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fox news tucker Carlson Tonight, Twitter Files RNC demands

fox news tucker Carlson tonight Twitter Files RNC demands FEC reopen the investigation into censorship of Hunter Biden stories  Barry Weiss' Change List Just released Part 2 of the Twitter files exposing the secret blacklist of social media companies is ready for the Stanford doctor who argued that the Covid lockdown Will harm children

fox news tucker Carlson Tonight, Twitter Files RNC demands

Twitter secretly put him on the Trends blacklist which blocked his tweets. Popular right-wing talk show host Dan Bongino was slapped with a trending search or considered a blacklist Twitter set for not promoting conservative activist Charlie Kirk's account.

And Twitter denied that they did, Twitter's then-head of legal policy and trust and products said in 2018. "We don't shadowban," he added. But Shadowban does not

"Think of hidden filtering for us to suppress that people see different things," said a senior Twitter employee. A very powerful tool, Levels thinks more about visibility filtering

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Which is a way for us to press yes we had it right. Let's face it Fox Business reporter Kelly O'Grady has been following this story as if it's on a secret blacklist that Kelly lied about what's going on here.

I know it's very interesting to hold us all hostage on a Thursday evening. He did for last Friday, but I think it's interesting that you remember that the first episode was controversial when it came out that the former FBI general counsel was married.

So this fact is coming out now and we are looking for it. Shadow banning was a thing and they called him what he did I have visibility so yeah it sounds like he does social distancing like you name it but yeah I'm going now.

So I'm tweeting in the same thread as a few others coming up last week but I think we can expect to see a lot of topics and people that have been shadowbanned or filtered if you will. He was just two weeks ago so Dan Bongino is enemy number one.

They pressed him a shadowban and demanded that he lied about it too powerful to offend liberals on Twitter I can't make sense of it I'm sure dad on his weekend show at 9 o'clock on Saturday Want to say something about this.

fox news tucker Carlson tonight

Sure I'm sure I'm sure he'll have something to say on Twitter at the moment you'll find it interesting about that and it's about that well yeah you know

That you're at work we're joking that Bongino has been censored but he's got a very capable audience of people you know like friends and family that's right about their concerns about vaccines. Some tweet about ideas

Or different topics about the election that are important to them. You don't meet me. There are also suppressed tweets and so I think Twitter was trying to do things that would encourage public conversation. It had to do with the platform and not just that they were suppressing the post of medical doctors

Some had a legitimate opinion about the threat of Covid. Played or not played with kids and suppressed legitimate concerns that are a huge problem in this country but not allowed to be corrected Kelly thank you so much for following the story with us if anything And if they fall, they will come back.

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