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congress news,Iran threatens Zelenskyy over speech to Congre


congress news,Iran threatens Zelenskyy over speech to Congre

congress news, Iran threatens Zelenskyy over speech to Congress claims it has provided no arms to Russia Iran on Thursday took a swing at Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy over comments he made to Congress this week and denied charges that Tehran has furnished Russia with drones.

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"Mr. Zelenskyy should understand that Iran's fundamental steadiness over such unjustifiable claims isn't ceaseless," Iranian New Help agent Nasser Kanaani said in a sabotaging message introduced on the assistance's site.

Kanaan moreover incited Zelenskyy "to draw an outline from the fate of a couple of other political trailblazers who fulfilled themselves with the U.S. support.

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We are going to bring international relations to Oxford and Dr. REBECCA GRANT What's up it's really bad news for Putin that Delinsky has gotten this big thumbs up from Congress I hear.

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That the best scheme will get additional aid and we saw very strong support from Biden that we will stand with you as long as it takes. So it was really a victory. There was a reaction in both Congress and the White House. You said what was going to happen after the Patriots were installed.

Then we'll have more patriots or a word that's too much like we're at war. and asked him what else he needed

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Someone told me basically the same thing that they want more high mars, you just heard but also what is done in a patriot. A missile battery isn't just something that we can just turn on and turn off and start using white

And Dolansky wanted higher than Gotham. Remember we're sending a Patriot missile battery that will greatly improve air defense because it's long-range, but the Ukrainians would have needed two twinnings to operate that battery. Is

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And that's the gold standard as part of an integrated air defense and the future, but the use of the Patriot clearly depends on intelligence and surveillance and alignment and training by us and our allies.

so that we can really close the tabs on this missile system it's great for Ukraine they can use another battery and I bet they can get one too we'll see how it all pans out doc It does, thank you for waking up a little this morning. Appreciate it. Thank you

 READ MORE: Iran threatens Zelensky after he accused Tehran of giving

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