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COVID origins may have been tied to China's bioweapons prog

COVID origins may have been tied to China's bioweapons program: GOP report Boehring is now the top three Republicans in the House, and the three men who will certainly influence our policy toward China if Republicans win back the House are full members of the Intelligence Committee on Foreign Affairs and Armed Services, Mike Turner. Here's Mike McCall and Knight Rogers.

COVID origins may have been tied to China's bioweapons prog

It's really nice to have the three of you, so let's start by giving the audience some insight into what is the proper way for the US to look at China and the current conditions and future threat and let's start with the military side of things. do

Congressman Rogers said of the weather that we have to keep in mind that China has global ambitions, its Belt and Road Initiative is a 50-year initiative to become both an economic and military superpower, and we have to recognize that it There are dangers. While we have what is happening in the Middle East and Eastern Europe

It is important to be concerned about what is the biggest threat to our national interest and we have to focus on it. That's why we're making a real pivot toward the end game in this year's National Defense Authorization Act of the Defense Field,

The domain can ensure that China's counter-aggression is more minutes than it has recently been with a threat to Taiwan's congressman. Mike Turner eat very well The next chair of the House Intel Committee could be in a few wishes COVID origins 

Are we expecting right in your decision or addressing with China while also protecting our own interests now this administration is showing very slowness. Uptake to indicate that you know

COVID origins

That father nursery self-select China has identified itself as an adversary, this demonstration is actually going out of its way to eliminate things that were there to try to hold China accountable if you were in the Justice Department. See

The Chinese initiative was focused on trying to find out various activities that China was doing inside the United States, cyber and otherwise. Rashan shoots him down, saying he's afraid it's profiling him, saying he might be the director of the FBI.

Which joins his British counterparts in saying that the second most extreme cyber threat is finally China is a leader in the Internet world that we need to book in various activities. It is now time to get up and write to the administration in these areas and not recognize it

It's lovely even it's raining some of the things we were doing that were important congressmen will call you recently address our defense industrial base Why is that a concern for you? First of all when you project that the witness invites aggression we know he has a plan for Taiwan.

I have signed on for the last three years to sell military weapons to foreigners if we want to achieve deterrence against the Chinese, they have not gone to Taiwan. We need to provide weapons systems to prevent the Counties Party from invading Taiwan COVID origins 

In order to type in the problem, the defense industrial base is not ready, but to do this I recently met with the commander in chief of the sitcom, which in late 41 Mackenzie told me both of them for military sales. That's the number one problem right now

That if we can't make this weapon and it includes both defense. From the State Department to Congress and defense contractors we can't pay back, like my sale to the easterners of Taiwan and then denied for three years, the administration didn't get access to the door.

Could SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19 Be a Biological Weapon

And the sweetness of the plan would invite aggression from Congressman Rogers, who was speaking at the time. The U.S. pandemic has made the U.S. less dependent on other countries for goods and services and in your judgment or we have faced a challenge.

I'm not going to be very self-reliant, unfortunately, and that's not the biggest risk to me. Expect to phase them out in the next two years

But I think if the pandemic has taught us anything, it's that we need the West in the world that we've all lazily allowed ourselves to be. Our lives are heavily dependent on China and eventually that will have to change and we are taking steps in that direction.

But you have raised an important point about us being self-supporting. Cannot depend on countries. We do the military or whatever Congressman Turner you refer to

House GOP report claims COVID may be linked to Chinese

I thought he was going to make more announcements about limiting our nuclear weapons program at the same time he was massively expanding his nuclear weapons programs.

As you know China has developed hypersonic weapons beyond what we are doing even by any ministry. came to the table and said this is how we're going to raise the bar or what we're going to cheat to make sure we can stay safe

So it's just that they're not identifying the problem and the concern. It's the fact that they seem to be going in the opposite direction and that what needs to change, the congressman says, is that China's efforts to increase its influence are really working. Search yes

It's crazy that they take it into it and then they build a porch or a military base and they're doing it across continents and then they take it to digital and call it

That they cannot afford the supply chain of Taiwan Rogers. Rare Mineral Semiconductor Chips Taiwan produces 90% of the world's advanced semiconductor chips.READ MORE

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