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DOJ seizes more classified docs from Biden's Wilmington home

DOJ seizes more classified docs from Biden's Wilmington home after 12-hour FBI search 
Regarding the alleged mishandling of classified documents, he insists that there is no real story and that he has done nothing wrong except to question his position.

DOJ seizes more classified docs from Biden's Wilmington home

The president claimed he takes such matters very seriously, White House correspondent Jackie Heinrich detailed in Tonight's Laughter. Jack didn't make it to Wilmington long before he left the White House for the weekend

Chosen where the documents were found, the reporter asked questions behind him, but he only went as far as the press secretary backing up President Biden that he doesn't take classified documents seriously. 'I'm not going to go beyond that after his administration has largely refused to talk seriously about the outcome of the investigation.DOJ seizes more classified docs from Biden's Wilmington home 

It's a question that cuts back to President Jimmy Carter's nomination for CIA director in 1977 when Biden was a senator. The Intelligence Committee and Ted Sorenson's Nomination Button Hit Republicans Avit Shows

DOJ seizes more classified docs from Biden's Wilmington home 

That Sorensen mishandled classified documents for JFK's biography and will ask the confirmation hearing whether he respects and understands the laws under which he will serve them is not certain. Did Mr. Sorenson could be charged under espionage laws

Or he could be fired from his White House job if that was the problem. The same questions Biden is now being asked by the House Intelligence Committee that the discovery of Buttons' excerpts from classified documents will put President Biden in. will

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Potential violations of national security revenue protection laws, the Espionage Act, and the request of the Committee to Assess Damage to National Security continue to ignore presidential records 10 days later despite the ministry officially declining to comment, she is likely trying to pin it on Biden's aids

Biden's home was searched by Justice Department


Since that time, Vice President Kathy Chung has confided to her longtime executive assistant that she was concerned that he might have inadvertently been involved in moving or storing classified material at the center, according to a Washington Post report. has been

The Post said the man gave a briefing on Shawn's account suggesting someone inside the government. Pointing fingers at Chung An. d is drowning in it Someone made a mistake and Transferred inadvertently at some point. This is the obvious implication of everything

Everything you've seen in your bread and made some more news today. They invited the Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy to a small talk to talk about the national debt McCarthy. tweeted that he would accept the President's invitation.

Justice Department investigators find 6 more documents


This evening and looking forward to a discussion about how to responsibly raise the debt limit Jackie the gifts are spending many weekends in Wilmington Delaware and will be out this weekend investigating this.

He'll be sold to Rehoboth, well Terri today if those documents had anything to do with her maybe not wanting to go to Wilmington was found with those documents she didn't want to answer that question, and once again we have the White House. Referred to attorney Brett Frame.

US: DOJ finds more classified files at Joe Biden's home

Tom What do we know now D Natasha Yes this just came into our newsroom we have this search with Justice Department agents just yesterday inside President Joe Biden's home in Delaware we know this search lasted 13 hours yesterday. Which the agents were able to find.

Six additional documents with secret markings are linked to the search for the current senator and vice president, although we know that agents also took some notes from inside the Delaware home.

His time as vice president is over, but once again, the president's lawyer released a statement saying that if he continues to cooperate with the Department of Justice and the special counsel, as Natasha does, it would show. It has been revealed to the department soon.

DOJ seizes more classified docs from Biden's


The Justice You Council special investigation shows that we learned two things about it earlier this month, though the Corsair legal perspective is all that's going on and a political perspective on the legal side of it. it shows

That the investigation against the president is really ramping up right now is about the search that took place inside the Delaware home that lasted 13 hours on Friday and found more documents with classified markings.

Is it from some more searches of the house we can see more searches of his office here in D.C. that after serving as vice president he ended up working because again the controversy that you know Reaching out to the political side of President Biden can't be shaken? This is the controversy right now

Six additional classified documents were seized at Biden's home

That they do this in hopes of moving forward very quickly, but that's not the case. You've heard many times that you've heard of documents that the weather was bad inside that office in DC. No papers were found after you became Vice President or inside his house and garage in Delhi as well as inside a room; now it is not known.

Where did you get these latest documents now again President Joe Biden is obviously not good for him and his administration so he wants to be able to move on from this Natasha but as far Again there is a political aspect to all this they can do.

Don't shake it yet it's not good news for him yet because it shows that the investigation against him is really ramping up and you know earlier this week we heard about the Democrats as well. And he said he might be open to investigating the matter.

So it's not just the Republicans who are calling for an investigation right now, obviously, that's not good news for the price because it just shows that your investigation is really exaggerating it. And they've got even more documentation so that will be interesting to see.

U.S. Justice Dept found more classified items in Biden's home


How do you know the questions against president joe Biden after all that he says more documents are being found inside his house I continue this argument at 1:10 so we know he sees Thank you very much for and visit News Nisha now.com to find News Nation on your television provider.

And don't forget to hit the red subscribe button below to get more. News Nation factor of unbiased coverage President Biden's personal attorney Bob Bauer released a statement and just over an hour I said the Justice Department searched the Wilmington, Delaware home and about our pressure now classified. Additional content found with Market. That the search was conducted in conjunction with the President's personal attorney

The search, which has both personal attorneys and lawyers from the White House counsel's office on hand, also told us that it was conducted specifically by the FBI and that Bauer said that

DOJ finds more classified material at Biden's home


He opened up the house to the find that included workers' living quarters and storage areas in Wilmington, Delaware, and I want to read you a little bit about his status. That shows what kind of content they were looking for, Bower wrote in a statement

The DOJ had full access to the president's home including personal handwritten notes filed papers binders memos list schedules and reminders going back a decade DOJ seized. T-real seems to be within the scope of his inquiry

Contains six items of classified documents and surrounding materials, some from the president's service in the Senate and some from his time as vice president.

Further review of personal handwritten notes from vice presidential year Now White House special counsel Richard Roberts said neither President Biden nor former Joe Biden was on hand yesterday for the search, which took about 13 hours. But really

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