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education expo Karachi, Moonis’ claims on Gen Bajwa have to raise

education expo Karachi, Moonis’  claims on Gen Bajwa  have to raise

education expo Karachi, Moonis’  claims on Gen Bajwa have to raise Home Minister Rana Sanaullah on Saturday said that the nation has full faith in the recent claims of PML(N) siding with PTI during the no-confidence vote in April that our military leadership is established with popular resolve. will remain

And the institution will continue to serve the nation in the same way. Gary said about me with journalists that the former prime minister conjured people without taking them into confidence, due to which PTI's stuff is now the second section on social media. Is.

 We ​​had offers from both sides for PTI's podcast about the direction of the rivers flowing Cameron's explanation of where the gendarmes would ask him to support him.

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Bosworth said, "It is a bad thing that why should they ask us to support Khan sahib in PTI at this critical juncture and we would have gone the other way." Services Public Relations is.

education expo Karachi

To avoid politics and cold blood, unnecessary rulers colluded with the US and pursued the regime change plot to overthrow their government and play the role of the shadow government and the army, the leadership of which is currently retired in Islamabad. Go ahead with the plot


What needed to be said about it? I didn't even know that this statement has its merits and doesn't matter now, but I decided not to get involved in politics last year when Dad was appointed Lt. General is expected.

That the institution will continue to demonstrate its national champion Prime Minister in a day or two to discuss the painting with the leaders of the coalition leaders in a speech to the Punjab Parliamentary Party Fr. He said that his transfer is expected at a time when the opposition and the government were very important for progressive politics in the country.

Moonis’ claims on Gen Bajwa have raised ‘doubts’ about institution’s

Rana Sanaullah said on Saturday that the new cases by PML-Q pioneer Moonis Elahi — about previous armed force boss resigned General Qamar Javed Bajwa encouraging his party to favor PTI during the no-certainty vote in April — had raised "questions" on the foundation's choice to remain unopinionated.

"There ought to be lucidity on this [matter]," he said. "Also, we have total confidence and the country has total confidence that our tactical administration and the foundation — [will remain true] with the public responsibility the DG ISPR and DG ISI made; and the establishment will keep on serving the country thusly."

The clergyman's comments come days after Moonis, in a meeting with writer Meher Bokhari, said that the then-armed force boss had requested that PML-Q support previous chief Imran Khan during the no-trust vote — which had prompted the PTI's ouster.

"As of now, a specific segment via virtual entertainment has been slamming Bajwa sahib with no justifiable excuse. He is a similar Bajwa sahib who had twisted the bearing of the waterway's stream for the PTI," Moonis had said.

He proceeded to say that a man "went all out for you (PTI)", adding that "had he been terrible, he could not have possibly requested that we back Imran".

At the point when Bokhari looked for an explanation on whether Gen Bajwa had requested that they support Imran, Moonis expounded: "When the choice was being taken on what direction we need to head, we had gotten offers from the two sides — mean sahib [Sharif family], the PDM (Pakistan Majority rule Development), as well as the PTI."

Moonis proceeded, "I then had a conversation with Walid sahib (his dad, Punjab Boss Clergyman Parvez Elahi) and Walid sahib stopped briefly to chat with them (an evident reference to the tactical foundation).

"They said, 'I desire that you side with them (PTI)'. Had that man (Gen Bajwa) been terrible, how could he have requested that we side with them at that basic point … Had that man been that awful and against Khan sahib and the PTI, [… ] he just needed to make a motion at that crossroads and we would have gone the alternate way," he added.

It is relevant to specify here that the tactical's guarantee to remain objective preceded the no-certainty vote. In Spring, Between Administrations Advertising (ISPR) DG Lt Gen Babar Iftikhar had completely expressed that the military didn't have anything to do with governmental issues and called for staying away from pointless conversations and hypotheses about the military's supposed contribution to political undertakings.

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