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Mark Levin: Democrats are breaching the firewalls of the Con

Mark Levin: Democrats are breaching the firewalls of the Constit Tony now with a response from a great man Mark Leon Mark said I want to ask you a question when I want to tell a fact here in addition to Elon Musk that they stopped sending votes that they did that election. By definition, election interference is real.

Mark Levin: Democrats are breaching the firewalls of the Con
Mark Levin: Democrats are breaching the firewalls of the Con

That the FBI was in weekly contact with all the major tech companies they wanted about the possible hack and leak operations and even one company that could have dealt with Hunter Biden when he had 11 months. If the laptop was branded, they could easily verify it.

A real laptop tells me they're putting their thumbs back on the scale as they did in 2016 in the 2020 presidential election, give me your thoughts on when the FBI is corrupt and it's not just top-down. Biden likes to say from below.

Whatever that means in the middle but it's a question about why we need to get a speaker from the Republican side but I'm going to talk about a couple. And the other thing about it is that it's very convenient for all of you, the Republican establishment and their Washington media and other media.

They continue to blame Mega and Donald Trump for their losses in a Donald Trump. McConnell has been in the senate I think 36 or 38 years he pulled the same stunt in 2010 when we wanted 63 house seats but he didn't get enough seats in the senate do you know who you blame

Have you looked in the mirror? Blame the Tea Party we blame in 2006 when George Bush and our friend Karl Rove lost the Congress they were given they inherited from the Republican Congress they didn't blame George Bush. And Quit told Rose no problem.

It's the Republican Party. It's not the conservative party. It's not the angry party. It's not the Trump party. It's the Washington-centric party. It's the bureaucratic party. His majority in the Senate wields enormous power, Mark Levin

We know that when the Democrats are in Menardi, they are able to work out what it wants to do to meet them at the 40-yard line. What do you mean to meet them at the 40-yard line I want to meet them at a hot dog stand and buy a hot dog I don't want to meet and who is the 40-yard line so what have the republicans in the senate done so far?

They set an agenda that you know McConnell keeps getting on the microphone he keeps hurting somebody who talks about suspending the constitution he can't run for president obviously he talks about Trump Doing is Judges McConnell

When was the last time you talked about the separation of powers, our Constitution has already been suspended to limit equal protection to the government and warrant probable cause for legal action? Democrats have already breached the firewalls in the Constitution. Why do you want to meet them at the 40-yard line? What are you going to do to give us the 40-yard line?

Mark Levin

Back to the Constitution what are you going to do to protect the separation of powers and what are you going to do to stop executive orders and what are you going to do to forcefully cut into the enforcement of our laws e.g. Our immigration laws come down to the microphone and your profile words with those who stand behind you Mark Levin 

Like you're in a funeral procession that doesn't fix anything you're always looking for a foil to remind me that inflation is driving up gas prices production is low it's someone else's fault but when They lose their elections which they mostly control

So they always blame the base or they always blame somebody else. It's really funny what happened with McCain he lost what happened with Romney he lost he didn't have someone to fall back on. If it took Trump and Reagan two massive landslides to win, what would be the position of Senate Republicans when it comes to all of these issues?

So God knows why a billion of them from the border to the price of petrol? He doesn't have a coherent permanent legislative agenda, yet the very bright people who used to talk about why we lost this election, I tell you why we lost this election, have nothing to do with Trump. Is Mark Levin

Or Maggie has nothing to do with it. All the other great candidates are hitting the walls as I say he is not a great candidate at all are you kidding me he is not a great candidate who has destroyed our election process governors and State legislators need to get a chapter and fix it. it's the same

what they did do in Florida so fix it you are not going to fix it then steal their system from them vote early like I do and do everything else that is right what else should we do in this country need of People don't vote if they have no reason to vote.

Democrats are breaching the firewalls of the Constitution

Democrats are breaching the firewalls of the Constitution That's right and what else do we need to do in this country that people don't vote if they don't have a reason to vote what was the republican position on inflation what were they going to do

I don't know yet what they're going to do now in the Senate to secure the border wall there and what they're proposing. They are coming home

And the Republican solution is citizenship and they're not going to stop with DACA. Schumer has already told us that all illegal aliens should be citizens. What else do they vote against religious freedom? What about religious marriage? Voted against independence

They must not have thought please edit me why are they? Working with Democrats on the largest spending bill in modern American history might not be why they want people to vote for them. Why don't they embrace conservative principles?

Why don't they think about Reagan and Trump's accomplishments they are not conservatives and they don't believe that as long as this goes on we will lose elections and that the Democrats beat us in the end and are the best in the country. Redistributing more country area codes

You're proud of yourself that you know why the RNC pay story is that they formed a little committee with our friend Karl Rove that we're going to the states to defeat by his lawyers.

And by doing these different things, the ruling class that looks like the Republican establishment has failed us and they've been in Congress for 30 and 40 years, are we better off, as a result, we're not, that's why we call it great. People say Mark Levin Don't From Life Liberty Levin is every Sunday night's

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