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Mass shooting leaves at least 9 dead in California after Lun

Mass shooting leaves at least 9 dead in California after Lun We have a 17-year-old mother and a six-month-old both calling it a massacre as six people, including a teenage mother and her child, were shot dead and multiple victims in a targeted attack. was found

Mass shooting leaves at least 9 dead in California after Lun

It happened around 3:30 a.m. Monday in the unincorporated area of Goshen, California, 40 minutes south of Fresno. The Tulare County Sheriff's Office initially received a call about an active shooter when first responders arrived. were already dead

and deputies began calling to take them to the apparently dead. A third shooting victim was found at the residence's front door, all five died of gunshot wounds at the scene, and a sixth person was taken to a hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Investigators say he was at the home just last week. Served with a narcotics search warrant, they now say the attack was targeted and possibly gang-related car games between victim teen Lisa Perez and her six-month-old son, Nicholas Nolan, the grandfather of the Perez brothers. told AP Mass shooting leaves at least 9 dead in California after Lun.

Mass shooting leaves at least 9 dead in California after Lun

He said that his granddaughter was staying with her father in the family, adding that her father's uncle, cousin, and grandmother were also killed in the attack. So far, authorities have not publicly released any of the victims. Naam says that they have exhausted all resources in the investigation

Central Information Investigators now believe two suspects are responsible for the murders Anyone with more information is asked to contact the Tulare County Sheriff's Office Long time no work I'm Sarah Gillespie

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Mass shooting leaves at least 9 dead in California after Lun Call Disability at 3 p.m. With some serious news coming out of California, at least 10 people are reported dead and nine others injured in a shooting at a mall.

Mass Shooting In Los Angeles Leaves Multiple Casualties


It is being reported from California and we are trying to find out how serious this is. The event was going with us on Broadcast Abhishg with my colleague Abhishek to ask what you can tell us more about the event that is being reported.

That there were thousands of people during football games at Altamonte Park in California and I was pointed to the crowd. So far the person who liked Habibi USA number Shaker century that there were no suspicious things behind us during the shooting.

And this happened during the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations in the area where I will see Abhishek. You'll be able to locate this pizza and it's happening Saturday night in California and the surrounding area, which can be fine for the two-day Monterey Park Lunar New Year festival.

9 Killed In California Shooting After Chinese New Year Party


which is being celebrated there and during this, it was reported around 10 pm. Local time on Saturday night in California just five days before the shooting was being claimed to be all that Revenge Cartal has been running on in these events with only each passing day.

Shame to think they were already talking about how they could be multiple casualties yet there are no official figures.

C10 33 Marshallton happened in 1833 People of the 30s Will always be with questions about the house What can be brought down with the volume? What does society have to do with the legal system of a shooter who was possibly roaming the area with a machine gun?

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