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Editorial: Elahi’s fawning admiration of ex-COAS Bajwa threatens

Editorial: Elahi’s fawning admiration of ex-COAS Bajwa threatens

Editorial: Elahi’s fawning admiration of ex-COAS Bajwa threatens to snatch away army’s veneer of ‘neutrality’ Controversy continues to drag ex-army chief retired general, this time back in the headlines Imran Khan wholesaled Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Parveen LR Chief late in the evening at a function hosted by PTI in April. held responsible for

It is also the last time to describe his corrupt opponents as his side to get NRO. Getting us into power nor did he mind the optics as he mentioned Jim Badge when I met the kid with the IMF to support Mr. Cameron's government.

Apparently, he doesn't care that the former chief has transgressed his constitution and is brought back as well. The limelight, apparently secretive about the same establishment, finally turned on Sofia when she realized that it was expected to do so while Sofia is expected to once again criticize the former army chief.

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Because they are trying to cover up their institution while reshaping their political narrative. A meeting with an important figure was Tenya forced by her long disappearance and it seems that the temptations have already returned.

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His protection of Gen Bajwa likewise carried once more into the spotlight an ineffectively guarded bit of information —An editorial that the PTI's ascent was coordinated by the foundation, which had been very quick to oust Nawaz Sharif from the political standard. Their 'organization' was not to endure, and a similar foundation in the long run turned on Mr. Khan when it understood the trial was not working like it was expected to regardless of its earnest attempts.


While Mr. Khan's recharged analysis of the previous armed force boss is not out of the ordinary as he remakes his political story, it is Parvez Elahi's groveling deference of Gen Bajwa that takes steps to grab away the slim facade of 'nonpartisanship' of the last option attempted to cover his organization with on out. Editorial

It very well might be reviewed that simply a day before Mr. Khan's Saturday address, the CM had hurried off for a quick gathering with a "significant character" in Rawalpindi. He has since expressed that he "made sense of the upsides and downsides of dissolving the KP and Punjab gatherings" to the foundation of that gathering.

Did he do as such out of impulse because of his "durable" and "solid" administration as the foundation's attendant, or would he say he was brought by power agents fretful to get ready for action?


Days before he balanced up his prods following six years as armed force boss, Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa talked at Saints' Day. That discourse is both fascinating and significant and has not been as expected unloaded.

Gen Bajwa discussed the military's mediation in the political framework and recognized that the military had presented itself to obvious, public analysis on account of that seven-very long-term arrangement. He said that the military was having its "therapy" and, after much consideration, had concluded that it would stay objective.

Unexpectedly, however, of course, he then, at that point, proceeded to list the military's accomplishments past the association's "order" (his statement) and said that the military would keep on carrying out that role. The discourse likewise alluded to political turns of events, the utilization by an ideological group of misleading and underhanded stories, and foul language to bring the military and its initiative into notoriety.

I don't have to delve into the subtleties of what has occurred in the beyond eight months since they are known and have been discussed endlessly in this nation's drawing rooms and dhabas. All things considered, it is more educational to concentrate on the real issues at hand: for what reason does the military mediate in the framework, and what do we mean by "intercession".

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