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Elon Musk lifts Twitter suspension of journalists following

lifts Twitter's suspension of journalists following poll results calling for their return A little taste of censorship Elon Musk is going on a late-night killing spree, temporarily suspending the accounts of at least a half-dozen left-wing reporters from The New York Times, CNN, and The Washington Post.

Elon Musk lifts Twitter suspension of journalists following
Elon Musk lifts Twitter suspension of journalists following

Also gave a little time to the man who used to. Keith Olbermann should claim that the docs tell him what he calls the coordinates of the murder, sharing an account that tracks the private jet in the real millionaire pointing to an event.

Fascism might try to put down their phones and the same media they watch over the censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story or suddenly melt down.

The big question is whether free press is the future of free press on Twitter. That they should also own these other companies, Tesla and SpaceX

What if you're in Germany or somewhere else your reporting might be in bad shape because he's coming and just a dumbass because he says you can't wait to talk about the story that you What would you like to say?

I would like to say that I think Elon Musk needs a content moderation team that he needs to trust and a safety council to come back so that people can actually see that there were people there. That only one man has kept this secret

Because her feelings are hurt or she feels safe even though the Alan Jett account is the only publicly available information so let's be clear about this and the murder of this child.

And it's very scary for someone your child was in to not report it. The police which seems strange and then Donnie was put in a reporter which we just showed

has been suspended from Twitter only for tweeting that the LAPD said it had not filed a report that it had nothing to do with the coordinates. A murder and a move by Republicans to keep a man safe means you're crying out loud.

Libs are really something to watch so they changed the terms of service to shut down jettrackerthe  a few days ago which clearly stated. I'm never going to shut down and the new terms of service are so great as is I just sent a picture of it.

And I'm both trying and I've posted on Twitter that its geographic location would qualify as a violation. Terms so I can be suspended for twitter for taking your picture now and harming you just once in this app just change it no I'm not. Keep kissing such people

Elon Musk 

Those who have been provoking her to hurt her feelings, such as Lynette Lopez from Business Insider, have been watching her for years because of Tesla, a company she covers, and she's just now getting old about that fact. Suspended for providing information

That Elon Musk actually has a habit of doxing people he doesn't like in the past, if you care about the First Amendment, you should all be up in arms about that, especially the fact that he has attended. There is not even a committee for giving people.

For content moderation Tim is going to do this if he has no intention of you posting this picture, I'm going to take it a step further just to be transparent with the rules so obviously What made him decide to tweet this? The journalist originally quoted today

But you took my word for it that anyone's account Dachshund real-time information will be suspended because Twitter believes that posting links violates physical security. o Sites with real-time location information on a low-latency basis

That you will not be banned from receiving content moderation on this information but spell the rules according to the rules and refer to them when there is a band. And I don't think anyone would take issue with someone running a company like that

This is the problem with the subjective nature of those decisions by Elon Musk, so here today, Jessica is your sales pitch that Elon Musk should adopt. A content moderation team because it would somehow be less arbitrary and less ambiguous

The way we've lived for the last 45 years is Twitter has a content moderation team and its people on any suggestion they want at any time for any reason. The FBI and not just conservatives know what Dr.

Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford University You push back on the latest covid orthodoxy suggesting that let's go back to the way I was I'm not going to tell you today that you have arbitrary power over musk. are absolutely correct using. But please don't tell me that what we had before was better I believe in free speech and I think more speech is always better. A wise man should do this every month because of the dangers to his safety.

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