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El Paso declares state of emergency after surge in US-Mexico

El Paso declares state of emergency after surge in US-Mexico border crossings 'not safe' El Paso City Council member Claudia is nice to have you with us because she reported just a moment ago that people have been carrying these pictures across the border since Sunday night in El Paso. About 2,000 went across the Rio Grande alone.

El Paso declares state of emergency after surge in US-Mexico
El Paso declares state of emergency after surge in US-Mexico 

According to your deputy mayor, Mario D'Agostino, 15 to 1,700 people are being dropped off in the city of El Paso every day while you're there, what kind of stress does that have on the city? What effect did the residence have I thank you for having me and yes you know

That I've been telling people that we have this problem, it's just getting progressively worse. Title 42 is going to expire on December 21st. What's the call I'm Knox County asking for a county judge

That they both step up and declare destruction because it's unsustainable, it's not sustainable for an apostolic community that's not safe for refugees, and it's very urgent that we have some urgent declaration. and that we have all the necessary resources to be able to handle this information

El Paso Mayor Oscar Leaser has so far declined to declare an emergency or disaster, saying El Paso was working effectively with federal and state officials to address and listen to White. Here's what House Press Secretary Karen Jean-Pierre said yesterday when asked

El Paso

What is the ministry prepared to do when Title 42 expires and is it prepared to deal. Hear what Americans need to know with the arrival that the president has worked to deal with what we're seeing at the border since day one, so the president has done that.

And it is the administration that has taken advantage of them. seriously what do you think of what she said she is claudia who is insulting no work is being done here we have been given money we have been promised money we are there from our general fund Using money

Is nothing being done here in El Paso it's only going to get worse we had four immigrants we ran over including a 12 year old little girl this is really bad it's really unstable they are our Not doing anything to help

And his outline is his final report. He's been reporting heavily on the border for a year now. The number of fentanyl seizures in millions of pills in major drug busts in Nogales, Arizona and other places along the border is obviously that drug. That's according to people we spoke to.

A Texas mayor has declared a state of emergency over

The visits to include Brandon Jennings and the National Border Patrol Council are just a small fraction of what's going on, so if you consider that millions of pills are being seized, that means millions more are getting it. What is the impact on local communities? And what do you think?

that this drug trafficker has nationwide influence so i want to spend the night in el paso we haven't had any special incidents with any kind of f entanyl accident i know i have young children and this is something that You know where Halloween was here when it was happening

We were being told to be careful with all the candy but just because it's not happening here in El Paso does that mean it's not happening across the country again I don't know in the city of El Paso. What needs to happen is for the mayor and county judge to declare a disaster

Just been there for over a year but this story is being ignored. Mainstream Media What do you say to news outlets that don't think this is a big deal? I mean, I did an interview with one of your competing news stations.

US: El Paso Mayor declares emergency after migrants surge

I don't know how much I appreciate that you're with CNN and I'm glad they were here finally reporting and so I hope they continue to tell the story of what happened in El Paso. El Paso is the sixth largest city in the state of Texas.

We were the largest border city in the country and so it is very important that we recognize that we come here and I think the reason we don't announce is because we don't want to admit that our board is not safe.

That we have a crisis and we are in the midst of an emergency or you Rodrigues El Paso City Council members thank you for joining us below are some of the scenarios we will continue to look at as we move toward the 21st. Thank you for letting me know.

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