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CM Elahi reminds ungrateful PTI of Bajwa's favours and warns

CM Elahi reminds ungrateful PTI of Bajwa's favours and warns

CM Elahi reminds ungrateful PTI of Bajwa's favors and warns it to keep criticism within limits  Chief Minister Punjab Pervez Elahi on Sunday reminded the ungrateful PTI of Jain Javed Bajwa's benevolence on the party and wanted to keep criticism of the former army chief in check in an interview with reporters. That PTI should remember that Barnes is very bad

It was just favored and don't be ungrateful, the chief raised Aponte's statue for no reason and supported the government on how many international metros like Percumin negotiate for funds from Pakistan and how are they doing in themselves. I wonder if they have descended from the heavens above?

If one of them speaks against speaking and then our whole party will make a joke of him, can anyone be so ungrateful as to say whatever he wants, stay within your limits, now no one will say anything more than that,” said the Chief Minister. PTI Chairman Imran said, Khan Sahib, three months ago, he was a barge, how big is ours

"You and PTI are benefactors. Sophia Golden, don't speak against it," he said. I have received many requests to speak against Bajwa

So I said then accept them. He further said that his two Chief Ministers have concerning the history of the Punjab Assembly during which he again criticized the former Army Chief LOL He said that he only criticized us by making us sit next to him. Targeted

In front of me was a bastion of the barge. He felt very bad about the whole situation but couldn't bring up the matter because too many people were there and he couldn't take time for a personal talk with Imran.

CM Elahi

And we hear nothing against it. That is, in the rush of retirement, something has changed towards the ex-army chief and leveled the series of accusations against him in his 15-minute patch. They were.CM Elahi

Not allowing him to proceed against the corrupt and not telling him that he is personally playing through the conspiracy he claimed bronze we kept showing him that there will be no talk with the PTI government.

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Corrupt politicians were installed to rule the country. Alleged that if I am leaving threats of violence

So I will be humiliated. And party leaders, office bearers, and even social media activists who have false cases against them, not even seeing the reaction of the nation.

who was supporting the PTI immediately after the fall of my government, the PTI chief had said that there was also a complaint of criticism against him. Moon was never made a minister and the volume changed due to the allegations leveled against the former Director General of Inter-Services Intelligence.

Criticism of Gen Faiz

Parvez likewise griped that "Imran never made Moonis a priest" and further sent off claims on the previous chief general of the Between Administrations Insight (ISI) Lieutenant General (R) Faiz Hameed,
He guaranteed that Gen Faiz was "unequivocally against" him, asserting that the ex-ISI boss had called up the Public Responsibility Agency director at that point and told him to "capture me and Moonis" around the hour of Bajwa's augmentation.

"He crossed all cutoff points," Parvez said, adding that he had then referred to Gen Bajwa as "fixed Faiz". "He (Gen Faiz) was not opposing and afterward he said that 'there were orders from above of Imran Khan'," Parvez added.

"So what is this treatment? When have we never upheld Imran?" the main clergyman addressed, adding that the PTI had "fixed" after the PML-Q's help for the Senate races and made Moonis a government server

He said God had "caused such a circumstance" around the PTI and Imran that even Parvez's naysayers were saying that "if you (Imran) don't make Chaudhry Sahab [the boss minister] your party will be finished ... what's more, the PML-N will come to CM Elahi reminds ungrateful PTI of Bajwa's favors and warns 

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