traffic system will be disrupted and the fishing industry will be destroyed. Human lives will be at risk

And several volts can operate safely between 10 knots in the open ocean border crisis Afghan crime crisis and now some Wales Wales this effort to save human life always seems I will be behind in the B administration course that water They worship at the altar of air

In this case, the whales save the fish that aren't really there. The one being killed takes priority. Pledge to fight just this week $8 billion with B will use your money a billion to shut down coal-fired power plants in Africa.

breaking news 

Shut up Joe Biden doesn't care he just wants to appease the so-called religious climate and he's willing to use your hard-earned tax dollars to do it but this week This is what Biden had to say to his African counterparts during meetings with world leaders and Washington DC

Take a look at the strong family of an African diaspora community in the U.S. Well, I went down from there with a joke about poor people and take a look at several other surprising moments. I should be careful what you wish for because I can show the poor relatives always show that the rich never close the port,

And they eat your food they should be prosperous after the deal the room that looks like this we shouldn't say no deal room standoff who are you there's a man I'm not sure

That you're out there somewhere I said above about closing deals and we delivered so just give me a few glimpses of the deal room for the benefits that they provide to Africa Cisco Systems and Cyber Cyber Bastion. How can I ask for my small business?

Jointly announced that he is in new contracts worth eight hundred million dollars is the same guy who is not going to the southern, border because he is too busy telling us more important things like against Arizona State. Suing for trying to secure their part of the border with shipping containers

In other words you have a governor. Joe of Arizona is doing the work and Joe is suing now because he's doing his job to get the administration to immediately remove this temporary wall to make it easier for more illegal immigrants to cross. And it comes from WA.

y We are six days away from the end of Title 42 and next week will usher in a new wave of mass immigration into this country. Drug gangs fentanyl heroin Let's see.

Human trafficking is getting worse every single day because of all these criminals, but apparently that's news to Crane-Jean-Pierre because today the White House press secretary praised her boss for working hard at the border as My orca says the border is secure.

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