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Twitter suspends CNN, NYT, and WaPo journalists, Elon Musk

Twitter suspends CNN, NYT, and WaPo journalists, Elon Musk Welcome to Palo Alto's editorial report this week on Elon Musk's so-called Twitter files, which shed light on the company's secret blacklisting of certain tweets.

Twitter suspends CNN, NYT, and WaPo journalists, Elon Musk

And in a series of posts by journalist Barry on Thursday, you've been hurt. Weiss revealed how Twitter employee quota teams create blacklists to prevent unwanted tweets from trending and actively limit the visibility of an entire account without informing users.

The revelations come days after Elon Musk fired Twitter's deputy general counsel, James Baker. Hunter Biden in suppressing the release of internal documents related to Twitter censorship of laptop story

Citing his alleged involvement served as the FBI's general counsel, but Wall Street Journal columnists Kim Strassel and Holman Jenkins welcome you both home and let's talk about the shadows. . What is the first major reason for banning a show called Shadow Banning?

m Would that have been great because it's so important because it touches on the most important issues directly discussed at the time that these shadow bands were being put on you you know Jay Bhattacharya, a Stanford ophthalmologist at the Medical Foundation.? There were shadows Twitter suspends CNN

Because they questioned the utility. Saying school closures will harm children more will help their health or protect people from the virus. Wasn't that the main issue that was being discussed at that moment and they muted it on Twitter

That this ongoing argument about gender reassignment therapy for a prepubescent child is a real live issue that will blow up for years to come because all the damage is being done and yet they continue to silence or shadow these people. Tried to ban

who question this practice so it's very important for things that are happening all the time now if twitter steps in and tilts the playing field for debate yes they asked me to bet Saktahon Jay Bhattacharya was also one of the signatories of this organizer of Great Barrington

Twitter suspends CNN

In the announcement that the show was an alternative approach to handling Covid without a severe shutdown, you know they were on focus prevention. There are a lot of risks out there so it was a fundamental debate where basically Twitter tried to stop the country from doing what's so provocative.

When your website says you are the town square of the country yes your politics are so angry that they targeted anyone who did not conform to the liberal ideology according to scientific theories who spoke such politics. was

What he didn't like, and here's the other outrage, was that the police insisted amid these debates that they were not shadow-banning, and in fact, some of them even appeared before Congress and testified as such.

But now we find out that they had this fancy term for a visibility filter. I and that they were enforcing it in many different ways that they could blacklist you they could make sure that

That you can't be so they can make sure you don't appear in trending topics so they have the muscle. And reduce your ability to reach the audience to improve some of the other pieces that they wanted so much control

Which they refused to keep or use. Especially influential that in 2002 former intelligence officials signed a statement saying the Hunter Biden laptop story was probably Russian disinformation.

And what role might the FBI officials have played in the statement that the ban on the post on the Twitter account in the hunter Biden store well you know we don't know because he didn't say it on Twitter though? But we know

That James Baker was a long-time close associate of James Comey we know were in touch with all the people we know. Among other sources, including a Twitter executive who said it in a statement as the Federal Election Commission

That the FBI and intelligence agencies contacted him in the months leading up to October 2020 and specifically warned him about Sue Biden so we know he was prime minister. Take the action they took with federal agencies and you know you wonder what Baker's role is.

Twitter suspends journalists who wrote about Elon Musk

Like you have to assume he had something but that's his job. There and so we need to get her on the record under oath to find out what communications she had outside of the Twitter channel because the only things we have so far are you know. Communicating internally on Twitter, you know who it is and how ex-intelligence officials behaved while actively intervening in it.

I think the FBI and the CIA have a lot to do with Donald Trump because the first incident with James Comey's intrusion into the Hillary Clinton email case, which was completely inappropriate, was the Department of Justice. took over the role and had its own secret justification.

He didn't tell us what Russian intelligence was that we haven't seen yet. And they knew it. At the time, the FBI and Robert Mueller knew about it

And it went on for two years before telling the American public that there was none, thus once again using secret intelligence to influence the American political debate and that's where you're right. Brand new is something new and different in our world

Especially when they're using that information to influence an election and there's not accurate information that you can say was that would be a useful service for the intelligence agencies but when you're deliberately telling the American people. Lying to shape their political choices

This is a serious matter and most of the press isn't reporting any of it, I think in part because they're using, they're right, we don't have access to all of these documents.

Which is being filtered out during two-stroke journalists or is this a real excuse not to cover it? Of course not, and I wouldn't say I want to see Twitter.

Just release all the documents so that excuse goes away but the real answer Paul is that it's sad that the press is making this whole thing about moderation and they're sharing it. Don't want to reveal how bad it was.

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